Best Jewelry Gifts for Your Best Friend

Jewelry gift for best friend

Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and it’s not all romantic. The platonic love we share with our friends can be just as fulfilling and important as the love we find with our romantic partners, and yet how often do we show our friends the same level of affection? It’s easy and common to surprise a lover with flowers or a candle-lit dinner, but less so when it comes to our other companions.

Here at With Clarity, we want to help you show and express your love to the friends around you. After all, who is there to help you after every break-up? It’s about time they start getting some diamonds, too, and this page will give you some gift ideas for your best friend.

Importance of Giving Gifts to your Best Friend

The bond between two best friends is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences that binds us in this life. Your special friend is there for you at your best and at your worst, during your laughs and cries.

Jewelry makes a good gift for your best friend for many reasons. It can be a nice way to remind them you’re in their life and thankful for their friendship – when they put on the earrings or bracelet that came as a gift, they’ll automatically think of you and the moments you two have shared together.

Jewelry can also be a symbolic, sentimental gift. When you give your friend a nice piece of jewelry, you’re telling them they’re your rock – a strong support system and important anchor in life.

And besides, who doesn’t just love receiving jewelry gifts?

Diamond Stud Earrings

It’s always very nice when a gift can be put to use, which is why diamond stud earrings are one of the best jewelry gifts for friends. They can elevate any outfit and accentuate the face, helping it sparkle the way only diamonds can. Diamond stud earrings are also a must-have in everyone’s closet, and bonus points if they come from a special friend.

Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklaces can be a nice investment – the kinds of gifts for your best friend that show them you really care about them. Also, they’re very visually stunning, and that’s important when you’re giving someone a gift. A diamond necklace will help your friend look their best on the special events that matter most.

Other Occasions

There are plenty of other times when a jewelry gift is a nice touch. Maybe your friend is graduating from school or they’re moving away to accept a new job – both great opportunities to give them a nice bracelet or a pretty ring. Some jewelry pieces also come in matching sets to set in stone your special friendship and bond – the most touching of jewelry gifts for best friends.

Lab Diamonds

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

Lab grown diamonds – sometimes also referred to as cultivated or cultured diamonds – are just what they sound like: diamonds made in a lab. Thanks to advanced technologies that replicate the natural environment where diamonds grow in the wild, we can now play mother nature and produce beautiful jewels synthetically.

Lab Diamond vs. Natural

Natural diamonds can take millions of years to form naturally. A lab grown diamond, on the other hand, can be made at a much faster pace while still retaining the same chemical structure and optical properties. It’s the best of both worlds, really: you get the bling without having to wait eternities for it.

Pros of Lab Diamond Jewelry

Lab diamond jewelry offers plenty of perks and benefits. For one, they’re very sustainable and eco-friendly: the amount of energy that it takes to grow a diamond in a lab is less than the amount of energy required to dig a diamond out of the ground. In addition, lab diamonds are very affordable. They are also very versatile and lend themselves well with many different materials, making them excellent jewelry gift ideas for best friends.

Jewelry Gift Ideas

When it comes to jewelry, the opportunities are endless. Necklaces, rings, bracelets – there’s plenty to choose from. Let us guide you as you look at jewelry gifts for your best friend.


Here at With Clarity, one of our specialties is the diamond bracelet. We offer them encrusted in both gold and silver touches, giving you options to match your friend’s personality and lifestyle.

Bracelets make for excellent gifts. They are practical yet beautiful, the kind of accessory that can make any woman seem regal and sophisticated. They’re also the kind of gift that can be worn almost everyday wherever your friend goes – talk about being with them at every step of the way! If you’re looking for sentimental gifts for best friends, bracelets are a great choice.


Necklaces also make for excellent gifts. They’re a good way to place yourself near your friend’s heart – literally.

Our necklace collection is one of the most diverse and impressive in the market. We offer necklaces and pendants of varying sizes and designs, including crosses, hearts, and just the classic square and circular shapes. Every woman needs a good necklace, especially a best friend diamond necklace.

Made for You Collection

To help you choose the right kind of jewelry gift, we present you With Clarity’s “Made for You Collection.” Our pieces are timeless, delicate, and refined – the kind of jewelry every woman should own in her closet.

Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings

Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings

The Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings are just what every girl needs. This 14K white gold set features 4 stunning diamonds arranged in the shape of a rhombus, framing the wearer’s face in a very soft yet precise way. They’re the kind of elegant earrings professional women can wear to the office every day, though they also make the cut to be worn at special events and gatherings. Best friend diamond earrings are also very trendy right now.

Lab Diamond Four Points Key Pendant

Lab Diamond Four Points Key Pendant

A 14K yellow gold piece, the Lab Diamond Four Points Key Pendant consists of a four points lined with beautiful diamonds that are both luminous yet discreet. They are a great gift for friends who are modest but are not afraid to show a little bling.

Star Lab Diamond Cluster Earrings

Star Lab Diamond Cluster Earrings

The Star Lab Diamond Cluster Earrings are some of the most elegant items in our collection. Encased in a 14K white gold finish, the earrings’ lab diamonds are coy, impressive, and playful. They can be worn every day with any outfit and look best when the hair is up so that they can be shown off. You really can’t go wrong with diamond stud earrings for your best friend.

Vivana lab diamond ring

Vivana lab diamond ring

Also a 14K white gold piece, the Vivana Lab Diamond Ring features a oval shaped diamond that appeals to feminine and delicate sensibilities. The ring is very versatile and can be paired with other hand jewelry, especially a few yellow gold bracelets to complement materials. Ring presents show great taste: they’re fun, airy, and definitely one of the best birthday gift ideas for your best friend.