Lab Diamond Necklace Styles for Men

Lab Diamond Necklace Styles for Men

Necklaces continue to be classic, versatile jewelry that both men and women can wear effortlessly. Jewelry adds flair to any outfit–it instantly elevates your style and pulls your look together. You’ll find lab-diamond adorned necklaces in a variety of styles and designs. Keep reading to learn more about lab diamonds and see some popular men’s lab diamond necklaces.

What Are Lab Diamonds?

You might be curious about lab diamonds. What some don’t realize is that lab diamonds share the same chemical composition, optical properties and physical features as natural diamonds. They offer several benefits, such as being ethically sourced, conflict free, durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

In terms of creation, you can probably guess that lab-diamonds are made in a lab. The lab mimics the process used to create diamonds naturally–tremendous amounts of heat and pressure to turn carbon into a diamond.

Manufacturers have two ways to create lab diamonds – High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Deposition (CVD). Here’s a brief explanation of both processes:


Carbon gets added to a diamond “seed.” This seed is a small natural diamond fragment that can undergo both extreme temperature and pressure conditions. The HPHT diamond growth process subjects diamond seed and carbon to extreme temperatures (in excess of 1,300-1,600 degrees celsius) and pressures (one million pounds per square inch) to mimic the extreme heat and pressures that occur deep within the earth where natural diamonds form. The carbon forms around the diamond seed and is then cooled to reveal a rough lab diamond.


The chemical vapor deposition system also begins with a diamond “seed” that is the strongest and highest grade (in color and clarity) natural diamond bit. In the CVD process, the diamond seed gets placed in a vacuum chamber and it’s filled with gasses that are heavy in carbon. It’s then heated to well over 1,000 degrees. The intense heat turns the gasses into “plasma, which helps “build” the layers of the diamonds.

Lab Diamond Men’s Necklaces

Now that you know more about lab diamonds, it’s time to get back to men’s necklaces. We gathered some of our favorite and most popular styles of men’s lab diamond necklaces to give you a head start on browsing for the perfect style.

Lab Diamond Dog Tags

Dog tags continue to be a popular men’s necklace, but a newer trend that’s emerged is dog tags adorned with lab diamonds. The dog tags covered in lab diamonds makes this necklace eye-catching yet masculine. You can select different types of metals based on your preferences. What’s good about this design is it’s versatile enough to be worn every day, and can be saved for special occasions if that’s more your style. You can add this to a t-shirt and jeans or wear with a dress shirt and slacks for a date night.

Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace

Lab diamond tennis necklaces feature a continuous row of diamonds set along a chain. You can find these necklaces in varying total carat weight and metals (yellow, white, rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum). You can dress this necklace up or down depending on your occasion. It’s subtle enough that you can wear it with a dress shirt to work or add it to your suit when you’re headed to a wedding.

Lab Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace

Crosses are a classic necklace design that can be worn day or night. Even adorned with lab diamonds, this necklace can be an everyday piece depending on its size. You’ll see a variety of necklaces–some have subtle diamond accents while others have more carats. Select the amount of diamonds you prefer, the size of the pendant, and the metal to create the perfect cross pendant necklace that fits your tastes.

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Finding the Right Necklace

Every individual is different and has varying preferences. Although some trends are popular, they might not be your style, and that’s ok. You don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t your style and won’t wear. Similarly, be realistic about your budget and purchase a necklace that fits it. If you’re budget conscious, then understand that diamond cut quality and metals can increase your budget. For example, platinum is a more expensive metal; and round-cut lab diamonds typically cost more than other cuts.

While there are plenty of online jewelry companies, make sure you invest in the right brand that values the customer. You want a company that provides services, such as hassle-free returns and refunds, that allow customers to have great shopping experiences.


  • What is the most popular style of men’s diamond necklace?

A popular, classic diamond necklace for men is a diamond tennis necklace. You’ll also often see cross necklaces because they’re available in a variety of designs.

  • Which metal is best for a diamond necklace?

The metals used in necklaces are durable, so the selection depends on personal preferences and budget. Platinum is a more expensive metal while gold (rose, white and yellow) are typically more budget friendly.

  • Is it ok to wear a diamond necklace regularly?

Yes, diamonds are a hard stone that can withstand every day wear. Diamond necklaces are timeless and can be dressed up or down, so they’re a versatile jewelry investment. You can wear it for years to come!

  • Are all necklaces unisex?

Most necklaces are unisex, but some necklaces have subtle details that make them look a bit more masculine or a bit more feminine.

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