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Pretty Engagement Rings That Do Your Special Someone Justice

woman showing off her pretty engagement ring

Wait… aren’t all engagement rings pretty? Well, of course they are, which is why choosing just one can be so overwhelming and tedious! Here is a selection about which you have likely never even thought: the pretty style engagement rings.

What is a pretty style engagement ring?

While all engagement rings are beautiful in their own, unique ways, the term “pretty style engagement ring” is often used to describe engagement rings with a vintage touch, intricate metal work or accent diamond patterns, and/or delicate styles and settings.

Popular metals and diamond shapes in pretty style engagement rings

Platinum is a very popular metal for pretty style engagement rings, especially for those with thinner bands or more intricate metal work. Platinum is a sturdier metal, allowing more support where the metal in the ring might otherwise be more fragile and guaranteeing the longest life possible of the engagement ring.

White and yellow gold are also common metals used for pretty style engagement rings. They can be used interchangeably for rings with a more vintage touch, and they also compliment the more modern looking pretty style rings, as well.

Rose gold, although less common, gives the ring an antique-esque appearance, and makes a great metal choice for pretty style engagement rings that lean more toward the vintage style.

Some choice diamond cut combinations for these metals are:

  • Princess Cut
  • Square Cut with Round Accent Diamonds
  • Round and Oval Cut
  • Square and Emerald Cut

Tips for buying pretty style engagement rings

Here, we’ve listed a few pointers and tips to help you in your journey as you shop for the perfect pretty style engagement ring:

Remember your “vintage” point. As we mentioned, many pretty style engagement rings have a vintage, or traditional, touch to them. As such, it is easy to confuse them with purely vintage style rings, and stray completely off your intended searching and shopping path. Decide how “vintage” you want the ring to be (or not be) before you begin your search, and make note of which rings you find that cross too far into the vintage style for your needs.

Simple, or elegantly lavish? The intricate designs and shine of many pretty style engagement rings are hypnotizing, with each one you find more beautiful and heart-winning than the last. If your bride-to-be has a slightly simpler taste, you might want to stick more to the classic vintage aspect of the pretty style engagement rings.

Refunds. In the event that you get overly excited and choose a ring that doesn’t capture 150% of her heart as soon as she lays her eyes on it, or it doesn’t look as lovely on her finger as you’d imagined, make sure you can return or exchange the ring BEFORE you make your purchase.

Custom vs. ready-made. Many jewelry customers go the way of unique, custom-made jewelry these days, especially when it comes to engagement rings. However, be sure that the ring you want made will be complete in time for your plans to pop the question. A temporary grocery store gum machine substitute won’t fit as well, or look as beautiful!

Some of our favorite pretty style engagement rings

Although this is far from our entire selection of pretty engagement rings, we pulled some of our favorites. Below you'll find settings featuring some of the elements that define this style of engagement ring. But think of this collection as inspiration. You'll find what you do and don't like, and then you can dive into our biggest catalog and more easily find the setting that's truly the one.

pretty engagement rings Heirloom Milgrain Diamond

Heirloom Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Some of the most beautiful pretty style engagement rings have a vintage touch to them. This incorporates both large and small milgrain metal work, along with two smaller diamonds that sit beneath the center gemstone, for that classic antique look.

pretty engagement rings Classic Rising Diamond

Classic Rising Diamond Engagement Ring

The milgrain beads and accent gems in this white gold, pretty style engagement ring elevates to meet the sparkling center diamond in a classy fashion.

pretty engagement rings Cascading Channel Set Diamond

Cascading Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

This pretty style diamond engagement ring is the embodiment of simple elegance. The 12 smaller diamonds along the top half of the white gold band are in perfect harmony with the brilliant center diamond.

pretty engagement rings Duet Pave Diamond

Duet Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds, suspended in midair? Well, kind of… The split in the tapered band of this pretty style engagement ring holds the accent diamonds perfectly in place, without extra setting prongs or additional metal work.

pretty engagement rings Rising Accents Diamond

Rising Accents Diamond Engagement Ring

These beautiful accent diamonds create an intricate waved pattern that cascade down from the center square-shaped diamond and its matching diamond halo, for a look that will make you give a few princess waves of your own!

pretty engagement rings charm tapering diamond

Charm Tapering Diamond Engagement Ring

This delicate pave band narrows as it approaches your center stone into an elegant rounded point that draws all eyes to the middle of your ring. It's a graceful accent that makes a world of difference for the setting.

pretty engagement rings split shank princess halo

Split Shank Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The split shank on this halo engagement ring is delicate. You'll need to look closely to spot it, but that's a good thing. Because it's the bold princess diamond and the match ring of accent stones that grabs your attention first.

pretty engagement rings Open Twisting Diamond

Open Twisting Diamond Engagement Ring

The winding patterns of the accent diamonds on either side of the ring’s band meet at the top and wrap snugly around the round cut center gemstone, giving it its own, unique sort of halo.

pretty engagement rings Octagon Halo Diamond

Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The accent diamonds make this pretty style engagement ring, stemming up from the bottom of the delicate band, climbing upward to form an eight-sided ring around the shining round center diamond.

pretty engagement rings Split Shank Trellis Diamond

Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A halo of small diamonds, caressed by the gems rising from the divided shank of the ring’s band, embraces the round center stone, for a ceaseless sparkle.

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