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Durable Engagement Rings Perfect for Athletic Women

woman boxing wearing engagement ring for athletic women

Athletes, both male and female, have long since had the reputation of being strong, tough and, on occasion, rambunctious. They certainly give it their all, no matter what their favorite sport or activity may be. That’s why your special athlete deserves it all in the palm of her hand, or in this case, on her finger, both on and off the field. You already know that, which is why thoughts of wedding bells are dancing in your head!

However, before you begin searching for grand, bright engagement rings, hear a word (or several) of caution! Just as every ring was not made for every woman, not every woman was made for every ring.

Don’t put on your long face just yet! Nothing is impossible, and finding the engagement ring that the athlete in your life deserves is no exception!

Should athletic women wear engagement rings with certain metals?

Absolutely not! Many people don’t realize it, but some of the perfectly metals with which we come in contact every single day, hundreds of times a day without incident, can become dangerous in an instant. Do you know the green rings that form on your skin after wearing certain pieces of jewelry for long periods of time? Did you also know that those green rings don’t just form with extended wear. Pieces of jewelry made with, or primarily from, copper, react with our skin, especially when we sweat. While this particular reaction is hardly lethal, and the green ring is merely annoying and unsightly, the combination of the continued reaction, sweat exposure and our constant rubbing can cause itchy, painful rashes. Even copper jewelry that’s been coated, or plated, with other metals, eventually wears through the protective coat and begins to irritate.

Metals that contain high concentrations of nickel, bronze or brass can become very harmful as they react to our bodies. These metals contain traces of toxins that, again, in small doses through brief contact and use, is perfectly safe. Add sweat and oil, open up the pores of the skin, like during a sports game or vigorous workout, and it could begin to make the wearer ill.

That doesn’t mean rush out and buy nothing but yellow gold. Although it is one of the most popular metals for engagement rings, it is a more pliable metal, and susceptible to deformities if exposed to long-term, high impact activities. Platinum and stainless steel are strong, naturally reinforced metals, and excellent substitutes for these less-than-ideal metals. White gold holds its own and, with tender care and polishing after any bitter blows it sustains, it’s as good as new.

What features work best for engagement rings for athletic women?

Any engagement ring setting and style that favors lower-set diamonds and fewer setting prongs is favorable to a woman with an athletic lifestyle. Any flush setting (setting in which the metal is precisely even and level with the gemstones) is one of the most common engagement ring choices among athletic women.

Another common, and crowd-pleasing, setting, is the bezel setting. Rather than prongs or visible metal holding the gemstones in place, bezel setting jewelry uses thin bands of the metal to hug around the bottom and middle of the diamonds, keeping them secure.

Which engagement ring styles best suit athletic women?

We briefly mentioned the bezel and flush settings, but there are other styles that are well-suited for the everyday routine of fit women. The traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring will forever be a classic, and most made by jewelers today have the simple settings that an athletic woman needs.

Any ring style that carries its pizazz along the front and back of the band, rather than the top, works well for athletes. An athletic can sport a vintage-looking, low-key halo engagement ring, with intricate patterns etched into the front and back of the band’s metal, and look like the belle of the ball, even during not-so-belle-ish court or field time.

If it seems some of these styles are a bit to plain or common, try adding a little color. Finding engagement rings with tinted diamonds may be just the thing to transform an athlete’s ring style into flashy eye candy.

A mix-and-match list of metals, styles and diamonds suited for fit women

Still find yourself fresh out of ideas for the perfect athlete’s engagement ring? Try mixing and matching a few of these features and ideas, and see if any of them strike your fancy, or your creativity!

  • Platinum/White Gold Low Profile Halo rings (round diamonds).

  • White Gold Tapered rings (round or marquise diamonds).

  • White Gold with Milgrain beads (round or low-profile square or princess cut diamonds).

  • White Gold with Floral metal designs (round or tear-shaped diamonds).

  • Platinum with Woven band designs and Flush accent diamonds (princess cut or Asscher cut diamonds).

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