Charity Wedding Registry: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Registry

Chances are you're familiar with a traditional wedding registry that lists a couple's dream gifts, from home furnishings to fun date nights. However, this is not the only registry type a bride and groom can choose from. There's a new wedding registry that asks guests to give back instead of giving to the betrothed. It is called a charity wedding registry.

What's a Charity Wedding Registry, and Why Would You Want One?

A charity wedding registry is exactly as it sounds; instead of gifts, a couple chooses a charity or charities they would like their guests to donate to. There are many reasons why a couple may choose this route.

It's ideal for those who already have most of the items a newly married couple would want, like home furnishings. If this isn't your first marriage, or if you have lived with your partner for a while, you may not need tangible gifts, making a charity registry an excellent choice. However, you can decide to combine both charity options and traditional gifts on your registry, allowing guests to give as they feel inclined.

Additionally, a bride and groom may wish to start their marriage in a very selfless manner. They know that many guests could make a much bigger impact than they could on their own, so they might choose to use guests' desire to give at a wedding to pool resources and make the biggest donation possible.

In general, charity wedding registries have increased in popularity over the past few years. More and more charity registry websites have begun popping up, allowing couples to raise money seamlessly for their favorite causes or special organizations. Ultimately, it doesn't matter if they raised a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands; the most rewarding part is seeing your guests come together to support a fantastic cause!

If you want to create a charity wedding registry, check out our step-by-step guide below!

Steps to Create a Charity Wedding Registry

Research potential charity organizations. Chances are if you are considering creating a charity wedding registry, there are already a few causes close to your heart. But now is the time if you haven't found a charity that champions those causes. Do your research and ensure the charity uses the funds in a manner acceptable to you. A simple research tool is popular charity watchdogs, like BBB Wise Giving Alliance or Charity Navigator.

Choose a charity that aligns with your values and beliefs. Along with the more standard charity concerns, like the use of funds, research the charity's morals and ethics. Choose one that aligns with your values and beliefs. Additionally, choosing a charity, you can get behind may also make your family and friends more inclined to donate, especially if they share similar beliefs.

Contact the chosen charity to set up a registry. Instead of simply listing the charity on your website, you may want to contact them ahead of time. They likely have seamless ways to allow large groups of individuals to donate. Furthermore, they may also be able to provide you links, codes, or other materials to add to your registry, outlining their cause and making it effortless to contribute.

Promote your registry to friends and family. Finally, make your registry available to friends and family. You can use the materials provided by the charity, go through a charity registry website, or include a link and how to give instructions on your virtual wedding website.

Popular Charity Wedding Registry Causes

Of course, many charities are out there, each serving a different cause. The most popular causes are:

  • In crisis
  • Veterans
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Rebuilding lives
  • Poverty and hunger
  • Children
  • Animal welfare
  • Human rights
  • Healthcare
  • Faith-based
  • Environment
  • Entrepreneurship


Each cause can have dozens of charities affiliated with it, so be sure to do your research!

How to Incorporate a Charity Wedding Registry into Your Wedding

Websites devoted entirely to charity weddings, like The Good Beginning, as well as traditional registry websites that offer charity options, such as Zola, make garnering support from your guests easy. However, you'll still want to incorporate your charity into your wedding in the following ways.

  • Announce your registry on your wedding website. Include a link to the organization and a brief description of why you choose them and what they do.
  • Mention your registry in wedding invitations. All you need is a brief statement and instructions about giving.
  • Provide information on your registry at the wedding. In lieu of a gift table, you can have a display informing guests about why the charity matters to you and how they can make a difference.
  • Provide guests with donation envelopes or have a designated box for donations. In addition to charity info at your wedding, give guests an option to give right there and then.


For couples that want to start their marriage off selflessly by making a big difference in the lives of others, a charity wedding registry can be an excellent choice. Just be sure to do your research and find a reputable organization that you and your significant other are connected to or find meaningful. With the generosity of your guests, you can spread love and happiness way beyond your wedding venue.


What exactly does a charity wedding registry mean?

A charity wedding registry is a registry that asks guests to donate to charities or causes in place of tangible gifts.

How does a charity wedding registry work?

A couple can choose their cause or charity and provide methods to donate to that charity, usually via an online link or a physical donation box at the reception.

Are there any fees associated with a charity wedding registry?

Most charity wedding registries won’t charge a fee; however, if you choose to use a cash wedding registry, they may collect a fee based on the amount given.

How do I set up a charity wedding registry?

You can use a dedicated online service to create a charity wedding registry or work with the charity directly to determine the best way for guests to be informed and make a donation.