How to Decide a Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme

Today you’ll find plenty of wedding theme options; some are classic while others are trendier. The amount of options may seem like a lot, but we have some strategies to help you pick a theme for your own wedding.

Purpose of Wedding Theme

A wedding theme provides a starting point in planning. Plus, a theme helps you pick colors and decor to tie the event together. Once you start planning a wedding, you realize the details and decisions you have to make. You’ll need decor, invitations, candles, napkins, flatware, favors, flowers, tablescapes, etc. Having a theme gives you a framework for all of the details.

Another advantage of having a theme is that you can select something that represents you and your loved one’s personality. Themes can be subtle and simple or extravagant and fairy-tale, and you can select a theme that fits you individually and as a couple.

Brainstorming a Wedding Theme

To get you brainstorming ideas and picking a theme, we compiled some ways to get started. First, make a list of your likes and dislikes as a couple. To help, you can research popular wedding themes. Some that are currently popular are Victorian, greenhouse, tropical, desert, cottagecore, deconstructed luxury, dried floral, and rustic. You can also consider the important places and moments in your relationship. For example, if you met while working at a marina and both love the water, consider a lakeside wedding. Another way to brainstorm, list your shared passions and interests to see if it sparks a theme idea.

Selecting a Wedding Theme

Now that you have a list of ideas, narrow the list by taking the following areas into consideration.


Consider the vibe and aesthetic of local venues that you’re considering for your wedding. If there are some you can’t work with, cross them off the list. As you tour each venue, can you picture your wedding there? You’ll also want to think about the typical weather around your wedding date. Take into account how this affects your theme ideas and the venue.


Sometimes the theme ties into the wedding colors as well. Consider what colors you prefer as a couple. Do you prefer more subdued colors or prefer more lively, bright colors? Popular colors vary from year and season. For example, popular fall wedding colors are gold, purple, cornflower blue, apricot and forest green. Popular summer colors include blue, red, blush, champagne, and white.


As you select your wedding theme, think about the season for your wedding. The two should complement each other. Depending on where you live, outdoor weddings can be amazing during a warm summer day or crisp fall afternoon. A winter wonderland wedding would be best held inside.


Instead of getting sucked into the latest wedding trend, focus on your budget and select a theme that works well for it. If you’re concerned about your budget, consider a backyard garden wedding or a rustic barn-themed wedding.

  • Rustic: You can go plenty of different directions with a rustic theme. Some couples incorporate vintage and natural details into their decor. Consider using lace, natural colors, and vintage boho design elements. Some rustic weddings are more affordable because you can DIY some aspects of the decor. Plus, it can be eco-friendly as well. Backyards, gardens, barns, forest, and open land make good venues for a rustic theme.

  • Bohemian: If you’re a boho bride and couple, consider this theme. It’s cool, carefree, and beautiful. You can incorporate macramé, flowing fabric, decorative pillows and woven rugs for your aisle and altar as decor.

  • Vintage: This theme offers options for decor and colors. You can find antique-looking decor, such as vintage chairs, weathered doors, and shabby chic windows. If you really love vintage, consider a vintage gown.

  • Outdoor garden: In the spring and summer, an outdoor garden wedding would be beautiful. Wicker chairs, romantic lanterns, and plenty of flowers can set the scene.

  • Barn: An intimate wedding ceremony tucked in a barn is romantic. A barn can incorporate a variety of themes, like vintage and rustic. If you like the country look, consider mason jars, twinkle lights, hay bails, and twine.

  • Vineyard: If a vineyard-themed wedding intrigues you, browse some venues and check out the views. They offer beautiful backdrops for pictures, and you can make the wedding more rustic or elegant depending on what you want.

  • Beach: You can incorporate a beach wedding by having a destination wedding or bringing the beach to you in terms of decor with tropical plants, lively colors and beach-themed wedding colors. If you want a subtle beach theme, consider a nautical wedding theme.

Closing Thoughts

When deciding on a wedding theme, keep the following points in mind:

  • Use the Internet to research themes and wedding ideas. You’ll find popular themes as well as more alternative ones. Create an online vision board to collect your favorite themes, colors, etc.

  • Check out wedding magazines for ideas. Brainstorming wedding themes is a fun process, and you’ll find plenty of inspiring options!

  • Select a theme with the help of your partner. It’s your big day, and the theme reflects you two as a couple. Relive memories of your relationship and how you’ve evolved as a couple to select the perfect theme.


  • Which is the best wedding theme for 2022?

Some popular themes for 2022 include Victorian, greenhouse, tropical, desert, cottagecore, deconstructed luxury, dried floral, and rustic.

  • Is it important to have a wedding theme?

A wedding theme helps you decide on decor and colors, and ties the wedding together. It also helps you give a starting place.

  • Does the wedding gown have to match the wedding theme?

No, your wedding gown doesn’t have to match the wedding theme. It’s your big day, and you can wear whatever you’d prefer!

  • Which is the most popular color for a wedding theme?

Navy and white continue to be popular wedding colors, and gold is a popular third color added as well. Navy is a classic color, and gold makes the wedding colors a bit more formal.