Best Locket Necklace Styles

Locket Necklaces Styles

Lockets are a charming, classic piece of jewelry that you see celebrities and regular people wearing. You’ll find lockets in all sorts of styles (more on that in a moment), and you can tuck in some pictures, a lock of hair, or another meaningful token that you carry close to your heart.

History of Lockets

Lockets have been around for centuries, and they’re still popular today. They date back to the 16th century and were worn to ward off evil spirits. Lockets were worn as charms on bracelets, rings or necklaces. Past lockets had medicine, a piece of fabric with perfume to ward off icky smells, or even poison.

Locket Meaning

Lockets can be given as meaningful gifts to loved ones, such as spouses, family, and friends. They typically have hinges so the locket can be opened to reveal a small place inside to stash a personal item. The secret space can store pictures, a lock of hair, or tiny dried flowers. It’s usually a special, meaningful token.

Locket Styles

As mentioned earlier, lockets come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some popular styles:

  • Vintage style locket: A vintage style locket whether it’s new or not has old-fashioned charm. Sometimes vintage lockets are small and delicate, and would look great layered with other necklaces. If your vintage locket is larger, it can be a statement piece as you layer your jewelry.

  • Heart-shaped locket: Whimsical and charming–a heart-shaped locket is a classic style. Layered or not, this locket would look great worn every day.

  • Lock and key: This shaped locket symbolizes the key to your heart. You’ll see a variety of styles with this same theme, so find one that fits your loved one. If this is a larger locket, consider wearing it as a statement necklace.

  • Plain metal: This simple, stylish style of locket can definitely be worn everyday either alone or layered with additional necklaces.

  • Engravable photo lockets: An engraved locket with photos is a sentimental, intimate gift. You’ll find photo lockets in a variety of sizes. Larger sized lockets can be statement necklaces or the focal point of layered necklaces.

  • Secret message locket: Stick a secret message in a locket like a small, handwritten note. You can also engrave a secret message like map coordinates of your first kiss, first date, first house, wedding, or another meaningful location. Similarly, a special date (like a birthday or wedding anniversary) would also make an intimate secret message.

  • Floral pattern locket: Lockets are romantic, and a floral pattern on the outside of the locket ups the romance factor.

  • Matching lockets: Two halves make matching lockets whole. Think of a heart or another shape that works well for friends or lovers. The locket is uniquely shaped, so the picture might be tricky to fit.

Metal Options

Modern locket necklaces come in all types of metal options:

  • Yellow Gold: A yellow 14K gold locket is ideal for someone with a classic sense of style. It’s an affordable, durable option and it’s a timeless metal choice.

  • Platinum: If you’d prefer a silvery-white metal, then platinum could be great. It’s ideal for someone sophisticated, and it’s also a good selection if you need a hypoallergenic metal.

  • White Gold: This choice is a great affordable alternative to platinum, and also offers a radiant silvery-white shine.

  • Rose Gold: Rose gold has a unique, warm, and pinkish tint. It’s ideal for someone with a modern sense of style.

  • Sterling Silver: This metal option is the most affordable selection, and offers high shine and is also silvery-white.

Choosing a Locket Necklace

When choosing a locket necklace, keep the following points in mind:

  • If this is a gift, personalize it with a special message (like an engraving) or including a special token.

  • If you’re adding a photo, select a high resolution photo so the images are clear. You can always get photos printed and they’re affordable.

  • Keep your budget in mind and pick the metal accordingly. Some metals are more expensive than others, and your metal choice also impacts the look of the locket.

  • For gifting, keep the person’s personal style preferences in mind. If they only wear yellow gold or platinum, then try to purchase lockets in those metals. If they prefer simpler jewelry over extravagant, keep that in mind while you shop for lockets.

  • Purchase your locket from a reputed brand that offers easy returns and exchanges if you become dissatisfied with the product.


  • Are locket necklaces still in style?

Locket necklaces have been around for centuries, and they’re still romantic and popular today. You’ll find so many different styles of lockets, from vintage-looking versions to modern, simple lockets.

  • What does a locket symbolize?

Lockets symbolize love–whether it’s for a friend, family member or loved one. They’re a sentimental, meaningful gift to give someone. Plus, you can customize it with photos, a secret love note, a tuft of hair, or flower petals. The options are endless!

  • Can you layer a locket necklace?

You can layer lockets with other necklaces. When layering necklaces, typically one is the focal point and then you layer with simpler styles. If your locket is larger and longer, then other jewelry can be minimal if you’re layering necklaces.

  • Does a locket necklace look tacky?

No! There are so many different styles of locket necklaces, and they’re charming, meaningful, and romantic. They’re a meaningful piece of jewelry with pictures or a tiny token tucked inside.