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Unusual Engagement Rings That Get Noticed for the Right Reasons

unusual engagement rings in roses

Perhaps, as a buyer, you want something a tad out-of-the-box for your engagement ring; you are not alone. Many buyers seek out unusual engagement rings for a variety of different reasons. Some just do not care for diamonds, some want a ring as unusual as their relationship, some think diamond engagement rings are overdone. The list could go on and on. Regardless of the reason, unusual engagement rings seem to be coming in style, as each couple attempts to find a ring that is different but still as beautiful as a traditional diamond engagement ring.

Coming into style as of late are nondiamond engagement rings . Sapphire, ruby, and emerald have been frontrunners in the engagement ring game as many celebrities have started showing off their atypical rings. Just ask Ashlee Simpson with her red ruby art deco style engagement ring, or maybe Olivia Wilde with her emerald halo engagement ring, or even Kate Middleton with her unusual sapphire ring how they love their unusual engagement rings without center diamonds.

What about the buyers who still want a diamond ring? Although diamond rings are traditional engagement rings, buyers still have the option to make the ring more unique through the band and style. Surrounding diamonds can be put into a different formation to make an unusual engagement ring setting. Additionally, swapping out the type of metal can make a big statement for a small ring. Rings are typically offered in white, yellow, or rose gold, but even beyond those, some rings have the option to mix and match different metals to create a one-of-a-kind ring.

Many new engagement ring trends have come about in the past few years, with the most popular being rose gold. While there are still plenty of unusual gold engagement rings, a buyer can turn an ordinary, traditional ring into something brand new and unique with rose gold. Additionally, the rose cut diamond is making a comeback to create a modern and vintage twist.

Top unusual engagement rings

These designs may break the typical molds for engagement rings, but they're still elegant and timeless. There's no need to worry about them falling out of favor with the trends because they'll always have something to offer, even if they are unique.

unusual engagement rings vintage leaf diamond

Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring

You'll really throw people for a loop with this engagement ring that look straight out of the Victorian era, though it will be brand new for you. Consider it an instant family heirloom and enjoy the fact that it's unlike everyone else's.

unusual engagement rings octagon halo

Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pairing a round center diamond with this angular and unexpected halo is a surefire way to keep people admiring your ring. The halo setting still adds size to your center ring, but on this ring it has its own appeal instead of just amplifying your diamond.

unusual engagement rings marquise plain shank halo

Marquise Plain Shank Halo Engagement Ring

As a throwback, the Marquise Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring gives a modern ring a vintage feel with the noncircular halo shape. This marquise engagement ring gives hints of the good old days while still being able to compete with other beautiful rings of the 21st century.

unusual engagement rings triangular three stone

Triangular Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The Triangular Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring is only slightly unusual. From first glance, the ring may look typical, but as one gets closer, the triangular accent diamonds flanking the center stone come into view. Along with the traditional accent diamonds following the band, this ring is a mixture of the best of the old and the new.

unusual engagement rings accent halo three stone

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

In this unexpected combination of two classic engagement ring styles, it's the side stones that get the diamond halos while the center diamond stands bold and alone. Though the rest of the ring has a lot going on, we guarantee it's your main diamond that will attract all the attention.

unusual engagement rings floating twist

Floating Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

There's a lot to admire on this setting. The diamond is positioned so that it looks like it's floating above your finger, unsupported by any metal. Then there's the band, which arcs toward your diamond before diverting dramatically away and ending in prominent points.

unusual engagement rings twisting halo tristone

Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring

This is another setting that combines the classic favorites: the three stone ring and the halo ring. But in this variation it's the halo that breaks the mold, swirling up, around, and between your three diamonds in a playful and graceful dance.

unusual engagement rings three stone split shank

Three Stone Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

It's easy to lose yourself staring at this engagement ring setting. The addition of the diamond encrusted split shank to the three stone setting is already gearing up to excite and surprise admirers and the nature-inspired metal accents only complete the effect.

Unusual engagement rings are a great way to stand out from the crowd. However you choose to standout, an engagement ring can be a true statement piece.