Your Bridesmaid Proposal Guide

Bridesmaid Proposal/Gifting

For those of you in the know, a bridesmaids proposal may appear self-explanatory. The role of a bridesmaid is essential for pulling off a grand wedding. A bridesmaid helps to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Moreover, they are also an essential part of planning for when you tie the knot. It's your bridesmaid that will support you through the tumultuous wedding planning and execution. However, the phenomenon of the bridesmaid proposal is a fairly recent trend.

Brides-to-be have been asking their closest friends to act as their bridesmaid for ages. However, the concept of "proposing to your friend" now goes a step beyond the tradition. We know many brides-to-be ask and pick their wedding party in the course of a normal everyday conversation. Yet nowadays, a portion is making asking their bridesmaid(s) to be a part of their big day into a special moment.

Those who want a truly bonding and meaningful occasion out of their bridesmaid proposal(s), this article is for you! Know how to make this once-in-a-lifetime occasion a memorable celebration of your strong friendship.

What is a Bridesmaid’s Proposal Box?

One of the novel ways that brides to be are asking their friends to act as their bridesmaids is through a Bridesmaids Proposal Box. A well outfitted Bridesmaid Proposal Box rests somewhere between the birthday goodie bags children offered to party guests and the lovely Oscar gift bags that we all drool over after Oscar night. Additionally, a well thought out Bridesmaid Proposal Box should reference the special aspects of your friendship. However, there are always items that fit well into any gift.

Bridesmaid proposal box with bouquet of flowers

Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

That being said, many brides-to-be will begin with a mini bottle of champagne, a meaningful photo collage, and/or a special memento. A meaningful keepsake gift idea for your bridal party is jewelry. Jewelry can easily be kept as a symbolic reminder of their part in your special celebration. Moreover, a wedding calls for sparkly jewelry!

Whether you are interested in gifting your bridesmaid with a meaningful ring or a pair of stunning diamond earrings, they will be overjoyed. Stunning jewelry choices to highlight in your Bridesmaid’ proposal Box include:

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Oval Amethyst Ring; 14kt white gold

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Amethyst Ring

Available in white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum this rich purple gemstone ring is a keepsake your bridesmaid will cherish. Representing purity of spirit, this semi-precious stone expresses the depth of your friendship. For example, a classic solitaire amethyst ring will remind the time you spent preparing for and celebrating your wedding. Starting at $350, this beautiful memento is guaranteed to make your Bridesmaid’s Proposal an occasion to remember.

Classic Four Prong Solitaire Peridot Ring

Next starting at $350, this dazzling four prong peridot ring is an ideal keepsake for a spring wedding. Known as the stone of compassion, this sparkling gemstone is an elegant addition to any bridesmaid’s jewelry box. Additionally, you can count on peridot to be a budget-friendly colored gemstone. Therefore, you can get a larger carat (size) of a unique gemstone, without spending too much.

Round Lab Diamond Stud Earrings; 14kt white gold

Round Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

Another way to go is to gift your bridesmaid with a stunning pair of diamonds of her own. These stunning lab created round diamond stud earrings will accentuate any bridesmaid dress. Starting at $470 these classic earrings will make any bridesmaid feel like a queen.

Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings; 14kt white gold

Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings

Accentuated with a stunning halo of smaller diamonds, this pair of lab created diamond halo earrings will make your bridesmaid look and feel like a star. Beginning at $470, these lovely sparkling earrings will be a go-to for your bridesmaid for years to come. Additionally, these diamonds derive from a laboratory, therefore they are guaranteed conflict-free and cheaper than mined diamonds.

Lab Diamond Circle Cluster Pendant

If you are looking for a bridesmaid gift to accentuate a simple neckline, you may prefer to gift your bridesmaid with a diamond pendant necklace. This marvelous cluster pendant of lab created diamonds will add sparkle. Starting at $470 this pendant will add to even the simplest outfit and will delight even the most discerning bridesmaid.

Lab Diamonds By The Yard

If you envision a higher neckline on your bridesmaid dresses, this lab diamonds by the yard necklace would make an exceptional bridesmaid’s gift. Any bridesmaid would be grateful for the addition of this lovely 18 inch box chain necklace. The sparkling diamonds interspersed around her neck will make any bridesmaid shine like a star. Starting at $500, this elegant gift is a true statement of undying friendship.

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