Fashion Earrings Under $370 That Have Our Heart

Fashion Earrings Under 370$

For many of us, a nice pair of earrings is a great way to express our personalities and sense of style. And like other jewelry, earrings can help elevate an otherwise boring or unremarkable outfit. Often, a plain black dress can be worn with a scarf or a simple pendant and stud earrings at the office, then styled with a sparkly statement necklace and matching earrings in the evening.

Of course, some earrings receive a lot of wear. Maybe they are a favorite pair that has become your signature in the office, or perhaps your significant other loves those special diamond sparklers in the evening. But either way, fashion earrings like these need to be high-quality and durable. For that reason, costume jewelry with fake stones and poor-quality settings typically doesn’t work well.

Whether you’re looking for a new signature look or just want to expand your collection, here are a few of our favorite fashion earrings.

Two Row Rope & Diamond Climber Earring

Two Row Rope & Diamond Climber Earring

Rose gold lovers, rejoice! These ear climbers feature rose gold rope and a line of pave lab diamonds. They make a bold statement with a unique mixture of stones and metalwork. And with ear climbers being very fashionable these days, they’re an excellent choice for the fashion-forward consumer.

If you like to spend a casual evening on the town or a group shopping trip, these are a great choice for jewelry. That’s because they don’t really need anything else to look great. Plus, the casual styling is excellent with a pair of slacks, a sundress, or even a nice pair of jeans.

Price: $370

Pear Decorative Basket Cluster Earring

Pear Decorative Basket Cluster Earring

Who doesn’t love the romantic teardrop shape? These rose gold and diamond earrings deliver a bold yet classic statement. Because of their shape, these fashion earrings are a great gift idea for a significant other. However, they’re economical enough that any gal who loves rose gold and diamonds can treat herself.

A sturdy rose gold setting holds the eight small lab-created diamonds on each earring. The overall look is great for work, shopping, or even date night with your honey. That’s because the diamond sparkle is elegant without being flashy. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about their going out of style. Or, for that matter, your earrings will be totally inappropriate for a wide range of outfits.

Price: $340

Baugette & Round Diamond Composite Round Stud Earring

Baugette & Round Diamond Composite Round Stud Earring

Who said that diamond stud earrings need to be boring? These diamond fashion earrings are anything but boring. As a round stud design, they automatically have a very classic vibe. However, unlike the basic diamond studs, these earrings make a statement without being expensive.

The secret to these earrings is the combination of baguette and round diamonds. Baguette diamonds have a mirror effect rather than the bright sparkle you see in the round diamonds. Combined, the two diamond shapes create a very pleasing textured look.

Ultimately, you can wear these unique fashion earrings every day. They are just as comfortable in the cubicle or the boardroom as they are in a cocktail dress or in jeans. Best of all, because they don’t look like everyone else’s earrings, they make a nice conversation piece.

Price: $340

Final Thoughts

When people think about fashion earrings, they don’t always consider real diamonds. There’s a misconception that diamonds have to be expensive. However, small diamonds are frequently a good buy. This is especially true when you get lab diamonds instead of mined ones. That’s one reason why we can offer high-quality fashion earrings for $370 or less.

Of course, these earrings are also very fashionable. Go with gleaming yellow gold, romantic rose gold, or understated white gold. Either way, you can have a pair of modern classic earrings that will look great for many years to come. And at the same time, they don’t look outdated or boring. Choose one of these pairs for your next splurge. You won’t be sorry.


What is the definition of fashion earrings?

Fashion earrings are jewelry that you can wear every day. They are typically affordable yet durable and tend to be fashion-forward.

Are climber earrings fit for everyday wear?

Yes, you can wear climber earrings with a variety of outfits. Just make sure that you fasten them securely so they don’t come out of your ear.

Can you wear diamond studs frequently?

Absolutely! In fact, a lot of women have a favorite pair that they wear all the time. Because diamonds are hard, and the jewelry made from them is durable, they can look great after years of wear.