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Minimal Engagement Rings That Will Withstand Every Passing Trend

woman holding out hand wearing minimalist engagement ring

Minimalist engagement rings are a gorgeous way to have an engagement ring that blends in perfectly with her everyday stlye. Minimalist engagement rings are sleek and modern and look great on every hand. They also have minimal metal details and ensure that the focus is on the center diamond or gemstone. Minimal engagement rings can be paired with a plain wedding band or a diamond wedding band. Alternatively they also look beautiful when worn alone.

Minimalistic engagement rings have always been in fashion. The most classic styles for engagement rings are soltiaires. And traditionally solitaires have a minimalistic look which does not have accent diamonds. However, a minimalistic engagement ring does not have to be plan or boring. Smaller details like clawed prongs, tapering band widths and metalwork can make a big impact in a less ostentatious way.

When purchasing an engagement ring for yourself or for her, consider a few factors. Think about lifestyle and what she does on a daily basis. If her work or lifetyle is ver much on the go, involves travel or working with her hands, a minimalistic ring might be the best fit for her. This of her fashion preferences as well. If she never wears jewelry and likes understated clothing, a minimalistic engagement ring might be the best route for her.

Top minimalist engagement rings

Minimalistic engagement rings come in many varieties. Most commonly they can be found in solitaire styles. However, you can also find them in classic and contemporary styles. The key is to look for something understated that lets the center diamond shine through.

minimalist engagement rings classic four prong solitaire

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

A classic four prong solitaire has an average sized metal band and makes the diamond the focal point. The solitaire style can hold a variety of diamond shapes and can be made in any type of gold color like rose, yellow or white and platinum.

minimalist engagement rings petite solitaire

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is perfect for a smaller size diamond or a smaller finger size. The thinner band is well suited for a more minimal look that is definitely not an attention grabber. But, it does have a great amount of style and blends seamlessly into the everyday look.

minimalist engagement rings flourish diamond

Flourish Diamond Engagement Ring

This solitaire ring has a medium sized band width and an be set with many different diamond shapes. The ring puts the empahsis on the diamond which is framed by two gracefully curving ends of metal.

minimalist engagement rings lily diamond

Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

The Lily Diamond Engagement Ring incorporates a small touch of nature into the ring. The prongs curve gracefully to hold the diamond with a beautiful prong that resembles a lily flower. Perfect for the woman that enjoys nature. This is one flower that she can cherish forever.

minimalist engagement rings crisscross diamond

Crisscross Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern and pleasing to the eyes, this eye-catching engagement ring is a unique. It has two symmetrical shanks that weave together. This is perfect for someone who wants an engagement ring that makes a statement but does not overwhelm.

minimalist engagement rings regal diamond trellis

Regal Diamond Trellis Engagement Ring

While this ring has a classic solitaire look, it has stunning details on the head. The metal and diamond sparkle curve gracefully up to the center diamond. A stunner from ever angle, the special secret details on this ring make for a gorgeous look.

minimalist engagement rings braided solitaire

Braided Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous solitaire ring has a braided style. Vintage inspired and totally romantic, this style is a great look in rose gold for paired with any type of fancy shaped diamond.

minimalist engagement rings trellis princess solitaire

Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The gently curving trellis style looks stunning with any classic diamond shape. The trellis style lifts up the diamond, allowing more light to penetrate through and create dazzling sparkle.

minimalist engagement rings chic east west solitaire

Chic East West Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous ring has the unique look that twists and winds to create a stunning effect.

Minimalistic engagement rings are a great way to showcase a stunning diamond. The rings also blend seamlessly into everyday style. It makes it so easy to choose one of these styles as they will make for a guaranteed yes.