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Oval Engagement Rings That Flatter Any Hand

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As a mixture between round and marquise engagement rings, oval cut diamond engagement rings give an updated look to a traditional stone. Although its origins began in the 1960’s, the oval cut feels classic and timeless. The oval’s length makes the ring more flattering as it gives the illusion that the fingers are elongated and slender. However, the “perfect” oval cut does not exist; the length to width ratio is completely subjective to personal taste and preference. An oval diamond remains perfect for buyers who lead an active life, as chipping and wear are much less likely to occur without any pointed edges. The softness of the curves allows for a gentle, but romantic declaration of love. Additionally, compared with round cut engagement rings, diamond oval cut engagement rings appear larger, meaning the buyer can purchase a larger diamond for less money!

Although round cut diamonds are known for having the most shine, oval cut diamonds come extremely close, making them a perfect style for a unique engagement ring that does not have to sacrifice its radiance. Oval diamonds may be almost just as shiny as their round companions, but the price is typically lower. However, oval cut diamonds are still not as popular as other cuts because of the nearly inevitable bowtie effect. Almost all oval cut diamonds have a dark spot in the middle of the gem resembling a bowtie. This bowtie may make the oval cut seem “imperfect,” but many buyers rave about how the bowtie is the most interesting feature on the whole ring; it is all up to personal taste! White, yellow, and rose gold oval cut engagement rings offer plenty of options for the oval cut lover.

Top oval engagement rings

Oval engagement rings are a beyond-gorgeous option thanks to their classic look and ability to flatter every hand shape. But they're also insanely popular, so how do you make sure your ring doesn't look like it came from a cookie cutter? Let this range of oval diamond ring styles act as inspiration for your shopping journey (and remember they're only a small fraction of the different styles we offer).

oval engagement rings under bezeled accent diamond

Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many different styles to suit the needs of an oval cut diamond. For a buyer looking for a bit of sparkle to a ring while still keeping it somewhat simplistic, the Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Engagement Ring is a popular choice. Prong accent diamonds flank the center stone, adding on to the oval diamond’s shine to create a ring that is guaranteed to dazzle.

oval engagement rings three stone pear

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

The oval cut adds a bit more uniqueness to every engagement ring, but the Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring takes it to a whole new level. While still keeping the simplicity of a plain band, the ring is a show stopper; it features two pear shaped diamonds surrounding the oval center stone to add variety to a traditional three stone ring.

oval engagement rings plain shank halo diamond

Oval Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

For a little more radiance with the same simplistic band, the Oval Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, offers a plain metal band leading up to the diamond-encircled center stone. Oval cut halo engagement rings showcase 20 stones, making the main diamond appear larger and more radiant than an oval diamond standing alone. This oval cut halo diamond engagement ring is a popular choice among those who want to seek out a traditional ring with a twist.

oval engagement rings cathedral halo

Oval Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Oval Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring draws on the halo design that is featured in the plain shank halo diamond engagement rings, but it adds an additional sparkle through the cathedral band featuring accent diamonds.

oval engagement rings halo accent three stone

Halo Accent Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

To upgrade the traditional halo design to a much more radiant ring, look no further than the Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring. Not only does the ring have subtle split shanks filled with accent diamonds, but it also has two side stone halos to emphasize the center stone.

oval engagement rings four points diamond

Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring

Adding a bit more complexity to the band, the Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring complements an oval cut center stone well. It features a row of diamonds surrounded by milgrain design that meet at four points to accentuate the oval stone. With so many details on one ring, the Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring is sure to wow any crowd.

oval engagement rings five stone

Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Past, present, and future rings are gorgeous, but they don't hold a candle to this subdued yet dramatic five stone oval engagement ring. Four glistening side stones, two on either side of your central diamond, create a stunning field of sparkle leading up to that gorgeous oval diamond.

oval engagement rings three row

Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring

For the buyers looking to truly make a statement, the Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring offers more shine than any of the other popular oval cut diamond engagement rings. It features 60 sparkling diamonds in three rows leading up to the center oval diamond in order to pack a sparkly punch.

oval engagement rings channel set cathedral

Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

The Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring offers a classic spin on a modern cut of diamond. The cathedral setting shows off a large oval diamond emphasized by channel set accent diamonds. Unlike with round or square, oval cut diamond engagement rings provide the perfect opportunity to show the buyer’s originality while still maintaining the traditional style of the cathedral setting.

oval engagement rings classic four prong diamond

Classic Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, for the buyers who want a simplistic ring that will match their lifestyle, the Classic Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring suits all their needs. Oval cut solitaire engagement rings feature a plain band that leaves all attention on the solitaire oval cut diamond to create a simple, yet timeless, oval diamond engagement ring.