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Vintage Style Engagement Rings That Channel Her Romantic Style

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“Vintage style engagement rings” salute the jewelry of decades past. (If you want a ring that nods to centuries past, you're looking for antique style engagement rings.) Milgrain metalwork and square or rectangle-cut stones are two of the biggest indications that a ring fits in the vintage style category. Some of the rings we’ve mentioned here mimic jewelry styles from as far back as the Victorian period!

Vintage inspired engagement rings

Remember when things were simpler? So do we, and we have a little surprise! Vintage inpsired rings and other pieces of jewelry are making the kind of comeback that vintage clothing trends have in previous years, and vintage style engagement rings are among the pieces we’re talking about!

Vintage Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

There are so many popular metal/stone cut combinations for vintage-inspired engagement rings to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones: Some of the most popular metal/stone cut combinations for vintage inspired engagement rings are:

  • White gold and emerald cut stones
    This is such a beautiful combination. It has a unique look from the emerald cut diamond. The emerald cut is known for the step cuts of its pavilion along with its large and open table. Emerald cut stones might not sparkle as much as other diamond cuts, but they produce a “hall of mirrors” effect. This provides an interplay between light and dark planes of the diamond. It is a very elegant vintage-inspired engagement ring.

  • White gold and rectangle cut stones
    There’s something about white gold with rectangular cut diamonds that go so well together. White gold is a very popular alternative to yellow gold, silver, or even platinum. White gold has a silver color. It still has yellow gold in it, but it also contains at least one (or more) white metals to lighten up the color. This also adds strength to the engagement ring and makes it more durable. Any rectangular cut stone always looks amazing with white gold.

  • White gold and square cut stones
    White gold always looks great with any square cut stones, including diamonds. Some examples of square cut diamonds are princess cut, Asscher cut, radiant cut and cushion cut stones.

  • White gold and princess cut stones
    Princess cut stones always make wonderful vintage style engagement rings. The princess cut diamond first came around in 1980. It’s the most popular fancy cut, and many people pair it with white gold for an even better look. Similar to round cut stones, princess cut stones and diamonds work in almost any style of ring, whether it is vintage or not. A fun fact about princess cut stones, especially diamonds, is that they have quite a lower price-per-carat than round cut diamonds. This is because a princess cut has a four-sided pyramid shape. This shape allows for two of the same size princess cut diamonds to be cut from a single stone, without wasting barely any of the diamond. Most other diamond cuts waste a lot of the stone. This greater yield equates to a lower price, for an extremely high quality and elegant stone.

  • Yellow gold and emerald cut stones
    Once you decide that you want an emerald cut stone, it can be a struggle to choose what type of metal to pair with it. Yellow gold is a choice that will never fail you. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are distinct and gorgeous. Their vintage look is unmatched and like none other. Plus, you get a larger looking diamond for a lower plus which is always nice!

  • Yellow gold and rectangle cut stones
    Yellow gold has a different metal alloy mixture than white gold. Yellow gold is definitely the more classic option compared to white gold. It also requires less maintenance than white gold, which is very appealing to some people. When paired with a diamond rectangle cut stone, many people actually prefer white gold than yellow gold.

  • Yellow gold and princess cut stones
    This combination of a vintage style diamond engagement ring is breathtakingly beautiful. It has a beautiful contrast that brings attention to the center princess cut diamond and really makes it stand out. The yellow gold band can have accent diamonds on it too if you want it to be even more flashy and elegant. However, if you prefer a more minimalist and simple look, the solitaire yellow gold ring with a princess cut diamond is the perfect choice.

More information on popular options for vintage style engagement rings:

Rose Gold Vintage Style Engagement Ring
Rose gold is used in many vintage style rings. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy. Any gold that has a reddish or pink hue is considered to be “rose gold.” Generally speaking, the more copper that a mix has, the redder/golder a ring will be.

Sapphire Vintage Style Engagement Ring
If you are into vintage style engagement rings, you might have noticed that there are quite a few sapphire ones. Sapphire is great because it has an heirloom quality to it and it really gives a vintage touch to an engagement ring.

Oval Vintage Style Engagement Ring
Oval shaped engagement rings have been used for centuries. They have a very distinct vintage look and feel to them that makes everyone who is into vintage jewelry fall in love with them.

Halo Vintage Style Engagement Ring
Halo rings are a classic style of vintage engagement rings. A halo setting features a center gemstone that is entirely encircled by tiny accent diamonds. It makes the diamond stone appear even larger than it is and it makes it very dazzling.

Popularity of vintage style engagement rings

Vintage everything has been making a comeback to modern fashion and life for many years. The term “retro” is used often to describe the tastes and trends of decades past. Vintage style engagement rings are no exception to this increase in popularity. In fact, vintage inspired engagement rings grow in popularity each year with celebs, and the demand for this particular style rises for jewelers nationwide regularly. Vintage inspired rings are quickly becoming some of the most desired rings on the market, and the highest in demand online and in retail stores.

Art Deco vs vintage style engagement rings

Here are the main differences between art deco and vintage style engagement rings:

  • Vintage engagement rings are prone to having more floral and detailed designed

  • Art deco engagement rings are more geometrical

  • Art deco rings commonly use gemstones as accent stones, rather than diamonds

  • Vintage style rings are often based on the Victorian Era

  • Art deco was popular from the 1920's until the 1930's

Tips for choosing a ring

Many people don’t know exactly what to look for when shopping for engagement rings. Chances are, you’re not exactly a pro in the department of getting engaged. We can help! Here’s a list of some things to keep in mind when shopping for vintage inspired engagement rings:

  • Vintage-modern style ratio. Does your bride-to-be want a ring that looks more vintage than modern? Or vice versa?

  • Stones. Each vintage engagement ring is made with its own unique arrangement and assortment of stone cuts. Are you looking for round or pear-shapes? Do you want square or rectangle-shaped diamonds?

  • Milgrain. Almost every vintage style engagement ring has elegant metalwork interwoven with the diamonds. How important is the milgrain work to your betrothed?

  • Stone color. Does your lady prefer stones other than diamonds? Which other stones create a vintage look? Which cuts are most appropriate for these stones?

Top vintage style engagement ring

To learn more about the trending types and styles of vintage style engagement rings, feel free to read product and store reviews on your local jewelers and retail shops. Or, check out the list we’ve compiled for you below:

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Three-Stone Baguette Diamond

Three-Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring brings a simple elegance to the vintage style engagement ring class. The round diamond solitaire in the center ring is accentuated by two small baguette diamonds.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Three-Stone Pear Diamond

Three-Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Another spin on the tri-stone engagement ring, the pear-shaped diamonds embracing the center stone of this ring give it a priceless unique look.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Princess Accent Diamond

Princess Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess cut for your princess! Tiny round accent diamonds lead up to a unique, tri-stone pattern, created with a traditional princess-cut solitaire and two small, princess-cut accent stones.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Classic Rising Diamond

Classic Rising Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring sings vintage from start to finish. Elegant milgrain metalwork adorns the elevated center stone from all sides, and the accent diamonds rise toward it for a finishing vintage flair.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Scroll Solitaire Diamond

Scroll Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The rolling patterns carved in the white gold metal band of this ring are vintage all the way. The patterns wind down the band, and add the perfect classic touch to the diamond solitaire engagement ring style.

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