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Unique Engagement Rings As Special As Your Significant Other

unique engagement rings couple touching hands

When shopping for engagement rings for your bride-to-be, there are so many things to consider. You want her to love the ring, or, if she’s shopping with you, she probably has something in mind. And, chances are, you are looking for a unique engagement ring. Something no one has seen yet. But what does that look like in reality? Well, you probably don’t want to spend bunches on a custom ring, but oftentimes it seems like everything else has been done before. The most unique engagement rings for women may combine various popular or classic elements to create a new style.

Many unique diamond engagement rings are a mash-up of tried and true looks. Some engagement rings don’t incorporate diamonds at all. What makes engagement rings unique is a combination of fresh design elements and personalized details. Something that suits the wearer and complements her style and character is truly unique to her.

Engagement rings can be made to look unique in a variety of ways. With interesting metal selections, accent stone placement or even gemstone centers, there are many ways to make your engagement rings stand out.

Top unique engagement rings

You fell in love with her quirks, those tiny things that make her her. So there's no way she should be wearing an engagement ring that looks just like everyone else's (unless that's what she wants, of course). Find inspiration for that perfect unique engagement ring in our collection below. These styles take some classic design elements and spin them for truly individual beauty.

unique engagement rings chic east west solitaire

Chic East West Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This setting accents the center diamond, a nod to a more classic engagement ring style. This ring is unique because it is so simple, with one stone and a band which creates a clean line and cradles the stone. As the name suggests, this ring has a very chic look to it, with a vintage feel that carries perfectly into the modern era. This unique engagement ring is perfect for someone with a simple, elegant style, looking for a fresh design.

unique engagement rings cushion halo braided

Cushion Halo Braided Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring combines the timeless diamond and classic halo with a unique band design. The braided band and many accent diamonds give this unique diamond engagement ring a look unlike any other. A mash-up of old and new, this ring is perfect for a trailblazer who does her own thing, with no regard for the expected norm.

unique engagement rings twisting halo tristone

Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings are a classic. Halo engagement rings are perennial favorites. But you'll never blend in with the rest of them when you have this beautiful setting that blends the two together into one unforgettable design.

unique engagement rings marquise split shank halo

Marquise Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

You don't need to stray from classic setting designs when you choose a diamond as bold and unique as the marquise cut. The diamond does all the heavy lifting here when it comes to catching people's eye, while the setting simply complements the diamond with plenty of sparkle from smaller accent stones.

unique engagement rings heirloom halo

Heirloom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This utterly unique engagement ring setting is at once old and new. Its heirloom design harkens back to Victorian antique rings, while the additional halo is a clear nod to modern designs. The combination is striking, bold, and simply unforgettable.

unique engagement rings two tone bypass diamond

Two Tone Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

We love this bypass setting with its graceful band that swirls up to and then away from your central stone. But we also love that with this setting you can choose a modern and bold design: two different metals on the same setting. It's nothing less than a statement piece.

unique engagement rings twist

Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

A ring doesn't have to be big to be bold. This thin band design is elegant in its simplicity, but it's also unique. The diamond appears to be floating between the sides of your band, unaided by metal.

unique engagement rings knife edge milgrain

Knife Edge Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

The knife edge design is a unique one, making your band look sharp and razor-thin. But this play on that design adds detailed milgrain metal work so the edges, while still bold, are softened slightly with a romantic design that harkens back to past eras.

unique engagement rings open criss cross diamond

Open Criss Cross Diamond Engagement Ring

You've seen split shank rings everywhere. This setting will remind you of the split shank, while completely standing out from the crowd of settings you've spotted. A delicate, polished band of metal swirls around one encrusted with diamonds for a mesmerizing band that will draw every eye in.

unique engagement rings bezel solitaire diamond

Bezel Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

You won't find embellishments here. There's no unnecessary flash on this ring setting. But the sleek design, which takes inspiration from the Art Deco period, is an attention-grabber. It's an even bolder choice in a metal other than white gold, like yellow or romantic rose gold.