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These Engagement Rings Can Withstand a Nurse's Demanding Schedule

nurse helping patient and wearing engagement ring

Shopping for engagement rings for those who work with their hands can be a stressful experience. It is important to consider how easily damaged the ring is, how obtrusive it is, and of course, personal taste. Perhaps diamond engagement rings for nurses may seem impossible to pick out, but fear not, there is an engagement ring out there for everybody if they just know what to look for!

Since nurses will typically wear their rings in the hospital, the cleanliness factor remains of the utmost importance. Bezel set rings provide a smooth outer layer of metal to not only protect the diamond against dirt and grime, but to also prevent the ring from being scratched, or worse, scratching someone else.

A bar setting, on the other hand, allows for the ring to have many accent diamonds, but since the diamonds are set so close together, it makes it nearly impossible for dirt to make its way into the crevices. No dirt means easy clean-up!

Engagement ring metal & setting

Although gold is the typical engagement ring metal, nurses may opt for something a tad more durable. Platinum, for example, can mimic the shine of metals while still remaining relatively scratch-free. For someone who is constantly using her hands, switching out the metal is almost a must. Gold is simply too soft to take care of, and the woman will be spending more time thinking about her poor ring than going out to save lives.

A lower setting engagement ring is also ideal for a nurse. With a diamond located closer to the hand, there is less risk for the ring to get in the way of her everyday duties. The less obtrusive the ring, the better!

How to care for the ring

Ultimately, a nurse will inevitably have to take extra care to make sure her ring is not getting damaged. Although many nurses may be tempted to take off the ring throughout the day to avoid scratching it, this practice actually has more negative effects than positive ones. Taking the ring on and off gives the nurse more opportunity to lose the ring. Typically, this is when rings get misplaced.

It may be part of a nurse’s duty to touch alcoholic or other harsh chemicals throughout the day. While these chemicals may be necessary to complete her duties, a nurse should try to avoid touching these chemicals with her ring hand to prevent damaging the ring. Additionally, making sure the ring fits well and will not slip off is important with any engagement, but it carries special importance with a nurse. Think of all of the time a nurse has to lose her ring because she uses her hands all day every day. With a properly fitted ring, her odds of losing the ring go way down.

Some nurses may choose not to wear their engagement rings at all while on the job. Commonly, many may wear wedding bands for nurses or attach the ring to a chain to wear around their neck during the day. This choice is all about what works best for the nurse to be able to operate on a daily basis. See our top ring picks below for ring styles that work best for nurses.

Top engagement rings for nurses

You'll notice a couple channel set settings in this collection. That's because some of the ideal engagement rings for nurses have very little space where dirt and germs can work their way in. Channel set is perfect for that. You'll also see that these rings tend to be lower set so there's less risk of dinging them while she's working with her hands or, worse, that the ring pops a glove.

engagement rings for nurses Trellis Princess Solitaire

Trellis Princess Solitaire Ring

The Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is a rather simplistic ring, perfect for a nurse trying not to be too flashy in the workplace. This trellis setting makes for easy cleaning of all the germs that are sure to come in contact with the ring throughout the day.

engagement rings for nurses Twisting Solitaire Diamond

Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring

If a solitaire style engagement ring is too simple, the Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring adds a twisting metal band to accentuate the center stone. Without the addition of accent diamonds, cleaning the ring remains just as easy, and therefore, a nurse cannot go wrong in choosing this simple design.

engagement rings for nurses Channel Set Diamond

Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

The Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring adds a few accent diamonds to a relatively simple ring. These accents are subtle and close together, making the ring resistant to the dirt and germs of a hospital.

engagement rings for nurses channel set Cathedral

Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

For nurses who want most of the shine to come from the metal, the Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring offers large accent diamonds, each surrounded by metal to create a more contemporary look.

engagement rings for nurses Rising Accents Diamond

Rising Accents Diamond Engagement Ring

An asymmetrical beauty, the Rising Accents Diamond Engagement Ring, features elevated rows of accent diamonds rising toward the center stone. Easy on the clean-up and minimal obtrusion make for a perfect nurse ring.

engagement rings for nurses Three Stone Baguette Diamond

Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring shows off two major accent diamonds which flank the large center diamond. With minimal crevices, the dirt is unable to make its way into the ring, making it super easy to clean up. On top of practicality, the ring screams elegance from a mile away.

Engagement rings are a beautiful and special piece of jewelry that holds great meaning. Take the time to carefully select and care for the ring so that she can wear it for a lifetime, whether it's at work or home.

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