How to Clean Diamond Earrings

how to clean diamond earrings

Whether you have huggies, studs, or drops, your diamond earrings may be one of your most prized possessions. Sparkly and beautiful diamond earrings add the perfect pop to any outfit. Unfortunately, over time, their dazzle can become a little dull.

If your diamond earrings require some TLC, we've got just the thing! With our guide on how to clean diamond earrings, you'll learn why it's essential to clean your jewelry, helping to maintain its beauty for years to come. We've also included a step-by-step guide on how to do this at home and what you can expect from a professional cleaning.

How to Clean Diamond Earrings at Home

While your diamond earrings may be one of our most valuable and beloved items, they can experience some rough treatment. If you keep your earrings in while you shower, style your hair and makeup, or work out, they may get grimy. Shampoo, hairspray, makeup, sweat…you name it, they can all get trapped within your earrings. Here's how to perform a light at-home cleaning.

  1. Gather your materials. You'll need a bowl of warm water, regular dishwashing liquid, a cloth, and a toothbrush (preferably never used for oral care). Unscented soap with no added dyes is strongly encouraged, so you don't risk staining your diamond.
  2. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the warm water and mix gently before adding your earrings. Make sure the bowl is somewhere it cannot tip or spill, which could cause your earrings to become damaged or lost.
  3. Swirl the earrings in the water gently a few times, then leave them to soak for up to thirty minutes. You can mix them a few more times during the soaking process to loosen any debris.
  4. Inspect the earrings. Use a gentle, clean toothbrush to scrub any residue or build-up. Only use a soft-bristled brush; don't scrub too firmly, as you may dislodge the diamonds.
  5. Rinse the earrings with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth. Make sure your material is clean and lint-free. Gently pat your earrings dry instead of wiping or scrubbing.

It is generally best to avoid jewelry cleaners unless they are specifically formulated for your jewelry's metal and gems. Harsh cleansers can discolor your jewelry, while abrasive cleaners may scratch its surface.

What About an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner?

Suppose your diamond earrings are only one of the many pieces you have to clean. In that case, you may want to consider investing in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner works by vibrating water; the sound waves travel through the liquid and help to loosen debris and dirt. Though they're safe for most jewelry, they can damage certain gemstones, such as pearls or topaz. Additionally, they cannot remove all stains, such as tarnished silver.

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What to Expect from a Professional Cleaning

There are a few reasons why you may want to take your diamond earrings to a professional for cleaning. A professional can do a more thorough job if they look particularly grimy or if it has been a long time in between cleanings. Alternatively, if any of the diamonds are loose or the jewelry shows damage, a professional can do a repair and a cleaning.

The first thing a professional will do is a full inspection. They'll look at your diamond jewelry to ensure none of the diamonds are loose, check the security of the prongs and posts, and ensure there is no damage.

Next, they'll clean your diamond earrings. In most cases, they'll have specialized ultrasonic cleaners. They may also have specialized products such as cleaning liquids or polishes. After the ultrasonic, a professional might use a manual tool to go over all the nooks and crannies a second time. These tools help them to remove nearly all traces of build-up.

If any repairs are needed, they'll make them before the finishing touches. At the end of the process, your earrings will be dried with a cloth and polished if necessary. If you wear your diamond earrings constantly, it's often a good idea to have a professional cleaning and inspection annually.

Professional Cleaning vs. at Home

Whether or not you need professional cleaning depends on the state of your diamond earrings. Earrings that you wear 24/7 will be exposed to much more than special occasion jewelry. This often means that they'll need professional cleaning more regularly. While you can clean them at home ever so often, a jeweler should look at them at least once a year. Earrings you wear more infrequently can typically be washed at home.

If you think you spritzed your earrings with hairspray or forgot to take them off at spin class, they'll benefit from a light home cleaning. Suspected damage to earrings necessitates a trip to the jeweler.

Aside from the state of your diamond earrings, your budget can also be a consideration. Professional jewelry cleanings often cost around $50 and usually take a few days to complete.

Tips to Keep Your Diamonds Looking Top Notch

Regular cleanings will go a long way in keeping your diamonds looking beautiful, as will these helpful maintenance tips!

  • Take your earrings off during activities that could cause them to get damaged or dirty, such as sports, home renovations, or swimming.
  • Store them in a jewelry box instead of a pouch with other items to keep them from getting scratched.
  • Clean them after each wear before storing them.


How often should I clean my diamond earrings?

Often cleaning them once a month at home is sufficient. It's advised you take them for professional cleaning once a year.

Can I steam-clean my diamond jewelry at home?

While you can steam your jewelry at home using a wire basket and pot of boiling water, using the soap and water method is often easier and just as effective.

Can ultrasonic cleaning be done on diamond earrings?

Yes, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used on diamond earrings.

Is it ok to wear diamond earrings in the shower?

No, diamond earrings are susceptible to build-up from soaps that can make them lose their luster. It's wise to take your diamond earrings off before you shower.