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Give Her Something Old and New with a Victorian Style Engagement Ring

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A Victorian style engagement ring is a striking blast from the past. Inspired by the styles of the late 19th century, these rings are more ornate than traditional engagement rings, incorporating detail work such as filigree and milgrain.

Victorian-style engagement rings are popular among vintage enthusiasts and women who are drawn to jewelry that's a bit more unique. Brides flock to these rings, knowing they're choosing a piece that will stand the test of time.

Elements of a Victorian style engagement ring

• Filigree. Filigree is a form of intricately detailed metalwork, usually comprising flowing, curving or twisting shapes. In an engagement ring, this may take the form of a vine-like band.

• Milgrain. French for "a thousand grains," milgrain refers to detail work on the edges of a ring, usually a close-set line of metal beads.

• Metals other than white gold. In the Victorian era, silver wasn't the most popular choice for jewelry; to reflect this, many Victorian-style engagement rings use other metals such as yellow gold. (But you should feel free to choose whichever you like best!)

Benefits of buying a Victorian-style ring vs. an antique

If your bride-to-be favors a Victorian style, you might weigh the benefits of finding an antique ring versus purchasing a new engagement ring inspired by the Victorian era. Mostly, it's an issue of time and money. Buying new will save you the time of hunting for an antique — and the cost of a ring that has heirloom status — which may not even be the right fit. Also important to note: Even if you find a true Victorian-era ring in the style and size you want, it probably doesn't contain diamonds. Back then, gemstones were mostly used in engagement rings.

Top Victorian-style engagement rings

Although they originate in a very specific era, Victorian engagement ring styles can vary widely. Halo settings and oval cut diamonds are popular in this style, but there's no wrong choice — it's all about your personal preference. Here are some of our favorite Victorian-style engagement rings.

Victorian style engagement rings scroll solitaire

Scroll Solitaire Engagement Ring

There's nothing simple about this solitaire setting. Case in point: Its scrolled band, replete with curves and flourishes. It's perfect for the bride looking to make a statement.

Victorian style engagement rings heirloom milgrain

Heirloom Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring combines sparkle and intricate metalwork, displaying two accent diamonds that emphasize the focal diamond's size and beauty.

Victorian style engagement rings classic rising

Classic Rising Diamond Engagement Ring

Intricate metal accents paired with 14 accent diamonds create a timeless look that's still head turning.

yellow gold pear shaped engagement rings coil accent

Vintage Side Diamond Engagement Ring

Very regal. Featuring metal beaded accents intertwined with pave diamonds, this ring adds a modern vibe to a traditional style.

Victorian style engagement rings vintage milgrain

Vintage Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Intricately detailed but still timeless, this traditional ring features milgrain accents, marquise metal shaping and rounds on the band.

Victorian style engagement rings milgrain flower halo

Milgrain Flower Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This traditional halo setting incorporates a floral motif, framed with milgrain accent diamonds for a vintage inspired look that's soft and romantic.

Victorian style engagement rings ribbon

Ribbon Diamond Engagement Ring

A gracefully curved band highlights 18 pave-set diamonds that lend this intricate ring even more sparkle.

Victorian style engagement rings vintage leaf diamond

Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring

With a beautiful vintage leaf pattern that meets below the center stone, this ring is perfect for a bride who loves nature or ecology.

victorian style engagement rings four points

Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring

Beautifully spotlighted. Accent diamonds, surrounded by milgrain detailing, meet at four diamond points to highlight the center stone.