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Past, Present and Future Rings That Declare Your Endless Love

past present future ring on pine branch

Your engagement ring can go beyond simply being beautiful; it can also tell a story. Three stone engagement rings — also known as past, present and future rings — are beloved by some brides-to-be for their symbolism. As the name suggests, each stone on the ring represents a couple’s past, present, and future. Gazing at it might inspire the wearer to reflect on good memories, their current love, and all the potential happiness to come.

A three stone engagement ring setting comprises a large center diamond flanked by two smaller accent diamonds or gemstones. Many couples take advantage of the multiple stones to get creative, adding additional colors to their ring by mixing rubies, sapphires, or emeralds with a diamond. Whether you go the personalized route or stick to a full-diamond setting, a three stone engagement ring is a meaningful and timeless piece.

Meaning of three stone engagement rings

Here's an added bonus to the three stone engagement ring (it's a bit of a secret): It can mean whatever you want it to mean! It's unclear how the three stone setting first came to symbolize the past, present and future, but through the years, it's also been said to represent "friendship, love and fidelity." Today — as with just about everything when it comes to choosing an engagement ring — there are no hard-and-fast rules. You can lend it your own significance, whatever is meaningful to you. Your engagement ring is all about your personal preference.

Three stone engagement ring settings and styles

You have a wide array of options in choosing a three stone engagement ring — they can be set with various combinations of diamond cuts and designs. The most commonly used diamond shapes in the three stone engagement rings include the princess cut and round cut, as they tend to fit smoothly together and are easier to flank with accent diamonds. Other common shapes include emerald cut, marquise cut, asscher cut and oval. Traditionally, the middle stone is larger than the flanking stones; typically the larger stone matches the weight of the two side stones combined.

three stone engagement rings setting comparison

The three stones can be of the same shape, or you can choose a blend of different shapes. For example, the center stone could be an emerald cut or a princess cut, and the side stones trilliants. One timeless combination is a round center stone flanked by two baguette cut stones, which created visual interest by combining step-cut and brilliant cut diamonds.

One important thing to keep in mind when buying a three stone engagement ring: Consider the lifestyle of the bride-to-be. If she has a very active lifestyle, there might be opportunities for the ring to get snagged or damaged throughout the day. Some women with physically active jobs or hobbies choose simpler settings; others love their three stone engagement rings.

Celebrities with three stone engagement rings

In recent years, the three stone engagement ring has appeared on some of the most photographed hands in the world. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Christina Ricci, Perrie Edwards, Vanessa Minnillo, Sofia Vergara and Nicole Kidman have stepped out with three stone rings. Many exemplify the creative possibilities of a three stone ring: Jessica Simpson's has a center ruby in an oval cut, flanked by diamonds; Zayn Malik gifted Perrie Edwards with a three-stone diamond ring with a vintage-style milgrain band.

Top three stone engagement rings

Maybe you think you’re sold on the three stone rings, but don’t know where to start in choosing your setting. The past, present and future rings below are some of the most beloved in our catalog — but that doesn’t mean yours will look like everyone else’s! Play around with the shape of your center stone and the metal for a different twist on an old favorite.

three stone engagement rings baguette diamond

Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

A center diamond and baguette side stones combine in classic style. We love that this past, present and future ring gives you the option of combining the open facets of step-cut diamonds (the baguettes) with the fiery smaller facets of a brilliant cut stone.

three stone engagement rings princess accent

Princess Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamonds flank a center round cut diamond, while accent diamonds trailing down the band create a ring filled with luster. Even better, the channel set diamonds are all princess cut, meaning they fit tightly together and it’s harder for dirt to get in, keeping your ring shining bright.

three stone engagement rings pear diamond

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

This unique setting includes two beautiful pear-shaped diamonds in an elegant variation of the three stone style. The band subtle narrows to meet the pointed tips of your pear shaped diamond side stones so the entire look, and that coveted sparkle, flows elegantly.

three stone engagement rings triangular

Triangular Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Triangular cut diamonds on either side of the center stone create a unique, intriguing style. The metal holding the triangular diamonds is subtle, which means it looks like all that holds your center stone to the band is two gorgeous, sparkling diamonds.

three stone engagement rings tapered baguette

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Two baguettes and a round center diamond are complemented by a diamond-studded band, making a bold statement. The step-cut diamonds (the baguettes) act as the perfect transition, tapering from center stone to accent diamonds on the band for a seamless ring of sparkle.

three stone engagement rings elegance baguette

Elegance Three Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

A sleek, squared-off band supports a sophisticated trio of baguettes and a round center diamond. This setting is especially fitting for the bride-to-be who loves rose or yellow gold since the bars that hold the side stones in place can offer subtle pops of color from her metal of choice.

three stone engagement rings accent halo

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

In a unique bit of symbolism, subtle split shanks connect to a side stone halo that emphasizes the center stone, while 56 accent diamonds command attention. We love how this setting manages to be both a three stone ring and a unique halo engagement ring all at once.

three stone engagement rings trellis diamond

Three Stone Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

A trellis-style band lends visual interest to this ring (but mostly, the three diamonds do the talking). Gentle criss-crossed metal bands grab attention from the profile of the ring. Though you might not see it often, other people do — and are sure to stop you to admire it.

three stone engagement rings twisting halo

Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring offers a full, regal look with two larger accent diamonds framing the center diamond, while smaller pave set diamonds curve into a flattering halo. The gentle arc of the diamond crusted bands gives a subtle impression of movement, as if the diamonds are dancing around your finger.

three stone engagement rings cluster diamond

Cluster Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A cluster of three stones on either side of the main central diamond creates a full, sparkling look — and puts a unique spin on the three stone ring. The accent diamonds look like a trillion cut diamond from far away, creating visual interest that will keep people admiring your sparkler.

three stone engagement rings petite

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A three stone ring might sound large, but it can also appeal to those with a more simple style. This sleek version has a band that tapers toward the stones with delicate round accent diamonds. The result is an elegant ring with timeless appeal.

three stone engagement rings regalia pave

Regalia Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning but simple option skirts the line between pave engagement ring and three stone ring. The accent diamonds are graduated as they get closer to your center stone, so the two stones next to your main diamond could be side stones or accents. If you love the symbolism of the past, present and future ring but aren’t sure about the look, this is the perfect compromise.