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Wide Band Engagement Rings That Are Comfortable and Elegant

wide band engagement ring on pine cone

So you know the basics of engagement ring shopping: You've set a budget. You're reading up on the 4 C's of diamonds. You're doing some subtle recon work to determine the diamond shape, setting and metal that will match her personal style. Well, we have one more thing for you to think about. (Sorry!) It's a factor that's often overlooked, yet can make all the difference in the look of an engagement ring: How wide would you like the band to be?

We tend to think of engagement ring bands as fairly svelte, but today they're available in a full spectrum of widths, and wide band engagement rings are having a bit of a moment right now. Here are some important things to think about when determining if a wide band engagement ring is the right choice for you.

How wide are wide band engagement rings anyway?

What qualifies as a wide band engagement ring? The standard width for an engagement ring band is 2.5 millimeters, with anything over 3 millimeters considered a wide band style. (Conversely, some bands are super-slim at 1.5 to 2 millimeters.)

wide band engagement rings band width comparison

How popular are wide band engagement rings?

Engagement rings with wider bands become increasingly popular with women who have more active lifestyles, like physically intense jobs or hobbies in which their ring risks getting banged around a bit. (We recommend certain rings for doctors and nurses just for that reason.) Thicker bands can withstand more contact than thinner variations.

Wide band engagement rings are also trending among women who love statement jewelry and favor rings that have high impact and shine. And they’re not without representation in the ranks of celebrity engagement rings, either. Internally beloved model Emily Ratajkowski sports a wide band engagement ring, as does Hollywood staple Cameron Diaz.

Popular metals and diamond shapes for wide band engagement rings

Wide band engagement rings look great in any metal, from platinum to white gold or gold. (But if you're considering one for durability, you'll want to research platinum vs. white gold as well.)

wide band engagement rings setting comparison

Diamonds of larger sizes and shapes look beautiful in engagement rings with wide bands. Popular cuts include the larger princess cut, ovals, emerald cuts, and the large round cut. Wondering what those celebrities went for? Diaz’s ring shows off a single princess cut in a bezel setting, and Ratajkowski’s features two (yep!) main stones: one pear and one princess.

Things to remember when shopping for a wide band engagement ring

Here are some things to take into consideration when shopping for the perfect wide band engagement ring:

  • Metal weight. A wide band will require more metal, so you might want to choose a gold or white gold band instead of denser platinum to keep the weight down.

  • Metal durability. Is this a concern of yours? Yellow gold can look stunning on a wide band, but if you’re choosing this feature for its strength and not the look, you’ll want to opt for something sturdier.

  • Stone-to-metal ratio. You don't have to buy a Hope Diamond-sized rock to get the right look, but you might want to choose a certain carat weight or flatter, larger-seeming diamond cut to achieve the right balance of stone to metal. Some diamond shapes look larger face-up at the same carat weight, which might make them better choices for this type of band. Our expert on-staff gemologists can help you find the perfect-sized stone and setting for your style and budget.

  • Finger size. If your bride-to-be's fingers are particularly petite, will she be comfortable in a wide band? Our gemologists can help you gauge this. We also offer a free in-home try-on program to ensure you get the perfect fit, and all of our rings come with complimentary resizing for the first 30 days you have the ring in-hand because we know that sometimes mis-measurements happen.

Top wide band engagement rings

To make shopping for the perfect wide band engagement ring easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 beautiful ring styles with wide bands:

wide band engagement rings weaved cathedral solitaire

Weaved Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This intricate weaved, pronged setting showcases the center stone in a sophisticated twist on a classic solitaire.

wide band engagement rings milgrain bezel diamond

Milgrain Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

Ten beautiful bezel-set accent diamonds are bordered with an intricate milgrain design, spotlighting the center stone with vintage flair.

wide band engagement rings floral diamond

Floral Diamond Engagement Ring

A wide band is a canvas for a gorgeously detailed design: Traditional milgraining, floral carvings and 0.30ct of pave diamonds accent your center stone.

wide band engagement rings three row micropave

Three Row Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

Maximum impact, sophisticated style. This three-row setting has 0.37 cts of accent diamonds in 74 micropave stones.

wide band engagement rings five stone diamond

Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Four accent diamonds (a total of 0.60 carats) adorn this wide band style, creating a distinguished look. A center diamond of any size will look graceful in this setting.

wide band engagement rings twisting halo tristone

Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring

A full and regal look, two larger accent diamonds frame the center diamond, while smaller pave set diamonds swirl into a halo.

wide band engagement rings two tone multirow

Two Tone Multirow Diamond Engagement Ring

Interwoven rows of 58 diamonds criss-cross each other in this intricate design, which can be made with two tones of metal for an added unique touch.

wide band engagement rings vintage milgrain oval

Vintage Milgrain Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Two rows of leaf-inspired metal accents studded with accent diamonds build toward a oval halo. This ornate style has milgrain accents and is set with 0.60 carats of accent diamonds.

wide band engagement rings vintage side diamond

Vintage Side Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage beauty. This traditionally styled ring features beads of shining white gold that weave around accent diamonds, up to the beautiful solitaire diamond.

wide band engagement rings trellis princess solitaire

Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A trellis solitaire setting and princess cut diamond makes for an elegant, eye-catching engagement ring that any woman would be proud to show off.