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What is a preset ring?

What is a preset ring?

If you’re like most, the idea of choosing the right engagement ring seems like a daunting task. After all, there are a lot of options to choose from, and you want to make sure that she’ll love your selection. Here, we’d like to talk about choosing a preset ring.

So, what's a preset ring?

Briefly, a preset ring is one that’s already finished when you order it. In other words, the diamond and setting are previously selected, and the ring is assembled. The ring is ready to ship and ready to wear upon arrival. Generally, there is little or no customization allowed other than the selection of ring size. Though at With Clarity, we give the option to add a personal engraving on your preset ring.

Are there other buying options online?

Here at With Clarity, we sell more than just preset engagement rings. Like other online jewelers, we offer the full range of engagement ring services. For instance, you can buy just a diamond, customize a pre-made setting with the diamond of your choice, or even have us design the setting from scratch with a particular diamond in mind. Each of these other options is explained in full here.

When to choose a preset ring

Thing is, not everyone wants to customize an engagement ring, or cannot do so for various reasons. For example, maybe you’re going to be deployed in the military, and want to propose to your girlfriend before leaving. Or, an extended business trip might take you away for a while. Maybe you see a ring online or in-store that seems for your partner, and the price is right. Or you are on a time crunch and you want to surprise them on a sentimentally important date. No matter your reason, choosing a ready to wear engagement ring is easy with our in-home preview program.

Getting a good deal

It’s often said that low price doesn’t necessarily make the best deal, even within the same level of quality. Therefore, you should ask a few questions before buying a preset ring, or any diamond engagement ring. For instance, make sure the jeweler explains the 4c’s and how they match up with the diamond’s grading report. Part of the buying process is to ensure you get the right ring for your budget and the wearer, and understanding diamond quality or size helps a lot. Other questions to ask the jeweler include how the diamonds are set because this affects the durability of the ring, and to what extent a ring can be modified if necessary.

Naturally, there are policy and financial questions that need to be answered as well. For example, guarantee your affordable preset engagement ring can be returned if they don’t like it. Know whether or not the ring is resizable, especially if you are guessing their ring size. Lastly, ensure that the ready to ship engagement ring has a warranty: you aren’t getting a good deal if there are no protections for you once the ring reaches your doorstep.

Making sure your partner loves it.

If you’re like most people, thinking about the perfect ring style is the biggest concern. After all, your partner will hopefully wear the ring for many years. That’s why there are so many styles of preset engagement rings available. When deciding what they might like, there are several resources available. First, think about their personal style. Next, talk to their closest friends and family…if they’ll keep a secret. If they know you’re about to propose and you aren’t as concerned about a “surprise,” consider taking them ring shopping and pay attention to what they like. Our gemologists are masters at helping people choose the right ring. Still unsure about buying preset engagement rings online? Consider our try at home program.

Options available at With Clarity

Here at With Clarity, we know that every and love story is unique. Here are our collections, and why you might choose a ring from each.

Aura Collection

If you want a preset halo engagement ring, consider the Aura collection. We have several types of preset halo engagement rings to fit your budget and her style. For instance, for an understated classic, choose the petite Enthrall. Want a real statement ring from this collection? Consider the Angelic, which is a show-stopper with two halos of brilliant round accent diamonds

Flora Collection

For the flower-obsessed or plant-lover, consider the flora collection. These have floral-inspired details, including milgrain metalwork and small accent diamonds. The Impresa ring frames the small center stone with leaf accent diamonds, while the Euphoria model makes a statement with its diamonds and milgrain metal work.

Lumina Collection

Is your mate a beauty with classic style? Consider the Lumina Collection, featuring classic styles that show off the sparkle of your center diamond. An understated classic is the Revel ring, with three small diamonds on a sleek, yet simple band. Or, choose the Cherish for a unique design with east-west side stone.

Adorn Collection

Does your partner like vintage clothes and jewelry? Are they an old soul? Then the Adorn collection might be your best bet, with its wide variety of vintage-inspired designs. Our Dote ring could remind her of her grandmother’s engagement ring. Or, if maybe she adores pink, a preset rose gold engagement ring would delight her, consider the stunning Celebra.

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