What You Need to Know When Shopping for Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are among the most popular types of colored diamonds used for engagement rings. Although not actually a true colored diamond, this stone has become immensely popular for the brides seeking out a little something different for their engagement rings. As the demand for unique engagement rings has soared in the past decade, the need for black diamonds has increased exponentially.

What is a black diamond?

But what exactly is a black diamond? Many people have the misconception that because of their color, they may not be real diamonds. While this concern has some basis in truth, there are, in fact, real nature-made black diamonds. However, there are also manmade black diamonds and treated black diamonds. Therefore, when searching for a black diamond engagement ring, couples are encouraged to do their research because to the untrained eye, all black diamond engagement rings look the same. That being said, what is the difference between the three types?

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What causes the dark coloration in black diamonds?

Natural black diamonds are highly unusual in their characteristics in comparison to other colored diamonds. Unlike other comparable gemstones, these diamonds are completely opaque. Additionally, these diamonds only come in one color whereas other colored diamonds can come in a spectrum of colors depending on the formation process used to create them.

What are natural black diamonds made of?

In scientific terms, a natural black diamond is composed of diamond, graphite, and carbon, but to the Average Joe, those terms can still leave one in the dark. Other colored diamonds get their color from the formation process; impurities attach to the diamond to leave it with its breathtaking color.

What is the process of black diamonds?

For black diamonds, however, the process is almost identical to that of white diamonds because it is the high number of inclusions that give the diamonds their color. This black color comes from the remnants of graphite found in the inclusions. Black and white diamond engagement rings may be opposite in color, but they are formed nearly identically as a set of fraternal twins, of sorts.

Black diamond before heat treatment

How valuable are black diamonds and why?

The natural black diamonds are quite valuable in terms of gemstones, but in reference to other diamonds, they can be much more affordable. Ultimately, the appeal of these diamonds is the rich, rare color that seemingly defies nature. Any naturally formed black diamond can be found in only one of two places: Brazil and Central Africa.

Treated black diamonds are the least valuable of the three types of black diamonds. In fact, these diamonds are actually white diamonds, but because of the excessive number of inclusions, they cannot be used for any type of jewelry. Instead, these diamonds are treated with heat or irradiation to give the diamonds their black color. Because of their nature of undesirable white diamonds, these diamonds are still the cheapest and least valuable type of black diamond once they are treated.

While these diamonds are strikingly unusual, they can be put to use just like any other diamond. Black diamond earrings and black diamond rings are some of the most common forms of black diamond jewelry, but in actuality, black diamonds can be inserted into all of the same jewelry types as any other diamond.

Black diamonds have surged in popularity not only because of the movement to wear more unique engagement rings but also because of celebrities spotted wearing them. Carmen Electra, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few of the hottest celebrities seen wearing black diamonds in the media today. Black diamonds have also been spotted on male celebrities such as Brad Pitt; Angelina Jolie gifted him with black diamond cufflinks.

The popularity does not just stop wearing black diamonds, but it extends to the name of black diamonds. These dark stones have earned a position of luxury in the diamond world, and therefore, famous locations such as the Black Diamond Casino have used the black diamond name to create a fancy and elegant atmosphere. A well-known pornography star, Penelope Black Diamond, has also used the name to garner a more luxurious crowd to her videos. The intrigue and appeal to the unique black color have drawn in quite the audience.

Functionality-wise, black diamonds are just as practical as any other type of diamond. Buyers should not be concerned with any special care instructions due to its color, but rather, they should consider the cut of the diamond just as they would with any other colored diamond.

To clean a black diamond, the process is the exact same as any other diamond: the best way would be to take it to a jeweler, but at home, one can lightly brush the diamond with a toothbrush and gentle soap.

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