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Unique Proposal Ring Boxes

Unique Proposal Ring Boxes

Planning a marriage proposal and getting engaged is a life-changing, momentous moment in your life. All of the focus is usually on the ring, but you also need to consider the ring box. After all, the box holds this special piece of jewelry, but doesn’t get the same amount of attention that it deserves.

Picture it now – you’re down on one knee, ask your loved one to marry you, and open the box to display a stunning engagement ring. While it might not seem like an important detail, it is! Details are important in proposals. This box protects your investment for the proposal and you’ll use it to keep the ring safe as you transport it for your big moment. The box is shown if you have proposal pictures and videos. It’s also the first thing your loved one sees before you reveal the ring.

Which Proposal Ring Box Should You Choose?

You have a variety of ring box options varying from unique to beautiful to earth friendly.

Vintage Ring Box

Vintage boxes are romantic and unique, and they make a memorable keepsake. You can find actual vintage ring boxes and replicas. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made of an assortment of materials, including brass, glass, porcelain, ivory and wood. It’s the perfect box if your loved one appreciates vintage items and romanticizes the past.

Stunning Crystal Box

Some boxes are made from crystal geodes. Each half of the geode is hinged to form a box. The ring sits nestled in the inside of the geode. They’re unique, natural, and beautiful. Some believe that crystals have powers, and if your loved one believes in this, then a crystal box is a fabulous idea.

Eco-Friendly Box

You can find eco-friendly boxes in 100% renewable resources or natural materials that would make a bride who is environmentally conscientious smile. There are plenty of eco-friendly options. Some are wood or bamboo, while others are made of mother of pearl. These natural, unique ring boxes are as unique as your love for one another. They’re great for someone who is natural and boho.

Country Style Ring Box

For the country-loving special someone, consider a rustic wooden box. You can find wooden boxes that are log rings and even get customized versions with names, dates, etc.

Minimalistic Ring Box

Simple, minimalist ring boxes are great for loved ones with an elegant, classic sense of style. You’ll see a variety of unique options, like geometric glass boxes. The clear glass lets you get creative if you’d like to fill the inside with seashells, pebbles, beads, flower petals, or sand. Others are simple wood and resin boxes that let the ring stand out. Some of the boxes have tops that slyly flip open to reveal your beautiful ring.

Artistic Glass Box

For the true romantic, select an all-glass ring box that displays an amazing engagement ring. These look like a work of art with a combination of metal and panes of glass. Some look like a typical box shape while others are a heart, star, or octagon.

Ring Box with Flowers

There’s no doubt that flowers are romantic, and if your loved one loves romance, consider this ring box idea. Imagine seeing a flower tucked inside a beautiful box that’s used to showcase an engagement ring. Whether you choose a transparent glass box or a hard carton box to hide the flower, it’s an unforgettable way to propose.

Think about you and your loved one as a couple. This can help you to choose a ring box that represents you both. In addition, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Material: Box materials vary greatly from wood, stone, velvet, glass to some unique options, such as origami paper.

  • Durability: This box will become a keepsake, so you want a special box.
  • Price Point: Consider how much you’d like to spend on the box, and as you browse boxes, take note of their prices.

  • Built Light or Without Light: Some boxes have a built-in light that automatically turns on when it opens. You’ll need to decide if you want this feature or not.

Hopefully this post provided you with some ideas for a unique ring box that will wow in your proposal. While this detail is often overlooked, it’s an important element of your proposal.


  • Can you propose without a ring box?

    You can propose without the box, but it’s a good idea to transport the ring with one. The box protects the ring so it doesn’t get lost in the process. And, it can be a significant detail in your proposal and it’ll be featured in any photos as you propose and even your wedding photos. You can even have the ring bearer use the box in the wedding.

  • Do you open the ring box when you propose?

    Traditionally, you open the box so your loved one catches a glimpse of the ring instead of simply handing over the box.

  • Do all ring boxes come with a built-in light?

    Some boxes have an LED light that automatically turns on when the box opens.

  • Is a velvet ring box better than a wooden ring box?

    The type of wedding box depends on personal preferences. You’ll find a variety of ring boxes online and can even have custom boxes created.