Diamond Tennis Bracelet: The Classic Everyone Needs to Own

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The versatility and simplicity of tennis bracelets make them a popular choice for many people. They can be worn with a variety of different outfits and easily paired with other pieces of jewelry. They are often made from high-quality materials such as gold and diamonds which are known for their strength and beauty.

These bracelets can be interpreted as symbols of empowerment in addition to eternal love. Everyone should own a diamond tennis bracelet because it is a timeless piece.

The History of Tennis Bracelets

Tennis has become more and more popular in recent times, and the fashion associated with the sport has also gained popularity. One example of this is the tennis bracelet, a simple string of diamonds that is often thought of as being associated with upper-class country club attire.

These bracelets are always in fashion and can be seen everywhere these days, but how did they come to be known as "tennis bracelets"? The answer can be traced back to professional tennis player Chris Evert, who wore one during a match. During the match, her bracelet fell off her wrist and she had to stop playing to search for it. From then on, the term "tennis bracelet" became closely associated with Evert and the sport of tennis.

Tennis players and jewelry collectors alike appreciate the practicality of tennis bracelets, which are both flexible and lightweight.

The Design of Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets, often referred to as eternity bracelets, are a style of jewelry that is made out of a string of diamonds or other gems that are strung together to make a continuous circle. Normally, the diamonds or gemstones are put in prong settings, which let the most light possible shine through the gems and make them dazzle and glitter. Depending on the wearer's preferences, the diamonds or gemstones may be set in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

Tennis bracelets come in a variety of carat weights and diamond cuts, with round, princess, and baguette cutting being the most common. In addition to diamonds, certain tennis bracelets may also feature sapphires, emeralds, or rubies as jewels.

Diamond Carat in Tennis Bracelets

The carat weight of the diamonds in a tennis bracelet has a significant impact on its appearance and cost. Larger diamonds tend to create more impressive and expensive pieces, but it is important to ensure that they have good clarity and color as blemishes may be more noticeable.

It is also worth noting that a higher carat weight often results in fewer diamonds on the bracelet as larger diamonds take up more space. On the other hand, a lower carat weight means there will typically be more diamonds on the bracelet.

In general, a 2-carat tennis bracelet will have about six dozen diamonds, while a 10-carat bracelet will have about 38 diamonds. In addition to the carat weight and number of diamonds, the cost of a tennis bracelet may also be influenced by any additional embellishments such as a special clasp or additional rows of diamonds.

How many Carat Diamonds are used in Tennis Bracelets?

An average diamond tennis bracelet weighs between 3 and 4 carats, though this might vary based on the particular bracelet. Depending on the size and quantity of the diamonds used, tennis bracelets typically weigh between 2 and 10 carats or more. A diamond tennis bracelet with a total weight of less than one carat is generally not advised since it can contain stones of poorer grade. Larger diamonds are more prone to show inclusions or colouring, but smaller diamonds can be used to conceal these flaws.

Styling Tips

There are many different ways to style a diamond tennis bracelet to suit your personal preferences. Here are some examples.

Pair with a Classic Watch

One of the classiest ways to wear a tennis bracelet is to combine it with a classic timepiece. This combination produces a fashionable and well-put-together style that is ideal for formal occasions or everyday wear.

Match and Mix with Other Bracelets

Your jewelry collection can be made more interesting and varied by matching and contrasting various bracelet designs. Tennis bracelets can be worn alone or with other bracelets like cuffs, bangles, or chain bracelets to create a distinctive and fashionable style.

Create a Stack of Tennis Bracelets

If you love the look of multiple bracelets, consider stacking a few tennis bracelets together for a bold and glamorous look. Choosing tennis bracelets in different precious metals or diamond cuts can add even more visual interest to the stack.

Wear the Tennis Bracelet Solo

For a minimalist and elegant look, consider wearing your tennis bracelet on its own. This option is perfect for everyday wear and can also be dressed up for special occasions.

Pair with a Statement Ring

A tennis bracelet can be paired with an oversized cocktail ring for a bold and glamorous statement look. This pairing works especially well if the bracelet and ring feature matching gemstones, such as sapphires.


What exactly is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a style of jewelry that consists of a continuous circle made up of a string of diamonds or other gemstones.

Are tennis bracelets still popular?

Yes, tennis bracelets remain a popular choice of jewelry due to their timeless design and versatility in being able to be worn with a variety of different outfits and styles.

On which wrist should you wear the tennis bracelet?

There is no specific wrist on which a tennis bracelet should be worn.

Is it ok to wear a diamond tennis bracelet every day?

As long as you take good care of your diamond tennis bracelet, there is nothing wrong with wearing it every day.

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