Here's What You Should Know About Rose Gold Ruby Rings

ruby ring on open book

Rose gold and ruby rings are a very fashionable and flattering ring option for many women. The way that the bright ruby is paired with the rose gold adds a nice warmth. The most popular buying option would be the classic 14k rose gold. Some people do prefer to go with 18k rose gold which holds a bit more value. However, the majority of these rings are made with 14k rose gold.

The addition of copper to gold is what gives rose gold the gorgeous pink hue, which pairs beautifully with the ruby gemstone. Rose gold contains 58% pure gold, and it really gives the ring an overall royal look.

Popularity of rose gold and ruby rings

These rings are quite popular among many women. They make a precious statement whenever you wear them. Rose gold ruby rings are popular because they come with so many options that you can choose depending on your personal preference. You can get them ranging from classic to vintage style.

Who might like a rose gold and ruby ring?

These rings are commonly worn by passionate women who are courageous and bold. After all, ruby is the gem of both courage and emotion. The brilliance these rings have is very attractive. In many ancient legends, ruby is known as the gem of the heart. It has been said that ruby has the power and potential to kindle the flame of desire. This is one reason why rose gold and ruby rings can be an amazing engagement ring choice. They’re a great way to show your everlasting and abiding love to your partner.

What's the right occasion for these rings?

Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. It’s the zodiac gem for some of the Cancer signs. Therefore, if you or anyone that you know has a birthday in July or is a July-born Cancer, these rings would make a great gift option for them. Ruby is also the gem for the 15th and 40th anniversary, so they would make a great wedding anniversary gift as well. As mentioned above, rose gold and ruby rings would also make incredible engagement rings to prove your infinite love to your partner.

Pros of this metal and gemstone combination

Here is a list of benefits that come with choosing a ring that combines this romantic gemstone and metal:

  • The rings are much more durable compared to if they were made with yellow or white gold.

  • They can be quite affordable depending on your budget.

  • These rings don’t require rhodium plating (white gold, on the other hand, does).

  • They have a very vintage appeal.

  • They have a strong romantic connotation due to the rose color.

  • These rings compliment all skin tones and colors.

Things to consider before buying

There really aren’t any major cons to choosing with this ring option. The main con would be the fact that these rings are not hypoallergenic, because of the copper in the alloy. Fortunately, this will only be a problem for some people. Another potential con of rose gold ruby rings is that they aren’t as widely available compared to white or yellow gold rings. However, this can also be seen as a pro rather than a con. The fact that it’s harder to find these rings make them more unique and special for the ring wearer.

Why choose rose gold ruby rings?

It is clear that rose gold engagement rings, especially with a ruby gemstone, are making a comeback. These rings were popular at the turn of the century, and they are definitely experiencing an upturn. These are rings that will never lose their value, elegance, or beauty.

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