Best Single Diamond Necklaces

Best Single Diamond Necklaces

A single diamond necklace is also known as a solitaire necklace. They’re a classic, timeless piece of diamond jewelry that lasts a lifetime. You can dress it up or down and it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Solitaire diamond necklaces continue to be popular because they’re so versatile and have so many benefits:

  • Design element: The term “solitaire” means single, which means the necklace has a single diamond that’s the focus of the necklace.

  • Variations: Single diamond necklaces catch the eye with the glittering diamond, but they’re anything but simple. You can find different settings and shapes. You’ll see floating diamonds and bezel settings in a variety of metal options. In addition to round diamonds, you can find unique shapes as well, such as oval, pear, princess and heart.

  • Versatility: Diamond necklaces go with everything and can be worn for day and night. Dress them up or dress them down–diamonds are a timeless accessory.

Top Single Diamond Necklaces

You’ll find a variety of If you’re looking for some of the best single diamond necklaces then here are our top picks.

Double Bail Pear-Shaped Diamond Pendant

Double Bail Pear-Shaped Diamond Pendant

This unique pear-shaped diamond necklace comes in 14K white or yellow gold. This eye-catching diamond draws attention for its sparkle and unusual pear shape. This necklace would be perfect for someone with a modern, trendy sense of style. The diamond comes in carat weights varying from 0.5 to 1 in lab or natural diamonds. Stack this necklace with some simple necklaces so the focus is on the diamond.

Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

This round diamond necklace is a timeless showstopper! Round diamonds are classic because of their dazzling sparkle. You can select a lab or natural diamond in weights varying from 0.5 to 1 carat. Stack this necklace with other diamonds, like diamonds by the yard, for a night out or simpler necklaces for work.

Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

Princess cut diamonds are a popular shape, and they look amazing in a necklace as well. Select a 0.5, .75 or 1 carat natural or lab diamond in either 14K white or yellow gold. This necklace works well for someone with a classic sense of style. It’s versatile enough that it can be dressed up or down by stacking with other necklaces. Add additional diamond pendant necklaces for additional sparkle!

Metal Options

In addition to selecting the different diamond cuts, you can select different metals as well. Unless you have very sensitive skin, metals depend on personal preferences. Some people have jewelry in different metals and like to mix and match. Others prefer one metal over the others and tend to have more jewelry in it.

  • Platinum: This option is ideal for those with sensitive skin who need a hypoallergenic option. Platinum is a durable metal that costs more than other metal options, and is typically 85 to 95 percent pure platinum. It’s a gray-white color that offers a classic, sophisticated look. Eventually, platinum typically develops a patina that makes it appear dull.

  • Yellow gold: This option continues to be a popular, classic choice because of its shine and color. It typically has 58.3 percent pure gold. You’ll need to polish and regularly clean yellow gold. Yellow gold is an affordable metal option.

  • White gold: This silvery-white metal is a mixture of pure gold and other metals to make it more durable (zinc, nickel, and copper) and provide its color. If you wear your white gold diamond necklace a lot, you’ll need replate it periodically because the rhodium rubs off. It’s an affordable metal option, and gives a similar look to platinum.

  • Rose gold: This metal has a unique pinkish hue that’s recently become more popular, which might make it harder to find. It’s a mixture of pure gold and copper and silver alloys to give it strength and its unique color. Like the other gold options, this is an affordable choice.

Single Diamond Necklace Tips

End the article with informative tips for those who’ve bought or are considering buying single diamond necklaces

  • If you like the look of a single diamond necklace, but are a price conscious buyer, consider cubic zirconia or lab diamonds instead of natural diamonds.

  • If you’re buying a necklace for yourself, invest in a necklace that fits your style, budget and will get plenty of wear.

  • As you browse online, you’ll see plenty of places to purchase diamond solitaire necklaces. Take time to research the brands and only buy from a reputed brand. Find out if the company offers returns in case you are dissatisfied with the product.

  • Store diamond necklaces in separate compartments so they don’t get tangled–either in a drawer or a jewelry organizer. You don’t want necklaces to get damaged by other jewelry or have them damage other pieces.

  • Periodically clean everyday debri and grime from your necklace using a soft-bristled brush with a fragrance-free soap or a jewelry cleaning solution. Gently move the brush in circles to remove buildup and always avoid harsh chemicals.


  • Are diamond necklaces worth it?

Diamond jewelry is a good investment because it increases in value over time. Plus, diamond necklaces look beautiful and last a lifetime.

  • Can I wear a diamond necklace every day?

Yes, diamond necklaces are versatile enough to be worn every day–from day to night, from work to a night out.

  • What does solitaire mean in jewelry?

In jewelry, solitaire refers to a single diamond.

  • What is the best diamond shape for a solitaire necklace?

Princess and round are popular shapes for solitaire necklaces, but you can select all types of diamond shapes–heart, oval, pear, etc.