Infinity Jewelry: A Meaningful and Timeless Gift

Infinity jewelry

The infinity symbol represents love that goes on forever. The infinity sign, or sideways figure 8, signifies an everlasting love, which makes it a popular option for tattoos, artwork, and jewelry. It’s also a symbol of faith symbolizing one’s everlasting loyalty to a higher power (but isn’t tied to one religion). Others see the infinity symbol as two pieces that are intertwined, symbolizing two parts coming together as one.


History of the Infinity Symbol


This popular symbol of love isn’t new. In fact several ancient paintings featured the symbol, but it didn’t carry any meaning until 1655. Mathematician John Wallis gave it significance by using the infinity symbol to denote mathematical infinity–an actual or potential endless quantity of values.

You might remember this symbol from math class because it’s still used for its mathematical meaning. The symbol is also referred to as a lemniscate because of its shape. Lemniscate is derived from a Latin word that means "decorated with ribbons," and the symbol does look like a bow of ribbons.

Celtic symbolism believes the infinity symbol’s spiritual meaning can be interpreted literally. It’s a never-ending loop without a beginning. Celtic culture sees this loop as the cycle of life–the ebb and flow of our existence. Some cultural artwork or images have a double infinity with one representing life and the other death. Historically, Celtic architecture shows this using a serpent with a head and a tail, curled up in the infinity sign.


Infinity Jewelry


You’ll find earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings featuring the infinity symbol, but necklaces and rings are most popular. You’ll see it incorporated into designs in different ways. For example, some infinity rings have symbols at the top of the ring where a center diamond would go. Others replicate the infinity symbol in the band, and some people refer to bands that even slightly mimic this shape (with a twisting pattern) as infinity rings.

If you’re interested in buying infinity jewelry for yourself or someone special, we are here to help. Keep reading because we handpicked some amazing recommendations.


Stunning Infinity Jewelry Options


You’ll find plenty of infinity necklace and ring options once you start looking. We gathered our favorite pieces of infinity jewelry to give you a head start.

Lab Diamond Infinity Heart Pendant

Lab Diamond Infinity Heart Pendant

This 14K white or yellow gold pendant features two hearts that connect eternally with a diamond outline. It’s a play on the infinity symbol using 0.28 carats of your choice of natural or lab diamonds. It makes a lovely anniversary present or a gift for a similar occasion.

Infinity Winding Ruby Ring

Infinity Winding Ruby Ring

A winding curved setting (that’s a subtle infinity symbol) features 0.38 carats of pave set accent diamonds that wrap all the way around the finger. Select the size of the center ruby anywhere from 0.5 to 2 carats, and 14K or 18K yellow, rose, or white gold.

Natural Diamond Infinity Pendant

Natural Diamond Infinity Pendant

If you want a classic infinity diamond pendant, then this is your necklace. It’s a timeless natural or lab-made diamond pendant necklace with plenty of sparkle from its 0.2 carats. Select either 14K white or yellow gold.

Scintillate Lab Diamond Ring

Scintillate Lab Diamond Ring

This rose gold has delicate infinity symbols as its halo. The halo diamonds are woven into the milgrain design and surround the center diamond. Twists of rose gold metal fill the bridge under the halo and additional diamonds stream down the band as well. The center diamond (either natural or lab) is 0.45 carats and has 0.85 total carats.

Natural Diamond Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Natural Diamond Infinity Love Knot Pendant

This subtle infinity symbol is a classic love knot featuring either a natural or lab-made diamond (0.15 to 0.5 carats). Choose either 14K white or yellow gold.

The paved band brings in additional sparkle and shine combined with the accent diamonds. You can opt for the cushion-shaped diamond from carat sizes ranging from 0.4 to 10 Ct and choose from 7 different metal options.


Infinity Jewelry Tips


If you’re considering a piece of infinity jewelry as a gift, their personal style preferences and occasion can make a difference. Take note of what style of jewelry your loved one wears and which metal they typically wear. Similarly, you’ll want to consider the occasion that you’re giving this gift for so that it’s appropriate. For example, if you’re giving a close friend a piece of jewelry for graduation, a necklace would be amazing. Consider a ring for a meaningful Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend.

Caring for Infinity Jewelry

Store your jewelry separately from other pieces to prevent damage. To clean your pieces, use a soft brush, water, and mild soap to brush away debris and dirt that can get trapped within your pieces.

Whether for a close friend or a significant other, infinity jewelry makes an unforgettable, meaningful, and timeless gift. You have plenty of options and look depending on your loved one’s individual style.



What does infinity jewelry symbolize?

The infinity symbol (a sideways figure 8) represents something that lasts forever because there’s not a beginning or ending point. Infinity jewelry symbolizes everlasting love, so it’s a meaningful gift.

Is it possible to customize infinity jewelry?

It’s possible to customize infinity jewelry by adding style details, such as choosing gemstones or metal. You can also get infinity jewelry customized with names or engravings.

Are infinity rings still popular?

Yes, infinity rings are still popular. The meaning behind this symbol makes it a popular gift for loved ones to mark a special occasion, moment, or to simply say “I love you.”

How should I pick the right infinity jewelry for gifting?

There are plenty of variations of infinity jewelry for gifts. You’ll find pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings featuring this symbol of love. Some designs make the symbol more obvious while others are creatively woven into the look.