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Twisted Diamond Engagement Rings That Dance Around Her Finger

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A big 2017 trend was the twisted style engagement ring, but these diamond rings show no sign of going away any time soon. Although women are flocking towards these engagement rings, there is no one twisted style engagement ring. Luckily for women looking to hop on this trend, twisted style engagement rings come in all different cuts and metals.

Different twisted engagement ring styles

There are many ways to sport twisted band engagement rings; probably the most popular twist is a twisted shank engagement ring. This style simply takes a split shank engagement ring and intertwines the two bands. Even with this style, there is a lot of leniency. The ring can either intertwine in a few select spots or the ring can have a tightly wound band. Either way can still be customized on top of that; if the couple wants more sparkle than just the shine from the band, accent diamonds can be added.

Although all of these style choices may sound complicated, a twisted engagement ring can be as simple as a twisted band with a solitaire diamond. If the couple wants a twisted engagement ring with wedding band, then the shank does not have to be split; many bands give an appearance of being braided in order to make the ring more easily pairable.

Things to consider before getting a twisted band engagement ring

Although there are ways to work around it (like with the braid), one con of picking a twisted diamond engagement ring is that it is difficult to match with complementary rings, and therefore, brides wishing to wear a wedding band should consider this before purchasing a twisted ring. Here at With Clarity, however, we've crafted a matching band for every single engagement ring style so you don't have to worry about this.

A huge pro to buying a twisted ring, however, is that the buyer can still have a very simplistic ring, but it is not completely plain. This is especially vital to women who lead active lives that can easily damage the ring, such as teachers or nurses. A twisted band halo engagement ring is also a pretty popular choice, as a twisted halo engagement ring will offered increased sparkle and luster through its many accent diamonds.

Twisting engagement ring metals and our top setting styles

There is not one most popular metal choice for the twisted diamond engagement rings. However, since the twisted style is especially popular today, a rose gold twist engagement ring might be the way to go. Additionally, having the twist allows for a lot of creativity when choosing a ring. Many buyers choose to experiment with mixing metals in order to create a more unique and special ring to their engagement.

Top twisting engagement rings

Another great aspect of a twisted engagement ring is that it is able to look stunning paired with any diamond shape. This ring style is truly customizable, making it potentially the most unique ring style of today. Below are some of our most popular twisted diamond engagement rings:

twisting engagement rings diamond braided solitaire diamond

Braided Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The Braided Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring offers a tightly braided band that complements the center diamond perfectly. The true statement is made with this ring with the simple solitaire diamond accented with the complexity of a metal braid. Switch out the white gold for rose or yellow gold, and the ring has gone from simply beautiful to dazzlingly vintage.

twisting engagement rings vine

Twisting Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is made up of tightly wound diamonds crisscrossing up to the center diamond. This classic white gold ring demonstrates strong durability and wonderful shine. The choice of white gold for the metal makes the ring a fantastic pick to protect against the wear and tear of every day. The Twisting Vine Diamond ring comes in a pave setting, meaning that the diamonds are set close to one another, allowing more shine. This setting is popular for couples looking to show off more of their diamonds than their metal.

twisting engagement rings vine cathedral

Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

In a very similar fashion, the Cathedral Twist Diamond Engagement Ring features thinner bands smoothly woven for a graceful and romantic solitaire engagement ring. This engagement ring with twisted bands provides not only simplicity, but also sleek luster.

twisting engagement rings open criss cross

Open Criss Cross Diamond Engagement Ring

The Open Criss Cross Diamond Engagement Ring features a very contemporary style with asymmetrical bands; one shows off 16 accent diamonds while the other sticks simply to the metal. This woven design of pave set diamonds and high class metal creates a look perfect for a modern bride.

twisting engagement rings east west

Twisting East West Diamond Engagement Ring

For a more modern look, the Twisting East West Diamond Engagement Ring contains 48 pave accent diamonds within a twisting band that winds all the way up to the center diamond. This high set engagement ring is perfect for any couple looking to show off the luscious shine of the large center diamond.

twisting engagement rings winding diamond

Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

The Winding Diamond Engagement Ring offers much more shine than a typical engagement ring through a winding curved setting of pave accent diamonds that begin halfway up the wearer’s finger. This contemporary look makes for an elegant twist band engagement ring fit to be a show stopper.

twisting engagement rings diamond halo

Twisting Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A twisted band doesn't have to be the star of the show. We love this delicate twist and how it draws the eye up to your center stone, which garners even more attention thanks to a sparkling ring of accent diamonds in a halo.

twisting engagement rings infinity winding

Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

For a dainty ring, the Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring shows off a light twist of diamonds flowing up to the center stone. Additionally, the infinity ring design speaks to the devotion you've cultivated in your relationship.

twisting engagement rings grace

Twisting Grace Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Twisting Grace Diamond Engagement Ring remains a classic choice through its graceful sweep of pave set accent diamonds. This ring is truly an elegant way to show off an engagement.

Twisting diamond engagement rings are a unique style that is sure to be on trend for years to come. Choose this style to wow her before you take your vows.