How to Pick Jewelry for Different Travel Destinations

Jewelry for Travel Destination

Sometimes the smallest item in your luggage can make the most significant difference. We’re not talking about a phone charger or room key. We’re referring to jewelry. Gorgeous accessories that can take your look from bland to bold effortlessly. Your wardrobe usually doesn’t feel complete at home without a necklace or pair of earrings, so why travel without your jewelry?

As long as you choose your pieces wisely, you can bring your favorite jewelry items and let them enhance your overall travel experience. Whether that be lounging by the pool or attending a romantic moonlight dinner.

Don’t leave your jewelry at home; read this guide on choosing pieces and packing them wisely!

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

From picking the perfect pieces to securing them for travel, here is how to never leave home without your jewelry must-haves.

Consider the Destination

Different locations call for different styles and types of jewelry. Even the hardiest of gems and metals are only ideal for some settings.

If you’re going to the beach, you may want to opt for lightweight and durable pieces. Even though materials that come from the sea, like pearls or coral, may be an on-trend choice, these soft substances aren’t suited to chemicals from pools or abrasive sand. Instead, pick more durable stones like sapphire, ruby, or diamond. Fun and flirty pieces can effortlessly translate from casual daywear to sophisticated nightwear. You can’t go wrong with a pair of earrings and a few bangles for the beach.

For city destinations, you have a bit more freedom with materials. Soft stones like turquoise or garnet likely won’t be exposed to too much wear and tear. Bold and dressy pieces are perfect for sophisticated nights out or tours of upscale places like art galleries. If you have the space, bringing one to two pieces of every jewelry type should cover all your wardrobe needs.

Outdoor-centric trips, such as a ski resort or mountain chalet, can call for more casual and minimal pieces. Gold and diamonds are obvious choices as they’re polished but can also be subtle. A pair of huggies, a simple pendant, or a few stackable rings might be all you need to add a hint of sparkle while still appearing appropriate for the setting.

Research Local Customs

There are many reasons why you should thoughtfully research local customs before traveling. One of them is that certain types of jewelry may be considered inappropriate or offensive in some cultures. Other jewelry items may hold significant cultural or symbolic value you do not want to misrepresent. Furthermore, some places have a strict dress code prohibiting drawing attention to oneself, which flashy jewelry might do. Regardless of where you are going, spend some time researching customs and cultural norms before choosing which jewelry pieces to pack.

Pack Wisely

Speaking of packing, throwing all your jewelry in a bag is never a good idea. Try to keep your items organized and protected. Using a jewelry roll or organizer will help keep your pieces from getting scratched and make it easier to keep track of what you bring with you. In general, heavy or bulky pieces can be hard to travel with. Instead, opt for versatile and simple items that can be worn with multiple different looks.

What Type of Jewelry Should I Choose for Vacation?

Usually, you’ll want to pack at least one of the following: a pair of stud earrings, a pair of hoop earrings, a pendant necklace, a bracelet or bangle, and a ring. It’s hard to go wrong with gold (either white or yellow) and gems, but some destinations may call for more color than others.

Beach or tropical locales are the perfect settings for lightweight, colorful jewelry. Mix and match with stackable rings or cute huggie earrings.

Metropolis may require something more formal and elegant. Pearls, diamond studs, and even tennis bracelets can help you feel elegant and polished.

Rustic adventures like a ski trip may not require much jewelry. However, you can’t go wrong with a pair of small solid gold hoops, a dainty pendant, or a few stackable rings. Minimalism is generally best!

Jetsetting with Your Jewelry

Making conscious jewelry choices and being careful with your packing techniques will help ensure that your gorgeous pieces arrive safely and keep you looking stunning on your vacation. Have fun experimenting with different looks and playing with your accessories. After all, vacation is the perfect time to relax and let your hair down.

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What kind of jewelry is suitable for a beach destination?

Lightweight, durable and colorful pieces, especially stud earrings with durable gems, are perfect for beach trips.

Is it okay to wear diamonds on holiday?

It is okay to wear diamonds on holiday as long as they are appropriate for the locale and are cared for wisely.

Where should I store my jewelry while on holiday?

Pack your jewelry in an organizer, such as a jewelry roll. When you arrive at your destination, keep it in a secure place, such as an in-room safe.