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Traditional Engagement Ring Styles As Timeless As Your Love

man sliding traditional engagement ring on woman's finger

Shopping for engagement rings can be a long, grueling process when all the different lingo is thrown out. “Solitaire” and “Halo” are commonly seen words, but what do they mean? And what styles fall under the umbrella of traditional engagement rings? Don't worry, we'll fill you in.

A traditional engagement ring is all about the style. Most traditional engagement rings have a simplistic band and let the diamond steal the show. However, that may not always be the case. Traditional style engagement rings are those ring designs that everyone knows and loves. The Solitaire is a simple, one-stone ring, while the Halo style is a center stone surrounded by accent diamonds. Although the rings may differ slightly in the details, the base shape and style remains the same. These styles that have been around for years are known as the traditional engagement rings.

Platinum is one of the most popular choices for classic diamond engagement rings; however, white, yellow, and rose gold prove to give rings a nice touch. Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings, and therefore, it only makes sense that diamonds make up a majority of traditional engagement rings. Round, Princess, Emerald, and Cushion cut diamonds are all incredibly popular, but it is the cushion cut that is typically found in a vintage ring, while princess cut is relatively new. Round cut diamonds are also very typical of a traditional engagement ring.

Rose gold now is huge. Adding rose gold to any traditional engagement ring would give a modern twist to something classic and timeless. Additionally, vintage inspired rings are making a comeback, allowing for more traditional rings to breathe in new light. Colored gemstones are also a big 2017 trend; although traditional engagement ring settings typically use diamonds, swapping out the diamond for a sapphire or ruby might transform a traditional ring to an extraordinary modern wonder!

Here at With Clarity, we offer many different styles for the traditional bride. With modern twists, a bride is able to have an updated ring without sacrificing its timelessness to keep up with engagement and wedding ring traditions.

Top traditional engagement rings

She's a little old fashioned, but it's one of the things you love so much about her. You already plan to ask her father's permission to propose, and you want to make sure the ring is just right. Although you might not find the one in this collection, use this range of our traditional engagement rings to get inspiration. And just remember that these are only a fraction of the classic styles we have available.

traditional engagement rings luminous six prong solitaire

Luminous Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Luminous Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring is the definition of classic. This traditional ring offers for great amounts of light to hit the center gemstone, allowing for maximum shine with a simple band. This classic solitaire ring setting is a popular choice for brides searching for something dainty and simple, yet elegant.

traditional engagement rings French cut pave

French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

For a bit of added shine, French pave set accent diamonds accentuate the center stone in the French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring. This classic engagement ring allows for the wearer to show off a bit of sparkle while still remaining relatively simplistic.

traditional engagement rings plain shank halo

Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

For an engagement ring tradition, the Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring provides a sleek look to the traditional halo engagement ring. With 16 accent diamonds encircling the center stone, the diamond gives of the appearance that it is larger than it actually is, making this ring perfect to show off.

traditional engagement rings pave diamond halo

Pave Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

For even more sparkle on a very traditional look, the Pave Diamond Halo Engagement Ring features 62 accent diamonds encircling the center stone, as well as encircling the band. This ring packs quite the punch and allows any bride-to-be to make a statement.

traditional engagement rings three stone trellis

Three Stone Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

The Three Stone Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring represents past, present, and future commitment through the three diamonds in the center of this plain shank ring.

traditional engagement rings oval plain shank halo

Oval Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval cut engagement rings are quickly becoming the new traditional rings. Brides-to-be love that the elongated design does the same thing for their hands, making them appear longer and thinner. This subtle but stunning halo setting has this same effect, and the halo adds size to the center diamond.

traditional engagement rings classic six prong solitaire

Classic Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

For couples wanting a super simple ring to pair with a more extravagant wedding band, the Classic Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is a popular choice. This classic solitaire engagement ring simply features a single round cut diamond in the center, drawing all the focus to the center stone. This bestseller is not only simple and beautiful, but it also boasts a low price tag.

traditional engagement rings classic four prong solitaire

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Another super simplistic, yet statement-worthy piece is the Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring. This bestselling ring features a large center diamond alone on its plain shank, allowing for the diamond to do all the work.

traditional engagement rings knife edge solitaire

Knife Edge Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

For a slightly different look to the classic solitaire rings, the Knife Edge Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring provides a little added detail to a rather plain band. However, this change in detail provides enough difference to make this ring stand out amongst the crowd.

traditional engagement rings trellis princess solitaire

Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring features a thick, plain band perfect for showing off princess cut diamonds, while still keeping with traditional engagement ring styles.