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Radiant Cut Engagement Rings That Will Make You Love the Rectangle

radiant cut engagement ring on woman's hand with butterfly

Known as one of the newest cuts of diamonds, the radiant cut diamond was designed in 1977 and gained popularity in the 1980’s. As a combination of the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut, the square radiant cut diamond engagement rings offer 70 facets within the stone, leaving them only slightly less sparkling than the round brilliant cut. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings are phenomenal choices for buyers leading active lifestyles because the beveled corners make chipping highly unlikely.

Although the bow tie effect, the dark spot found in the middle of the stone, is less likely to occur in radiant engagement rings than in those of oval or marquise, buyers should still be aware of the risk when purchasing longer and more rectangular radiant cut diamond engagement rings. Radiant cut diamonds vary from being perfectly square (similar to a princess cut) to being much more rectangular in shape (similar to the emerald cut). The benefit of choosing a radiant cut diamond is, of course, the brilliance, the diamond’s most popular feature.

Top radiant cut engagement rings

Radiant cut diamond rings are some of the least well known, but these center stones are a stunning option. The shape is sort of like an emerald cut, except it's a brilliant stone instead of step-cut. You could think of them as rectangular princesses with cropped corners. But even though you might never have seen one before, you're going to want to check out how gorgeous they look in a whole range of setting styles:

radiant cut engagement rings cathedral pave

Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many different styles to suit the needs of an oval cut diamond. For a buyer looking for a bit of sparkle to a ring while still keeping it somewhat simplistic, the Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring is a popular choice. Prong accent diamonds flank the center stone, adding on to the oval diamond’s shine to create a ring that is guaranteed to dazzle.

radiant cut engagement rings double row cathedral

Double Row Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

For a bigger statement while still keeping up with the traditional look, the Double Row Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring remains a popular choice. This style of ring contains all of the positive features of the cathedral style and adds a second row of accent diamonds to make the ring truly dazzle. The rectangular accent diamonds complement the radiant center stone well, while also giving the ring an extra shine.

radiant cut engagement rings three stone tapered baguette

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

The Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect for a buyer looking to step a bit out of the ordinary while still remaining simplistic. Tapered baguettes, an uncommon feature for a ring, offer the ideal complements to the center radiant cut diamond. A mixture between round and rectangular accent stones give the ring a certain flair that is certain to garner attention from a crowd.

radiant cut engagement rings three row diamond

Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring

In order to increase the brilliance of an already sparkling ring, the ring needs more accent diamonds. In the Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring, three rows of the band are covered in diamonds. With a radiant diamond as the center stone, the shine is almost impossible to beat.

radiant cut engagement rings floating twist

Floating Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

The Floating Twist Diamond Engagement Ring offers tapering off accent diamonds which trail off to pronounce the center radiant cut stone. This contemporary style features the radiant cut stone as a star, giving the illusion that the stone is floating in midair. Its large accent diamonds add into the already high brilliance to create a shiny engagement ring made for a modern bride.

radiant cut engagement rings twisting underhalo diamond

Twisting Underhalo Diamond Engagement Ring

In similar fashion, the Twisting Underhalo Diamond Engagement Ring features tapering accent diamonds that emphasize the beauty of the center diamond. However, this particular style offers accent diamonds which curve around the center stone to produce a halo-like effect, giving this style a more modern take on the traditional radiant cut halo engagement rings. Unlike most other halo styles, these radiant cut halo diamond engagement rings gives the appearance of a floating center stone.

radiant cut engagement rings tapered cathedral solitaire

Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Radiant cut diamond engagement rings may be a newer style, but they manage to look stunning in any style. The Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring offers a simplistic band with a traditional cathedral setting to showcase the radiant cut diamond. The brilliance of the cut allows for radiant cut solitaire engagement rings to look just as beautiful as the contemporary designs that usually display the cut.

radiant cut engagement rings princess

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

It is no doubt that since the radiant cut is similar to the princess cut, the two paired together would make an even more stunning ring. In the Princess Diamond Engagement Ring, princess cut accent diamonds showcase the radiant cut center diamond to make a simple and timeless ring.

radiant cut engagement rings twist diamond

Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

Buyers looking for a ring that is a bit different but still matches with most day-to-day activities can find their perfect choice within the Twist Diamond Engagement Ring. Petite tapering ends balance the center radiant stone and give the illusion that it is floating, all while creating more radiance through accent diamonds around the band.