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Modern Engagement Rings With Some Expected Twists

woman wearing modern engagement rings holding coffee cup

Modern engagement rings are most typically wanted by brides looking for something distinctive and unique. A modern engagement ring will display a contemporary style that keeps in touch with the trends of today. Modern bezel set engagement rings are popular, but claw prongs and channel set diamonds are also common features of a modern engagement ring. Usually, modern style engagement rings do not feature a specific metal, and for the more daring and creative couple, they even may want to mix and match the metals displayed in their ring.

Most popular modern design engagement rings

Modern contemporary engagement rings are incredibly popular because they show off the hottest new trends in a sleek and beautiful manner. However, this can also be a downside to a buyer because every trend eventually goes out of style. The main tip for a buyer looking for modern design engagement rings is to keep in mind what aspects of the ring will stay in style for a long time. In other words, try to find a ring that has modern elements, but overall, has a timeless look. If the buyers can achieve this goal, their ring will remain lovable for much longer.

Modern engagement rings for women attract a different type of bride. Brides who seek out modern style rings should want a ring to represent the contemporary, unique, and sleek relationship that they share with their significant others. If their outlook on the world leans more towards new and original instead of timeless and traditional, a modern engagement ring is the choice for them.

modern engagement rings flourish solitaire

Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring remains relatively uncomplex to be a great choice for those looking for a simple modern engagement ring. This particular ring features a smooth band all the way around that finish in a dramatic upwards curve for a look that is not too over-the-top. Although it is made up of only a solitaire diamond, the uniqueness of the band makes a statement that packs a punch.

modern engagement rings cathedral twist

Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

For another simplistic look, the Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring features a traditional cathedral head cradled by the diamond of the ring to allow more light to hit the diamond, and therefore, create more shine. For the modern aspect of the ring, the twisting band plays into this element to give the ring a unique look.

modern engagement rings lily diamond

Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

The Lily Diamond Engagement Ring is a play off of the traditional solitaire engagement ring. Still, the ring features only one large, impressive diamond, but what makes this ring unique is the nature inspiration within it. Delicate lily petals curl up to cradle the center diamond, giving the ring the appearance that the diamond is in the shape of a flower. While many aspects of the Lily Diamond Engagement Ring are modern, there is also a hint of nostalgia, making it the perfect choice for brides who cannot choose between contemporary and traditional. It truly is the best option for a modern vintage engagement ring.

modern engagement rings crisscross diamond

Crisscross Diamond Engagement Ring

Easing off the simplistic style is the Crisscross Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring features a solitaire diamond with a unique twist. Instead of typical modern wide band engagement rings, this ring offers two crisscrossing bands that layer over one another for a multi-dimensional look.

modern engagement rings braided row

Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring

For a strikingly unique look, the Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring features dazzling accent diamonds covering the band as well as a twisted design that draws admirers in and keeps them staring at the mesmerizing pattern.

modern engagement rings underhalo classic

Underhalo Classic Diamond Engagement Ring

This modern engagement rings rethinks the angles of your ring. With a diamond encrusted band as well as a partially hidden underhalo of diamonds, this setting ensures you'll be captivated, no matter how you look at your ring.

modern engagement rings rising channel

Rising Channel Diamond Engagement Ring

This unique engagement ring uses a slightly futuristic-looking design and channel set diamonds to draw your eye up the band, building the excitement as you work your way toward the center stone.

modern engagement rings swaying split shank halo

Swaying Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This modern setting reimagines the traditional split shank. The separation between the sides of the band might not be huge, but the twist in the band makes it feel like the two halves are dancing around each other as they wind down your finger.

modern engagement rings open criss cross

Open Criss Cross Diamond Engagement Ring

For a ring that is really different, the Open Criss Cross Diamond Engagement Ring offers a woven design of metal on top of accent diamonds for a very contemporary look. With all of the exposed metal, why not mix it up? This ring would be perfect as a modern rose gold engagement ring!

modern engagement rings twisting east west

Twisting East West Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Twisting East West Diamond Engagement Ring features more woven metalwork. The pave set diamonds give this modern ring a graceful look, great for the modern bride still looking for a timeless engagement ring.