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Put the Spotlight On the Diamond With An Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

couple holding hands woman wearing oval solitaire engagement ring

Oval solitaire engagement rings have been having a moment — in recent years, they've been seen on the hands of celebrities like Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Katherine McPhee, to name a few. In fact, their moment in the spotlight has been so prolonged that they're becoming a bit of a new classic, a slightly blingier millennial spin on the round solitaire. Read on for the important things to consider when shopping for an oval solitaire diamond ring, and for some of our favorite options in the style.

Popularity of oval engagement rings

How do you explain such pronounced popularity? One factor may be this: A big benefit of oval engagement rings is that they seem larger than round cuts at the same carat size.

But this cut's larger table size, and the way it interacts with light, means that the "bowtie effect" is nearly inevitable. Almost all oval cut diamonds have a dark spot in the middle resembling a bowtie. Some think this makes the oval cut seem “imperfect,” but others consider it the ring's most interesting feature — it's up to you! If you want to avoid the bowtie, prioritize cut, and balance the other four Cs accordingly.

You'll also want to consider whether you want a high- or low-profile setting. Consider her lifestyle and hobbies — does she have a particularly hand-intensive job or athletic interests that make the diamond more likely to be dinged? (Rings should always be removed when you work out, but accidents happen.) How functional does she want the ring to be (for example, would she get annoyed if a high-set diamond gets caught on her sweaters)?

Last: Remember that fancy-shaped diamonds, like the oval cut, can hold color in their tips because they're shallower. With ovals, you can still reduce cost by going into the "near colorless" range. Just watch the tips of the diamond — if you're unsure about whether they're being affected, work with a gemologist to find your perfect stone.

oval solitaire engagement rings color comparison

Top oval solitaire engagement rings

Don't think for one second that all oval solitaire diamond rings look the same. True, solitaire settings have fewer variables to play with, unlike their more elaborate cousins. But the range of oval solitaire ring settings below give a small picture of all the variety possible in this elegant collection.

oval solitaire engagement rings classic cathedral

Classic Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This best-selling solitaire engagement ring is a true classic: The cathedral setting elegantly highlights your center diamond.

oval solitaire engagement rings cathedral twist

Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

This stylish twisting band provides a modern spin on a traditional cathedral setting, which elevates the center diamond to maximize light exposure and sparkle.

oval solitaire engagement rings grace

Grace Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Strikingly modern. The sleek, substantial band is the essence of simplicity, highlighting the center stone and cathedral-window setting.

oval solitaire engagement rings widening

Widening Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic solitaire style features a sleek, polished band that widens closer to the center diamond for a sophisticated look.

oval solitaire engagement rings bezel

Bezel Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A beautiful bezel-set oval diamond takes center stage in this elegant, vintage-inspired setting.

oval solitaire engagement rings diamond basket

Diamond Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

A basket studded with accent diamonds — along with diamond-highlighted prongs — make this ring a showstopper. Although it isn't technically a solitaire, it looks like one from the top. That means this setting is perfect for those brides-to-be who just can't decide between a solitaire and a pave setting.

oval solitaire engagement rings twirling

Twirling Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A smooth, twisting design band creates a romantic, graceful solitaire engagement ring.

oval solitaire engagement rings nouveau four prong

Nouveau Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

This sleek band curves gracefully to meet the oval center diamond, creating a look that's seamless and flowing.

oval solitaire engagement rings knife edge

Knife Edge Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A striking knife-edge band creates a unique spin on the classic solitaire engagement ring.

oval solitaire engagement rings classic four prong east west

Classic Four Prong East West Diamond Engagement Ring

An east-west style prong setting cradles the center diamond for a distinctive look that sets this apart from classic solitaire rings.