Peridot Engagement Ring Styles: From Vintage to Modern

Peridot engagement rings

Peridot may not be a gem you're overly familiar with. It certainly doesn't get as much attention as the classics, like ruby or emerald. However, this striking green gemstone is certainly worth consideration.

Bright, verdant greens and cheery yellows blend to form this gem, which dates back over 4,000 years ago. Mentioned in historical texts like the Bible, it's revered as one of the oldest known gems. The Greeks, Egyptians, and other ancient cultures favored this stone for its lush color, which occasionally produced flashes of gold. In addition, peridot has long been associated with prosperity, luck, abundance, and good fortune. Spiritually, peridot is the stone of compassion and brings good health and peace.

If you don't prefer traditional diamonds for an engagement or wedding ring, you have a wide selection of gems. However, if you're on the hunt for a sparkler with a distinguished history and an unmistakable pop of color, peridot may be the gem for you!

Peridot rings are an excellent choice because peridot has decent to good durability, rating around a seven on the Mohs scale. A peridot engagement ring is unique and eye-catching, meaning it will likely become a treasured heirloom. Furthermore, whether you want a peridot gold ring or one of a lighter color, such as platinum, there's a plethora of styles and designs to choose from.

Don't just take our word for it. See below some of the most beautiful vintage and modern peridot rings.


Modern Inspired Peridot Rings

Three Stone Baguette Peridot Ring

Three Stone Baguette Peridot Ring

Three-stone rings are a classic design that never goes out of style. Often, three stone rings symbolize that a couple is one another's past, present, and future. Here, a lovely green period is flanked by chic baguette diamonds. Setting the stones on a slender band ensures the focus is all on the lush green gem in the middle.

Under Bezeled Accent Peridot Ring

Under Bezeled Accent Peridot Ring

Consider this accented peridot sparkler if you're looking for a little more sparkle on your ring. It still features the striking green gem as the center stone. However, accent diamonds set in a unique shared under-bezel seem to float on the band's shoulders mesmerizingly. It's positively captivating!

Tapered Peridot Ring

Tapered Peridot Ring

Centuries-old peridot can work beautifully well in modern rings. Take, for example, this tapered band ring. A verdant peridot creates a stunning focal point. Complementing its bold appearance are the tapered trailing ends of the band. Each one is adorned with dazzling accent diamonds. Its modern flair is unmistakable and downright gorgeous.

Vintage Peridot Ring Styles

Vintage Side Peridot Ring

Vintage Side Peridot Ring

You won't need peridot's luck when you propose with this charming beauty. A charming peridot gem is flanked by dainty pave diamonds. Inspired by the intricate detailing of vintage rings, metal beads are woven delicately into the shoulders. It's a modern meets classic match made in heaven!

Knife Edge Milgrain Peridot Ring

Knife Edge Milgrain Peridot Ring

Milgrain is unmistakably vintage, and we adore this old-world design trait. On a knife-edge band like this one, it looks incredibly stunning. Round accent diamonds add a hint of sparkle while the fresh green peridot commands center stage. Couples looking for a beautiful ode to antique style will love this ring.

Vintage Leaf Peridot Ring

Vintage Leaf Peridot Ring

The verdant hue of peridot and the nature-inspired detailing of this band are soulmates. Metallic fronds vine their way up to the dazzling center peridot. Each leaf is complete with glittering accent diamonds and striking milgrain craftsmanship. Nature-inspired, vintage, and one-of-a-kind…what more could you want in an engagement ring?

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How to Care for Peridot

Peridot is relatively strong, but you should still take care not to scratch or hit it on anything hard. If you need to clean it due to regular wear, soak it in a mixture of warm water and gentle dish soap. You can use a soft brush on the setting and stone to remove debris. Then, dry it with a lint-free cloth. Peridot should not be steamed-cleaned or placed in an ultrasonic cleaner as stone damage may result.

Fresh, eye-catching, and sentimental, peridot can make an excellent engagement ring. Whether you want to go modern or vintage, this long-loved gemstone brings a bright pop of color to any design.


Is peridot a good choice for an engagement ring?

Peridot is unique, relatively durable, and affordable, making them a great choice for engagement rings.

Are peridots durable?

Peridots have a rating of 7 on Mohs scale, meaning it has fair to decent durability. They’re suitable for everyday (but not extreme) wear.

How should I pick the right peridot for an engagement ring?

Look for a stone with vivid, even color. Consider the clarity of the stone as well as the cut, as both can affect the brilliance and luster of the stone.

What is the best color for a peridot?

Peridots are sought after for their fresh olive-green color, pure green being the rarest and most valuable. However, peridot with flashes of gold or a lighter green shade can still be beautiful and striking.