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Get To Know the Two Different Ways You Can Buy An Engagement Ring

If you've decided to propose but haven't started your ring search yet, you might be wondering where to buy engagement rings. When buying an engagement ring, you have two options. You can go to a store or buy online. Buying in either location is a different experience and both have their benefits. Often a hybrid approach of researching using both and going with whichever is most comfortable for you is the best solution.

Buying online: Pros and cons

If we're talking about where to buy engagement rings, we of course need to mention online. We think it's pretty great — that's why we do what we do — but we talk to customers every day, so we hear their concerns about the process, too. Here's an unbiased look at the pros and cons.

The Pros

Buying online is gaining popularity with every year. Just like with other purchases like clothes or appliances, there can be many benefits to purchasing engagement rings online. There is significantly more variety online. An online store does not have the limitation of shelf space, so the combinations offered are various and also updated to reflect the latest trends. Additionally, online retailers are able to pass forward savings to the customer because they have a lack of overheads and markups. They have access to global suppliers and you can compare many diamonds at the click of a mouse. Additionally, all reputable online retailers have great policies nowadays like lifetime warranties, return, repair and cleaning policies. This ensures that your purchase will remain beautiful for a lifetime.

The Cons

When buying a high value item like an engagement ring, many want to view the ring in person before making their decision. This can often be the one difficulty with online shopping. However, online shopping is getting easier, as websites integrate features to make you feel like you are viewing the item in person. Look for diamond videos and images to help you see what you're getting. Retailers often show diamonds with 10x or more magnification so that you can see each aspect and inclusion of the diamond. Live chat is another feature that can help you have all your questions answered as you shop. In this way, you won't miss the help of a live person in front of you. Finally, seeing the ring style is an essential component of making a decision.

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Buying in store: Pros and cons

This is definitely the option most people are more familiar with when it comes to engagement ring shopping. Here's what a brick and mortar store can definitely offer you that's great for the process, and some things you might want to know about.

The Pros

Buying in store can worthwhile for those who want a very hands-on experience. You will have someone guide and educate you as to which diamonds and ring settings are available. Be sure to visit a store in which you are comfortable with the price points and the style selection. That way you will get real value out of your visit. As the store will also be near you, you will have a physical location to visit in case of repairs, cleaning or adjustments as well as questions. If you're on a short timeline and need the ring fast, shopping in store is one way to have a ring instantly.

The Cons

Buying in a store can be an intimidating experience. Depending on the type of store and the salespeople, it may or may not be in your comfort zone. While many salespeople are interested in helping, there are many that are only interested in selling. If you're not fully educated about pricing and styles, a salesperson may end up pressuring you to buy something that you are not comfortable with. Additionally, many stores will not have a lot of variety, meaning that you will be forced to choose from what's available in their inventory. It is harder to price compare and ensure that you're getting good value for the money that you are spending.