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The Square Halo Engagement Rings We Love Year After Year

woman wearing square halo engagement ring holding man's arm

Engagement rings with halos have been popular for a while, in square and round arrangements. Diamond halos have the obvious advantage of making the center stone look larger, as well as adding sparkle to the overall look. This year, people are springing for unique halos that offer a new take on the popular style. 2017 trends have demanded more and more unique halo rings, inspiring halos with sharper corners; combinations of ring styles like split shank and halo; vintage design variations; double halos, and more.

Because of the intricacy and sheer number of stones involved in a halo engagement ring, white gold or platinum is a common choice. The “white” color allows the diamonds to stand out without overwhelming the eye. However, more adventurous couples may choose a yellow or rose gold band which spins the halo trend into a personal design.

Square halo engagement rings are particularly popular, with their geometric center stones and brilliant cuts. These rings are desirable for the qualities already described, and for the variety of design combinations they offer. The most popular diamond cuts for square halo rings are princess, cushion and emerald cuts. These cuts leave room for stylistic variations—for example, rounded halo corners, or sharp ones. Between the details of the band, the halo, and the actual center stone, couples are sure to find a unique, beautiful halo ring.

Top square halo engagement rings

These square halo settings pair a variety of center stones, from cushions to round and emerald cuts, with a more angular ring of accent stones. The result can be a playful back and forth between romantic curves and bold angles, or you can lean completely into the angular look for a more architectural design. We've included some of our favorites below.

square halo shaped engagement rings floating princess diamond

Floating Halo Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The distinctive pointed corners of this halo pull it outward, increasing the apparent size of the center stone. Larger round accent stones to match the halo adorn the band, making this square halo engagement ring the epitome of the bling aesthetic.

square halo engagement rings split shank

Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A smaller split shank and a thicker band anchor this ring on the finger. The rounded edges of the halo keep it rooted in the beloved style, balancing the inventive split shank detail. Paired with yellow gold, this ring has a retro flair; with rose, a contemporary feel, looking almost like a rosebud on your finger.

square halo engagement rings cushion pave diamond

Cushion Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This square halo engagement ring setting is pretty much what comes to mind when you think of a halo ring—and that’s not a criticism. Most fashion experts agree that sometime you just have to go back to classic, and this ring does just that. A petite band studded with accent diamonds lets the large center stone and square halo take the stage. They dazzle every time.

square halo engagement rings cushion cathedral

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If rings had family trees, this would be the cousin of the Cushion Pave Halo (see above). An understated version of the classic look, this square engagement ring incorporates a halo as an accent without making a huge deal about it. Coupled with accents that lead right to the center, this ring is delicate and feminine.

square halo engagement rings double cathedral

Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the hottest trends of 2017 is the double halo. Why choose one halo when you could have two? Well, lots of couples are choosing double-halos and this ring is as elegant as they come. With a subtle split shank band, accented with diamonds, this square halo ring is luxurious and as fancy as they come.

square halo engagement rings emerald pave

Emerald Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The emerald cut center stone immediately draws the eye, with its fiery brilliance and rectangular shape. Rectangular halos are less common. This ring is guaranteed to make a statement.

square halo engagement rings tapered

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A twist on the classic—pun intended—this square halo engagement ring features a band which becomes the halo. In the year of unusual halos, this one is a standout. Choose a round center stone for a more organic look, or a cushion cut to emphasize the squarish halo.