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The Very Best Women's Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold. The name might sound like everyone's grandma, but it's actually one of the hottest engagement-ring trends of the past few years. (And it may or may not have to do with Apple introducing rose gold into its iPhone range a few years ago.) White gold and platinum are perennial favorites, but more and more brides-to-be are choosing this warmer-toned metal for their engagement rings. With Clarity offers a wide range of our engagement rings in rose gold. If the option intrigues you, read on for some of the most important things to know about it.

rose gold composition

What is rose gold?

Thanks to its soft pink hue and romantic vibe, rose gold is a sure attention-getter. But where does it come from? Because pure gold is too soft to use in rings, jewelry makers create metal blends, or alloys. Rose gold is one of those alloys, made of gold, copper and silver. The composition of 14-karat rose gold is typically 58.5% gold and 41.5% copper and silver, while 18-carat is 75% gold and 25% copper and silver. The mix of copper with gold dictates the band's ultimate actual shade, which ranges from orangey to pinker or reddish tones. The dusky pink variety has seen a sharp rise in popularity and is considered an on-trend alternative to yellow and white gold.

Metal Type Gold (%) Silver and Copper (%)
14K Rose Gold 58.5% 41.5%
18K Rose Gold 75% 25%

Rose gold meaning

One of the reasons people opt for rose gold is the meaning. It's been said that white gold symbolizes friendship, yellow fidelity, but rose gold symbolizes love. Rose gold "is more discreet than yellow or white gold, brings warmth to the creation and marries well with colored stones," said Boucheron designer Claire Choisne in the International Herald Tribune in 2012, which noted the hue's rising popularity.

Rose gold engagement rings are durable

Because rose gold is made with a copper alloy, it gets a strength boost from the copper. It's tougher than yellow gold or white gold, which needs a rhodium plating for durability.

women's rose gold engagement rings and their durability

Top women's rose gold engagement rings

You might have only seen a couple women's rose gold engagement rings, but there is plenty of variety with this hue of metal. You don't have to worry about finding something unique that fits your personality. Here's just a sample of some of the styles that With Clarity offers in rose gold. But if you prefer a dainty engagement ring or even a two tone engagement ring, we have even more options to choose from.

Popular Diamond Shapes

Looking for the perfect shape to pair with Rose Gold? The ever-loved round shape not only looks strikingly beautiful with rose gold but also stands out against the pinkish tones. You can also pair a princess cut diamond shape with this metal and enjoy the geometric contrast that will be sure to catch the eyes of all around you. Cushion-cut diamond shapes also reflect the light from the rose gold metal beautifully and thus makes for a great shape to accompany the metal.

Popular Rose Gold Ring Styles

As for ring styles, we are in love with engagement rings set in rose gold. Have you ever caught the sparkle of a classic four-prong solitaire shining in rose gold? Then you know exactly what we are talking about. Rose gold complements the brilliance of your diamond with ease so you can also enjoy a traditional pave diamond setting or a bezel setting to maximize the beauty of this flattering pair. We also love the vintage appeal that a milgrain ring style offers and effortlessly elevates the style when paired with rose gold.

women's rose gold engagement rings classic four prong solitaire

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

This classically beautiful solitaire makes a statement while maintaining simplicity, thanks to its rose gold band, which adds warmth to the center stone.

women's rose gold engagement rings traditional pave

Traditional Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

A pavé setting adds attention-getting sparkle to this traditional engagement ring, which could pass for a cinematic classic.

women's rose gold engagement rings bezel solitaire

Bezel Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

At once utterly classic and beautifully creative, this sleek solitaire evokes the Art Deco era, and its bezel setting provides extra protection for the center diamond.

women's rose gold engagement rings vine diamond

Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

A gorgeously curved band sets this engagement ring apart, while the pavé setting amplifies the effect of the center stone.

women's rose gold engagement rings heirloom milgrain

Heirloom Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Gorgeously distinct, this vintage-style ring has the look of a treasured family heirloom, made modern by a trendy rose gold band.

women's rose gold engagement rings regalia pave diamond

Regalia Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Fit for a queen. Evocative of royalty, this ring features accent diamonds set in a scalloped band for extra security, while the center stone is crowned with a top-facing accent diamond of its own.

women's rose gold engagement rings triangular rounds diamond

Triangular Rounds Diamond Engagement Ring

A gorgeous diamond is flanked by trios of accent stones and a channel-set pavé rose gold band that make an artful statement.

women's rose gold engagement rings star halo

Star Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Angelic. A round center diamond is highlighted by an artistic halo of accent stones that resemble a snowflake, warmed by the sleek rose gold band.

women's rose gold engagement rings floating halo princess

Floating Halo Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

This princess-cut diamond is bordered with pavé stones for maximum sparkle, complemented by the warm glow of the rose gold band.

If you've fallen in love with rose gold engagement rings but don't see something that suits you, contact one of our jewelry experts. They're here to help you through the process if you want some professional guidance. Know what you want when you see it? Check out all of our rose gold rings and see what speaks to you.

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