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Top Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Nontraditional Ring

Your bride-to-be's engagement ring should be as unique as she is -- and while a classic design suits some brides, there are more options than ever before for engagement rings that break convention. If following the status quo is far from your style, read on to discover what makes an engagement ring non-traditional, and where to find non-traditional engagement rings at With Clarity!

What makes an engagement ring non-traditional?

Put simply, some rings have a history. Solitaire diamonds, halo designs, and three-stone settings have been on the engagement ring scene for a while now. In fact, decorative elements like milgrain and filigree date back longer than engagement rings themselves!

What makes an engagement ring non-traditional is not forgoing tradition altogether, but rather, combining classic elements in a unique way or providing an interesting twist on a traditional design. Follow your instincts to spot an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd -- and chances are, that diamond will be non-traditional!

Where to find non-traditional settings at With Clarity

Each collection at With Clarity includes some non-traditional settings. Keep an eye out for solitaires that turn the center diamond to an east-west position, rather than north-south -- and pave bands that also line the sides with milgrain.

However, With Clarity's most modern designs can be found in our contemporary collection. These rings feature non-traditional settings and interesting details alongside tried-and-true elements, such as pave settings and solitaire diamonds.

Top non-traditional engagement rings:

engagement ring Sleek Cathedral Solitaire

Classic Four Prong East West Engagement Ring

Check out our (literal) spin on the solitaire diamond with this east-west engagement ring! We flipped the prong setting on this beautiful emerald diamond to create a distinctive look that sets this ring apart from convention.

ring Tandem Pave & Channel Diamond

Tandem Pave & Channel Diamond Ring

At first sight, this four-prong oval diamond and pave band (featuring 0.28 carats of accent diamonds) appear to comprise a classic engagement ring. However, this ring features hidden diamonds on the profile, adding a subtle twist on the ordinary engagement ring.

Milgrain Bezel Engagement Ring

If you're looking for an elaborate design showcasing craftsmanship, look no further than this milgrain bezel diamond engagement ring. We further enhanced these traditional bezel-set diamonds by adding an intricate milgrain design around each bezel, totaling 0.50 carats of accent diamonds.

Open Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Ring

Belonging to our contemporary collection, this non-traditional engagement ring features a woven design of expertly crafted metal intertwined with pave-set diamonds, for a total of 0.17 carats of accent diamonds. A round-cut solitaire diamond completes the design at the center of this ring.

Knife Edge Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond engagement ring blends traditional and modern by combining a vintage milgrain design with a knife-edge shape. 14-carat white gold setting allows the centerpiece round diamond to shine.

Two Tone Bypass Engagement Ring

Create a ring as unique as your love for each other with this customizable two-tone engagement ring! Two metals of your choosing come together in this bypass ring, including a pave setting. Finish off this non-traditional look with a center round diamond flanked by two smaller accent diamonds on a diagonal pattern.

Coil Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

Say hello to this perfectly-crafted coiled design, holding 0.28 carats of accent diamonds. This dainty band houses a four-prong round diamond that shines as brightly as the bride-to-be.

Twisting Underhalo Engagement Ring

Meet this non-traditional twist on the halo engagement ring! This curved, tapered engagement ring features 0.24 carats of accent diamonds encircling your center stone.

Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring

Four diamond points accent your center stone in this unique twist on a vintage milgrain design. Milgrain encircles 0.26 carats of accent diamonds along with the gorgeous, intricate band of this non-traditional engagement ring.

Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Fans of the classic halo ring will more than appreciate the non-traditional octagon approach to this halo design. The octagon adds a beautiful structural element to this ring, combining with a delicate pave band for a grand total of 0.50 carats of accent diamonds.

Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

Channeling nature, this engagement ring draws upon the lily flower for inspiration. Delicate petals reach up to encircle the round-shaped center diamond, set in gorgeous 14-carat white gold.

Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This graceful five-stone design sparkles in our contemporary collection. Featuring four accent diamonds totaling 0.60 carats, the adorned band offers a sophisticated setting for a center diamond of any size.