The Best Heart-Shaped Jewelry For Your Partner

heart shaped jewelry: yellow gold necklace, rose gold necklace, white gold ring, white gold ring

Whether you’re looking to wow her on Valentine’s day or give a romantic “just because” gift, heart-shaped jewelry is a great choice. Many women love to get jewelry in general, since it can be worn with many outfits and lasts for many years. Even better, jewelry is something that can remind the recipient of your affection even when she is away from home. Let’s take a look at the reasons why the heart shape is great for partner gifts, and what we have available at With Clarity.

When and why should you give heart-shaped jewelry?

In order to understand the symbolism of the heart necklace and other jewelry, you need to understand the history of hearts. In Medieval Europe, the heart was viewed as the place where love lives. This could be love for the divine, or love for someone else. Either way, as the concept of romantic love evolved, heart-shaped jewelry necklaces became one of its symbols.

Later on, heart-shaped locket jewelry became another important symbol of love. Victorian mourners would place a lock of hair inside one and wear it hanging from a chain necklace. Behind this was the idea that although this person had passed away, they would always remember them. Hearts in other types of jewelry symbolized love and faithfulness to someone special. In many ways, this is the same meaning it has today.

If your partner is a jewelry lover, then Valentine’s Day is a great time to give her some. Think about some hoop earrings for a basic piece, then wrap it in a heart-shaped jewelry box. This is something which she can wear just about anywhere she goes. Or, for an edgier choice, consider heart-shaped dermal jewelry. She’ll love the reminder of your love so close to her skin. Either way, she’s sure to look radiant. Better yet, this will become the Valentine’s day she remembers for a long time.

Wearing heart-shaped jewelry

Of course, not even a locket necklace, classic as it is, will be a hit if she doesn’t wear it. Experts recommend that she not wear this jewelry design to work because it can send the wrong social signals. Instead, anything with a heart shape is best for date night or running around town with her girlfriends. In addition, she’ll probably do best wearing this kind of jewelry with a plain blouse or dress. This is because she can show it off better.

Choosing the right materials

Finally, let’s talk about the options when it comes to gold and diamonds. At With Clarity, we sell pendants in 10kt and 14kt white, yellow, and rose gold. We also offer gold plated options for the budget-conscious. You can choose the color and karat of gold based on her style and your budget. However, if she suffers from jewelry sensitivities, then 14kt yellow gold is your best bet.

As far as diamonds go, many of the selections at With Clarity are made of lab diamonds. These are real diamonds in every way, except that they’re formed in a lab rather than mined. In return, they offer significant cost savings. If she is environmentally conscious, they make great anniversary gifts.

Heart jewelry at With Clarity

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the heart-shaped jewelry options at With Clarity. Some styles are available in more than one gold option to allow customization.

Heart Shaped Necklaces

Giving a gold pendant is a classic sign of your devotion. Some options listed are classic, while others are more contemporary.

Solitaire Halo Pendant

Natural Diamond Heart Key Pendant

Really, the heart key design is about the most romantic gold necklace for women out there. Symbolically, it means "you have the key to my heart." Who doesn’t love that? This model features a smooth gold key shaft, topped with a natural diamond pave set heart. Your choice of 14kt yellow or white gold.

Diamond by the Yard Necklace

Natural Diamond Love Heart Pendant

Next, you can consider a pendant necklace that literally says "love." The word is incorporated in its overall heart shape. On the other side of the heart, there are several small diamonds. For this one, you can choose either lab or natural diamonds. You also can select 14kt white or yellow gold.

Lab Diamond Three Stone Cluster Pendant

Gloritanna Lab Diamond Pendant

For a 14kt white gold necklace with a timeless design, check out this one. Two interlocking hearts give this pretty pendant some presence around her neck. It’s as classic as a diamond solitaire without being boring. A white gold chain is also included.

Diamond by the Yard Necklace

Endeara Lab Diamond Pendant

For a pendant necklace that couldn’t be more romantic, check out the Endeara. It is made with a combination of 14kt white and rose gold: the white to set the diamonds, and the rose for that extra romance. Like our other options, a gold chain necklace is included.

Heart Shaped Rings

Of course, a necklace isn’t always the best choice. She might be a ring fan, or perhaps she has more than one heart pendant already. Either way, we have several appropriate rings for women.

Malia Lab Diamond Ring

The Malia is a contemporary design that incorporates a heart on one side of the ring shaft. Then, there’s a bar going through the middle which contains diamonds. It is made with 14kt white gold, just choose the size.

Round Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Love Knot Lab Diamond Ring

Finally, let’s look at the love knot ring. With this design, the heart is smooth 14kt white gold. Then, the "knot" half is set with sparkling lab diamonds. If she has your heart in a knot, consider picking this one up.

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