Here's What You Need to Know About Contemporary Earrings

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Contemporary earrings are typically earrings that feature a sleek, modern style that has the ability to remain timeless. Whether they're silver or gold, modern earrings allow the wearer to express herself with beauty and elegance without looking stuck in the past or like they're wearing the exact same pieces as everyone else. This style of earrings is not only broad but also allows for many customizations to the pieces. Women tend to want contemporary diamond earrings if they want to express their beauty while remaining trendy and unique.

Popularity of Modern Style Earrings

This new style of earrings has become extremely popular for the modern woman. They can be dressed up or dressed down which makes them versatile for business or nightlife. With simple and elegant earrings, any outfit can be made all the more beautiful. Contemporary earring styles may be perfect as a gift to a special woman. With their versatility, it is difficult to find a woman who would dislike wearing them, and they merge seamlessly into the closet or even a traditional wearer.

Styles of Contemporary Earrings

You'll mostly see white gold or silver contemporary earrings. That's not because other options like yellow or rose gold don't work with the designs but rather that white gold is simply the most popular metal. In fact, yellow gold contemporary earrings nicely balance modern design with an air of the antique. Although platinum is popular and durable, it isn't great for earrings since it can make them heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Most contemporary earring styles come down to one basic formula: take a classic design and give it a twist. Think of traditional diamond studs. A modern interpretation might be a cluster of smaller diamonds instead of one larger one. In the case of halo earrings, making the ring of diamonds on the outside looks like a flower's petals. They're designs that you can wear for years; they're just not the same that you've seen in stores for years.

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Cost of Contemporary Earrings

The price of contemporary earrings doesn't differ much from their traditional counterparts. The 18k version of each gold will cost slightly more than the 14k since it contains more gold. Platinum will cost slightly more than any of these options. Most of the cost will come down to the number, size, and quality of the gemstones used.

When it comes to lab made jewelry, you will find this option to be cheaper. For example, a 2 ct lab created diamond (with the same cut, clarity, and color grade) is $6.8k, whereas the same natural diamond would be about 8 times more expensive at $55.7k. Lab grown diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds because the first process requires fewer resources.

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Some contemporary earring styles may even cost less than classic ones. Cluster earrings, for example, use smaller stones. Even if the total carat weight is the same, these will cost less than one larger diamond of the same carat weight. It's also harder to see imperfections in smaller stones, which means you can save money on clarity grade without sacrificing beauty.

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There's a lot to learn here, and many ways to balance beauty and budget. That's why when you craft a pair of custom earrings with With Clarity, you'll work hand-in-hand with an expert every step of the way. Find out more about the process here, or fill out our form below to get started!

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