What You Need to Know About Simple Sapphire Rings

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When extravagant and trendy options are on every engagement ring website and in every store, it can be hard to look past the show-stopping rings to go for a simple engagement ring. Simple engagement rings may not make the biggest statement in the world, but they will never go out of style. Just like clothes, jewelry trends change and flow suddenly which can leave a buyer of the newest and coolest ring in a lurch.

Today, colored or non diamond engagement rings are the hottest fresh style. It seems as if in every magazine you open, a new celebrity couple is engaged and showing off a sapphire, ruby, or emerald engagement ring. Recently, sapphires have surged over the other two options, making the blue a popular choice for engaged couples. With that being said, how can a buyer choose a sapphire ring that is still stunning, but that never goes out of style?

Benefits of simple sapphire rings

With a simple sapphire engagement ring, the wearer has all of the benefits of a timeless ring mixed with the trendy sapphire look. Although not quite as popular as diamonds, simple sapphire engagement rings make up a close second on the popularity scale; many buyers opt for this color to complement the ring’s simple style and structure.

It's no surprise that sapphire engagement rings are a big deal now, especially after years of seeing Kate Middleton sport hers. But it also coincides nicely with the popularity of more personalized rings. Now a bride-to-be doesn't have to feel constricted to the traditional diamond ring if she prefers a colored stone, and sapphires offer a gorgeous way to inject her ring with plenty of personality.

Creating your simple sapphire engagement ring

Whether you're shopping for a sapphire ring for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, or an engagement ring to pop the big question, we'd love to help you craft the perfect one. Here at With Clarity, we work one-on-one with our customers who want a gemstone ring.

Our team of expert gemologists work with you on everything from picking the perfect stone — in this case, your sapphire — to picking a setting to match. Have something specific in mind? You can work with our gemologists and designers on special settings, too. Find out more about the process in our guide to creating a gemstone ring with us.

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