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Infinity Engagement Rings That Capture Your Enduring Love

woman wearing infinity engagement ring

Engagement is all about making a statement about your future — locking things down, sealing the deal, etc. etc. So what could make a better statement to your beloved than an infinity ring? If it fits her personal style, this engagement ring could be a choice she'll treasure: infinitas, meaning unbounded or limitless, makes infinity engagement rings an apt symbol to represent an everlasting love.

But first: There's a bit of confusion around the difference between infinity and eternity engagement rings. Although both are good symbolism for marriage, there is a difference between the two.

What are infinity engagement rings?

The eternity ring has diamonds all the way around the band, which symbolizes never-ending love and commitment. It's sometimes given in addition to an engagement and wedding ring, usually years into a relationship or marriage, or to commemorate an important anniversary.

Infinity engagement rings incorporate the infinity symbol. Resembling a horizontal figure eight, the infinity symbol is a visual representation of a continuous line with no beginning or end, reflecting an unyielding love. (We have a guide to both eternity rings and infinity rings in case you want to know even more.)

Do all infinity rings look the same?

The infinity sign can be incorporated into an infinity ring in a number of different ways: Some infinity rings have infinity symbols at the top of the ring, where a center diamond would go. Others replicate the infinity symbol in the band, and some people refer to bands that even slightly mimic this shape (with a twisting pattern) as infinity rings.

At With Clarity, our infinity rings incorporate the infinity symbol into the band, though there’s variation in the arc of the curves and how much accent diamonds are used. The arcs of the infinity symbol can be larger and flowing, or smaller and tighter. Pave stones can extend all the way around the band, or only part-way. The arcs in the infinity symbol could be used to seamlessly form a halo. Some styles employ design elements like milgrain to go for a vintage look.

Top infinity engagement rings

Pear shaped diamonds have undeniable romance. But that doesn’t mean every yellow gold pear shaped engagement ring is the same style. Check our 10 of our favorites below. You’ll see that even with this same diamond shape and metal combination, one ring can look dramatically different from the next. And that means you can find the perfect ring to suit your style.

infinity engagement rings winding diamond

Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

The tightly wound curves of the infinity symbol, studded with accent diamonds, reach part-way around this ring, setting off a center stone held in a four-prong setting.

infinity engagement rings twisting east west

Twisting East West Diamond Engagement Ring

A sleek, slim band flows gracefully into a four-prong setting for the center stone, brilliantly showcased by 0.24 carats of accent diamonds.

infinity engagement rings flowing halo diamond

Flowing Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

In this beautiful infinity engagement ring, the looped band extends to seamlessly form a halo around the center diamond, boosting its size and impact.

infinity engagement rings winding diamond

Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning infinity engagement ring has a pave set infinity design with accent diamonds that run around the entire finger, complementing a beautiful round-cut diamond.

infinity engagement rings braided cathedral

Braided Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

A braided, pave-studded band pairs seamlessly with a smooth, raised-prong setting, which holds the center diamond with grace.

infinity engagement rings winding halo diamond

Winding Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This halo-style infinity diamond engagement ring has a diamond-lined halo that wraps around the round center stone. It's a beautiful setting for round-cut diamonds, which can nestle perfectly into the curve of an infinity symbol.

infinity engagement rings forever twisting

Forever Twisting Diamond Engagement Ring

Open loops give this elegant infinity band a substantial look, while two loops of accent diamonds beautifully frame the center stone, which is slightly elevated to showcase its sparkle.

infinity engagement rings weaving diamond pave

Weaving Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

This romantic woven design has a sleek winding band — partially accented with an elegant 0.22 carats of pave diamonds. A round stone is classic choice.