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Looking For Something To Pass Down? Try a Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

woman wearing yellow gold emerald cut engagement ring holding man's hand

Yellow gold was all the rage for engagement rings back in the 1980s and 1990s, but it took a bit of a dip in recent years. Now? It’s surging in popularity again — and for good reason: It’s absolutely gorgeous. Paired together with a step-cut stone in a yellow gold emerald cut engagement ring, it’s the elegant combination of two surging trends.

And it’s timeless, too. A diamond set in a yellow gold ring will always have a sophisticated vibe to it, even as other metal styles come and go. When you pick yellow gold you’ll know you have one that can be passed down, and cherished, for generations to come.

Things to consider when buying a yellow gold emerald cut engagement ring

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind before you set your heart on a yellow diamond emerald cut diamond ring.

First thing’s first: Don’t try to skimp on the clarity of your diamond. Emerald diamonds are step cuts, meaning they don’t have the same number of facets as brilliant cut diamonds. Step cuts don’t shine in the same way and don’t have the facets that’ll help distract from stones with more inclusions.

emerald cut diamond vs round diamond clarity at si1

But here’s one of the good things about opting for a step-cut emerald diamond: They don’t emphasize color. Diamonds will pick up color from yellow and rose gold settings, so opting for a lower color grade, like an H or an I color diamond, will contrast less with the setting and make your stone appear whiter (and the stone's faceting works well for this, too).

You'll also need to decide which length to width ratio you like on your emerald cuts. Although longer and skinnier is certainly one way to go, you need to keep an eye out for ratios that skew too far this way and end up looking like baguettes. If you’re unsure where to look for this, one of our on-staff gemologists can help.

emerald cut diamond ratio comparison

You'll also need to pick your shade of yellow gold

Here’s something you might not realize: Yellow gold isn’t pure gold. Although everyone wants to have “real” gold, the reality is that 24 karat gold — AKA pure gold — is too soft to use in rings. So, gold is combined with other metals to make it suitable for jewelry.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings in 14k vs 18k

You have two choices when it comes to yellow gold: 18 karat and 14 karat. While the number you pick comes down to preference, there are some key differences you need to know. While 18k gold is brighter than 14k, it’s also softer and can scratch easier because it contains more pure gold than other metals. That means 14k yellow gold has less real gold, but it’s much more durable than because it’s strengthened by the alloy.

Top yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings

Have your heart set on a yellow gold emerald cut engagement ring? We have you covered. We’ve rounded up our top picks that range from a traditional style to a more modern, sleek feel. You’re sure to find one here that ticks all your boxes. And if you don’t, keep in mind that this is only a small peek into our full collection of settings that can be turned into yellow gold emerald cut diamond rings.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings east west pave

East West Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

You don’t follow the crowd, so why would you pick the same diamond engagement ring as everyone else. The East west pave diamond engagement ring gives you the same beautiful combo of the emerald cut diamond with the yellow gold band, just oriented a different way. Bonus: The 0.16 carats of pave diamonds adds a bit of extra bling to the eye-catching set.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings princess channel

Princess Channel Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic style gets a modern revamp with the Princess channel diamond engagement ring. The emerald-cut stone blends nicely with the addition of princess-cut pave stones set inside the band on this beautiful ring.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings petite solitaire

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Going for simple glamour is easy when you opt for the Petite solitaire diamond engagement ring. The smooth yellow gold band is thinner than many traditional bands, making it the perfect choice for thin, small fingers. The emerald cut on the solitaire center stone even reflects a bit of the yellow gold, adding to the shine of the ring.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings milgrain diamond

Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Feel like you should’ve been born a hundred years ago? You’ll love the Milgrain diamond engagement ring. The combination of round pave diamonds surrounded by the detailed milgrain accents give the ring a vintage feel — and the emerald cut center stone solidifies its antique status.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings accent halo three stone

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Want lots of attention on your ring? You’ll get it with the Accent halo three stone diamond engagement ring. The split-shank design connects to the side stones and center emerald cut diamond — and all three are surrounded by 0.39 carats of pave diamonds. One thing’s for sure with this ring: everyone will notice it.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings princess diamond

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The elegant princess cut accent diamonds set into this thin band give the Princess diamond engagement ring a modern — yet timeless — feel. You won’t feel dated wearing this a few decades from now.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings paved halo

Paved Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Over .30 carats of accent diamonds surround not only the center emerald cut diamond on the Paved halo diamond engagement ring, but down the sides of the thicker band as well. A true showstopper.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings diamond basket pave

Diamond Basket Pave Engagement Ring

Get the best of both worlds — pave accent diamonds on a thin band — when you pick the Diamond basket pave engagement ring for your forever ring. The high-profile basket setting keeps the center emerald stone protected (and you even get a few bonus accent stones set into the side of the basket). A truly unique style for a unique bride to be.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings three row micropave

Three Row Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

Why settle for one row of accent diamonds when you can get three? That’s our motto — and it comes to life with the Three row micropave diamond engagement ring. The ring band is thicker to accommodate the 74 (!) pave diamonds, but it’s well worth it to get the 0.37 carats of extra bling.

yellow gold emerald cut engagement rings three stone tapered baguette

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

The Three stone tapered baguette diamond engagement ring is a unique take on the style. The two baguette side stones a modern feel, while the center diamond and pave stones on the shank of the ring add a classical style that you’ll love just as much.