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Two Tone Engagement Rings That Won't Make You Choose Between Metals

two tone engagement ring in a box

Simply put, two tone diamond engagement rings are exactly as they sound; the ring is composed of two different metals in order to put a unique spin on the typical rings offered. Typically, a two tone engagement ring will be made up of white gold and another metal; although there are not any hard and fast rules about this. These engagement rings with white and rose gold are popular options to spice up vintage inspired rings to give them a more modern look. Although these engagement rings are defined by the use of two different metals and not two different colored stones, there are once again no rules against this. If a couple wants to really enhance the uniqueness of the ring, potentially adding another colored stone would truly make the ring one-of-a-kind.

Shopping for a two tone engagement ring

Two tone diamond engagement rings have been one of the hottest trends over the past few years, and therefore, they are increasing in popularity every single day. A two tone rose gold engagement ring is an especially popular choice as rose gold is the metal of 2017. Although rose gold has been outshining the other metal choices, any two tone gold engagement ring will be trendy and perfect for a modern bride.

Two tone engagement ring metals

Two tone engagement rings perfectly wrap up the entire idea of an engagement ring; two bodies and two souls join as one on the day of the wedding, and therefore, the different metals combining together can symbolize the joining of the two souls in love. These rings are equally popular in males and females. In fact, men feel more comfortable experimenting with metals over stones, and therefore, two tone white and yellow gold engagement rings make for perfect companions to the bride’s ring.

Two tone engagement ring diamonds

As far as diamond shapes go, two tone engagement rings can be paired with any cut. Because of the nature of these rings, they are truly customizable. Switching up the kinds of metals and the cut can lead to a truly unique two tone engagement ring experience that is perfect for any couple looking to display their love in an atypical, yet beautiful manner.

Two tone engagement ring trends

Two tone engagement ring settings aren't all the same. There's a few ways that different colored metals get worked into a ring setting, though some of them are more popular than others. A few styles have been making more appearances on fingers in the past few years than others, including:

  • 14k Rose Gold with 14kt White Gold
  • Split Shanks
  • Different Colored Prongs
  • Different Metal Tone Bands
  • Multi-Metal Halos
  • Vintage Inspired
  • Woven Multi-Metal

Top two tone engagement rings

Now you don't have to decide between a classic, like white gold, and a trend, like rose gold. These engagement ring settings flawlessly combine two different tones for a unique but elegant look that keeps people admiring your ring for even longer.

two tone engagement rings multirow diamond

Two Tone Multirow Diamond Engagement Ring

In the design of the Two Tone Multirow Diamond Engagement Ring, weaving rows of accent diamonds crisscross each other to highlight the center stone. With only one of the three bands in a different metal, the ring carries a unique vibe with it. Accent diamonds begin halfway up the finger to create additional sparkle to an already clustered ring. The asymmetry of the bands add a breath of fresh air to a relatively classic design. With this special feature, this two tone diamond engagement ring is perfect for modern bride as well as classic bride.

two tone engagement rings bypass diamond

Two Tone Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

In the Two Tone Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring, one or two tones of metal can be customized to blend classic and modern in an intriguing way. The ring’s bands are not only asymmetrical, as only one band on each side of the diamond has accent diamonds, but the bands are also curvy and winding. On the diamondless band, a colorful yellow or rose gold can be chosen to highlight the stark difference between the two bands. The most unique feature of this ring is the winding accent diamond band that curves around the stone to emphasize its size and shine. Two additional accent diamonds are added to join the diamondless bands with the center stone. This truly remarkable ring has enough detail to keep onlookers gawking at it for hours.

two tone engagement rings split shank diamond

Two Tone Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

For a more subtle feel to the two tone style, the Two Tone Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring offers 32 accent diamonds beginning halfway up the finger. Once again, this ring design features asymmetrical bands giving it a contemporary vibe. The shank featuring the same metal as the band wraps around the center stone to emphasize its grandiose luster. One band on each side shows off the second metal. However, with this design, the accent diamonds cover most of the second metal. Therefore, this style is perfect for the couple wanting a unique two tone engagement ring without worrying about whether the ring is too “out there.”