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Edwardian Style Engagement Rings for the Old Fashioned Fiance

edwardian style engagement ring with marquise center stone

Edwardian style engagement rings are diamond engagement rings fashioned after jewelry styles popular during the Edwardian era of 1900 to 1915. King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria, was on the throne during this era of peak elegance and sophistication, rightfully known as la Belle Epoch, or “the Beautiful Era.” The style of this era was light and delicate, exuding a feminine, airy, and romantic quality. Diamonds were the gemstone of choice, and Edwardian era engagement rings were designed to incorporate as many diamonds as possible.

The Edwardian era also boasted advances in metal fabrication that allowed for the use of platinum in jewelry. The strength of platinum allowed jewelers to produce extremely intricate and detailed pieces, following the light, airy, and elegant trend of the era. The use of platinum in jewelry also allowed for the popularization of “milgraining,” a decorative enhancement in which a delicate border of platinum beads was set around the edges of a piece of jewelry, providing the soft, elegant look characteristic of this time period.

The Edwardian era ended abruptly with the start of World War I, and platinum, critical for the war effort, could no longer be spent on jewelry. The luxuries of elegance and sophistication vanished as people began to hide or sell their jewelry, instead of focusing on daily survival.

Edwardian style engagement rings

Although the Edwardian era may have ended in 1915, the romantic Edwardian style can be recreated today by incorporating facets of the style seen in Edwardian antique engagement rings. Edwardian engagement ring settings often featured elaborate filigree settings, commonly seen in Edwardian filigree engagement rings.

Filigree is a metalworking technique that usually involves arranging threads and beads of precious metals into elaborate lace-like designs with popular romantic and nature-inspired designs such as flowers, vines, and hearts.

Edwardian style engagement rings also often featured multiple smaller accent stones, with pave setting engagement rings being extremely popular. Yellow gold was rarely used in Edwardian engagement rings, with white gold, silver, and platinum being the most popular metal choices. And being steeped in tradition, Edwardian engagement rings typically feature traditional diamond shapes such as round cut diamonds.

How to choose an Edwardian engagement ring

While Edwardian style engagement rings are always stunningly beautiful, they may not be the best choice for someone who is looking for a bridal set or wishes to wear multiple rings together. An Edwardian engagement ring is a work of art and is thus best worn as an individual piece.

When shopping for an Edwardian style engagement ring, be certain of what you want. Edwardian style engagement rings are typically newly made rings that are created to reflect the fashion popular during the Edwardian era. Antique Edwardian engagement rings, or antique jewelry in general, are pieces that have been previously owned and made over 100 years ago, typically from the Victorian or Edwardian eras. And while the phrase “vintage Edwardian engagement rings” may be commonly used, it may be considered a misnomer because vintage jewelry are pieces that have been previously owned but were made within the last 100 years.

Below are stunning engagement ring options that expertly incorporate Edwardian engagement ring setting styles to create a striking and unique symbol of love.

Top yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings

Pear shaped diamonds have undeniable romance. But that doesn’t mean every yellow gold pear shaped engagement ring is the same style. Check our 10 of our favorites below. You’ll see that even with this same diamond shape and metal combination, one ring can look dramatically different from the next. And that means you can find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Edwardian style engagement rings vintage flower diamond

Vintage Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage Edwardian style engagement ring incorporates traditional Edwardian era elements such as an intricate flower pattern, detailed milgraining, and a pave setting of 80 accent diamonds.

Edwardian style engagement rings four points

Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring

Delicate milgrain detailing along the border of this band adds a subtle embellishment without detracting from the true unique characteristic: a band made of a repeating pattern that almost mimics intricately woven lace.

Edwardian style engagement rings vintage leaf halo

Vintage Leaf Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This dazzling design emphasizes the Edwardian diamond obsession with a fabulous halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone, accented with exquisite metalwork and milgraining.

Edwardian style engagement rings regalia pave

Regalia Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

You'll need to sneak a peek at this engagement ring's profile where a solitaire accent diamond is encased in a gorgeous ring of detailed milgrain metal work for a subtle but regal touch.

Edwardian style engagement rings floral diamond

Floral Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditional Edwardian milgraining and floral carvings with 0.30 cts of paved diamonds make this ring a beautiful nature-inspired choice.

Edwardian style engagement rings triangular rounds

Triangular Rounds Diamond Engagement Ring

This delicate engagement ring draws on the Edwardian penchant for accent diamonds with two trios of complementary accent diamonds.

Edwardian engagement rings vintage milgrain diamond

Vintage Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring, with its delicate milgrain setting and marquise metal shaping, is a stunning selection inspired by vintage Edwardian engagement rings.

Edwardian style engagement rings cluster side stone diamond

Cluster Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This engagement ring channels the style of Edwardian cluster engagement rings with a cluster of three stones on each side of the center diamond, creating a full and sparkling look.

Edwardian engagement rings vintage leaf diamond

Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring

This dazzling ring is inspired by Edwardian antique engagement rings with its beautiful vintage leaf pattern and hand milgraining as well as bezel and pave setting styles.

edwardian engagement rings heirloom milgrain diamond

Heirloom Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

This Edwardian era engagement ring showcases the intricate metalwork and milgraining popularly seen during the Edwardian era.

Edwardian engagement rings are a stunning ornate piece of jewelry that will make an engagement truly memorable.