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Everything You Need to Know About Trellis Engagement Rings

woman's hands holding coffee cup wearing trellis engagement ring

Most of us know a trellis as a teenage escape route from a second-story window. But if your quick-exit days are over, you'll want to know about trellis engagement rings, a popular engagement ring style that can lend real distinction to one of your most important investments.

What is a trellis engagement ring?

In a trellis engagement ring, four interwoven prongs hold the loose diamond at the center. (Or multiple prongs can hold multiple stones). When viewed from the side, the prongs form an X shape, similar to a garden trellis. This setting is both classic and unique — a versatile way to add volume to a setting without getting too loud. A trellis setting can be simple, or accent diamonds or metalwork can be added to the prongs leading to the focal stone.

comparison of settings for trellis engagement rings

Can any diamond shape have a trellis setting?

Yes! That makes it a very flexible choice for your setting. Everything from cushion cut solitaires to pear-shaped diamonds are beautifully showcased by a trellis setting — the prongs can be rounded to cradle a rounded stone, or straight to hold a squared shape like the emerald cut.

Benefits of a trellis engagement ring

The profile of your ring might seem arbitrary. But just because you don't see it all that often doesn't mean it won't be admired. And the benefits of this engagement ring style go well beyond the aesthetic beauty of the side of your ring. Here are a couple of the benefits of opting for this airy setting that might just sway you:

  • More light can hit your stone, because the trellis setting creates "windows" around the diamond that might be obscured in settings that require more metal. The result: Increased brilliance and fire.

  • A trellis setting will securely hold your stone. The criss-cross design offers extra stability.

  • Because this setting is more open, it shows off the pavilion of your stone or stones. (Remember, that's the cone-shaped lower part of a diamond.)

  • A trellis setting adds visual interest to the sides of your ring. You might not see the sides often, but other people do. Give them a thrill.

  • The open configuration offers extra area for accent diamonds, if you're into that.

  • If her personal taste runs to more intricate designs, a trellis setting allows filigree work to be added without overwhelming the overall look of the ring, because it's on the side.

Price of a trellis engagement ring

The price of a trellis setting varies, depending on how many accent diamonds are included or how much metal work is done on the profile. Simple settings will cost less than those with accent diamonds. Ready to start shopping for a trellis engagement ring, or perhaps another style? Our expert on-staff gemologists are on call 24-7 to answer your questions and help you find the perfect setting and stone, on any budget.