Best Lab Diamond Necklaces To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Best Lab Diamond Necklaces To Celebrate Your Anniversary

The big moments last a lifetime. A birth date, a wedding, a special event – these are all times that should be commemorated year after year, especially marriage. After all, part of what makes every successful union work is attention and care: you want to reassure your partner of your love and dedication to them. Here at With Clarity, we offer some great anniversary gifts that are just right for every occasion.

When it comes to anniversary presents, any gift just won’t do. You want something special and symbolic, the kind of gift your wife will be proud and excited to brag about with her girlfriends. And pretty, bedazzled necklace pieces, for example, are among the best wedding anniversary gifts wives of any age can appreciate having in their jewelry drawer.

When it comes to anniversary presents, any gift just won’t do. You want something special and symbolic, the kind of gift your wife will be proud and excited to brag about with her girlfriends. And pretty, bedazzled necklace pieces, for example, are among the best wedding anniversary gifts wives of any age can appreciate having in their jewelry drawer.

What is a Lab Diamond?

Lab grown diamonds – sometimes also referred to as cultivated or cultured diamonds – are just what they sound like: diamonds made in a lab. Thanks to advanced technologies that replicate the natural environment where diamonds grow in the wild, we can now play mother nature and produce beautiful jewels almost at the snap of our fingers.

Lab Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds can take millions of years to form naturally. A lab grown diamond, on the other hand, can be made at a much faster pace while still retaining the same chemical structure and optical properties. It’s the best of both worlds, really: you get the bling without having to wait eternities for it.

Pros of Lab Diamond Jewelry

Lab diamond jewelry offers plenty of perks and benefits. In addition to being time-effective, lab made diamonds are also known to be more affordable and better for the environment – all the more reasons for us to help you pick just the right lab diamond necklace for this year’s anniversary gift!


Lab diamonds are generally less expensive than natural diamonds. This is especially true for colored diamonds: since they are extremely rare, they are also very expensive. A colored diamond grown in a lab, however, is much more affordable, giving you an opportunity to find wedding or anniversary gifts without paying an exorbitant amount.


Diamonds that have been buried deep in the earth’s sediments for centuries can oftentimes be hard to reach. Many scientists and environmentalists believe that the amount of energy that it takes to grow a diamond in a lab is less than the amount of energy required to dig a diamond out of the ground – another excuse to purchase a lab grown diamond necklace!

Another major benefit of lab diamond jewelry is that it just looks radiant. When featured on a necklace piece, sparkly rocks can make your neck look more slender and youthful – what more can a woman ask for? Customize your necklace with the lab diamonds of your preferred shape and color today.

Why a Diamond Necklace

There are plenty of great anniversary gifts out there: purses, perfumes, spa treatments. The truth is, however, that nothing matches a beautiful women’s diamond necklace. With all their sparkle and shimmer, they can make any outfit look more elegant and sophisticated. They are also very durable and, with proper care, can last forever.

Diamond necklaces can also make a women’s neck appear more slender and delicate, making her look several years younger – who doesn’t want that?

Different Necklace Styles

With necklaces, the number of style options available to you is limitless. A classic collar necklace never goes out of style, but there are also some bold pieces to consider, especially if your wife is not afraid to make a statement with her bling.

One important thing to consider when shopping for necklace jewelry is type of wear. Are you looking for something that can be worn everyday or something more exclusive, the kind of jewelry that only comes out of the house on special occasions? Regardless of what you’re looking for, With Clarity offers the best lab diamond jewelry on the market, including the following styles:

  • Solitaire. The solitaire design usually features a central diamond framed by smaller placements. It is a design that brings attention to the main diamond and creates a luminous, sparkly appearance that can highlight your neck and collarbone area.
  • Cluster. Cluster pendants are assemblages of diamonds. The intricate arrangement of diamonds around each other makes for an impressive, regal sight, the kind of pendant that can finish off a very elegant look.
  • Halo. Halo pendants consist of one main diamond surrounded by a band of smaller, intricate diamonds. It is an elegant, versatile look that can be worn on the daily or for special occasions with the right clothes.
  • Classic. Classic pendant designs come in different shapes and sizes, usually featuring a circular arrangement. They are great to show off your neckline and bring shimmer to your look – reasons why you should be investing in a diamond necklace!
  • Contemporary. Contemporary pendants are known to be bold and fashion-forward. They usually feature intricate designs consisting of concentric circles or other shapes, including hearts. They’re fun, dynamic, and very lively.

Our Favorite Lab Diamond Necklaces

Wildflower Lab Diamond Pendant

Wildflower Lab Diamond Pendant

This stunning 10K yellow gold, 8-pointed wildflower pendant is one of the best wedding anniversary gifts in the collection. It is elegant enough to be worn at special events with the right outfit but also effortless enough to be worn daily.

Amor Lab Diamond Pendant

Amor Lab Diamond Pendant

This lab created diamond necklace is a great choice for feminine women. The rose gold finish and heart shapes convery a delicate, graceful sensibility that accentuates the neckline. This piece can be worn everyday, though it might also look great at informal gatherings.

Grace Lab Diamond Pendant

Grace Diamond Pendant

A 14K yellow gold diamond necklace, the Grace Lab Diamond Pendant features a mid-sized cross sparkling with elegant, tiny diamonds. This is a great gift for pious women and can be worn as an expression of love and faith.

Cardinal Lab Diamond Pendant

Cardinal Lab Diamond Pendant

Also a 14K piece, this white gold pendant diamond necklace is stunning. It features a square-shaped pendant full of rows of impressive diamonds that give an air of grandeur and refined taste. This is the kind of jewelry you only wear for special occasions and pass down to your daughters.

Connect Lab Diamond Necklace

Connect Lab Diamond Necklace

If you’re looking for something other than a diamond pendant necklace, this piece might be just what you’re looking for. It is a 14K yellow gold chain connecting a row of impressive, bigger-than-life diamonds. Not the kind of necklace you wear every day, this piece pairs well with a black cocktail dress – truly, the most exquisite women’s diamond necklace!