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Capture Her Wild Heart with a Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

nature inspired engagement ring next to cake

In addition to hearts, scrolls, and infinity symbols, engagement rings often showcase beautiful floral and nature-inspired designs to highlight love’s invariably natural and human role in life.

Floral engagement rings often include designs that reflect aspects of nature such as flowers, leaves, and flower petals. There are countless ways to style a floral design engagement ring. The simplest design uses a metalwork flower to surround or present the central gemstone. The central diamond can be surrounded by a daisy with evenly spaced, symmetrical metalwork petals, or perhaps be held in the center of a blossoming metal tulip.

If you want more subtle flower diamond engagement rings, consider rings with repeating flower-inspired patterns, leaves, or vines incorporated in or onto the metal. A filigree flower engagement ring can use intricate flowering vines to highlight one or more blooms, represented by gemstones. Celtic rings often feature symmetrical trinity knots that call to mind images of vines, leaves, and flowers. If you desire something more complex, consider engraved floral engagement rings, with limitless options for various nature-inspired designs.

If you’re searching for diamond flower engagement ring with a richer history, consider an antique or vintage flower engagement ring. Nature-inspired engagement rings are not a new idea. Many antique and vintage eras of jewelry such as the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras popularly featured flower engagement rings.

Floral engagement rings

Floral engagement rings are also a great time to explore unique gemstones, metals, and stone shapes. Although round cut stones are most popularly used in floral engagement rings due to their resemblance to the center of a flower, any shape can be used. While diamonds are always a popular choice, floral engagement rings are a perfect opportunity to feature gemstones with other colors found in nature. The popularity of colored gemstones in antique or vintage jewelry make vintage floral engagement rings a great way to explore non-diamond gemstones.

Nature inspired engagement ring metal

The choice of metal can also significantly influence style. Rose gold is a popular metal choice for those who want to reference roses, a universally recognized symbol of love. And while floral designs already evoke the feel of an antique or vintage ring, precise metal selection can further the connection. Gold or silver can be used to mimic Georgian era rings while platinum, white gold, or silver are perfect choices for Edwardian style vintage floral rings. Selecting the perfect ring to symbolize your love is never easy. Consider some of our expertly crafted floral diamond engagement rings for your loved one.

nature inspired engagement rings milgrain flower halo

Milgrain Flower Halo Engagement Ring

This show-stopping flower halo engagement ring pays homage to the Edwardian era with its milgrain diamond accents and soft, romantic style.

nature inspired engagement rings lotus halo diamond

Lotus Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This dazzling lotus flower engagement ring features a halo of larger accent diamonds that make the stunning central stone appear larger than life.

nature inspired engagement rings vintage leaf halo

Vintage Leaf Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A true descendant of vintage floral engagement rings, this ring undoubtedly pays respects to the Edwardian era. Its striking leaf pattern and delicate milgraining creates an unforgettably romantic ring.

nature inspired engagement rings star halo

Star Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Flower halo engagement rings are no match for this stunning star-shaped halo, comprised of carefully selected accent diamonds of various sizes.

nature inspired engagement rings lily diamond

Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

What looks like a simple solitaire engagement ring from the top reveals itself to have a distinctly floral profile once you admire this ring from every angle. The prongs mimic petals to achieve this romantic look.

nature inspired engagement rings vintage halo

Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A sparkling leaf design and a stunning round halo marry beautifully in this vintage flower engagement ring. With floral designs and intricate milgraining reminiscent of Edwardian jewelry, this striking ring is undoubtedly an heirloom in the making.

nature inspired engagement rings floating halo

Floating Halo Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

A floating halo of pave-set diamonds make this remarkable floral halo engagement ring a stunning choice to symbolize an unrivaled romance.