Lab Diamond Promise Rings

Lab Diamond Promise Rings

What is a Promise Ring?

You may be wondering, what exactly is a promise ring? A promise ring serves many of the same functions as an engagement ring— it symbolizes love, commitment, and exclusivity. However, promise rings don’t symbolize marriage, which makes them a perfect choice for couples who want to have a wearable token of their dedication without getting married. They represent devotion, whether or not an engagement may be in the future, and they are a great way to express love.

In our honest opinion, promise rings are significant in their meaning, and not too much in their look. However, that's always a nice bonus! From our experience, we've seen many natural diamond promise rings fulfilling the promise ring demand. But did you know there's a cheaper alternative, lab diamond promise rings?

How to Wear a Promise Ring

Which finger you choose to wear your promise ring on is a personal choice. Many people wear their promise ring on the ring finger of the left hand, which is the traditional spot for a wedding ring and is well-known as a symbol of love and commitment.

For those who get married down the line, the promise ring is usually moved to the ring finger of the right hand. However, some people choose to wear their promise ring on a different finger, to help differentiate it from an engagement ring.

Promise Ring Cost & Tips

If you are considering purchasing a promise ring, your budget may be on your mind. Luckily, there are many ways to get an affordable promise ring. First and foremost, you should trust your diamond supplier, whether it be online or in-store. However, know that offline diamond jeweler inventory can be cheaper than in-store. This is due to inventory holding costs, overheads, and physical location(s) costs. If you are unsure about purchasing a diamond online, check their reviews, and request for a diamond grading certificate with your purchase.

Cheap promise rings can still be stunning, especially if you consider purchasing a lab diamond promise ring. Did you know, lab diamonds are about 40% cheaper than natural diamonds? Lab made diamonds are cost-effective because they require less costly resources, and tend to have a shorter supply chain versus natural diamonds. Moreover, lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as mined diamonds. That means lab diamonds will still deliver a stunning women’s diamond promise ring.

Selecting cheap diamond ring tips: carat, off-size diamonds, diamond color

Three other keys to selecting a cheap diamond ring include selecting a ring with less than 1 carat of diamonds, choosing off-size diamonds, and opting for a diamond that’s lower on the color grading scale. Don’t worry, choosing diamonds with a color grade of G, H, I, or J will still look white to the naked eye, but will be much less expensive than a diamond with a D, E, or F grade.

Lab Diamond Color Scale: D, E, F (colorless); G, H, I, J (near colorless); K and L (faint yellow)

With Clarity Rings

At With Clarity, we offer quality rings that range from $300 to $4,000, meaning no matter what your budget, you’re sure to find a ring that’s the perfect fit. Pricing depends on a few factors such as the gemstone, setting (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum), and if there are additional accent stones on the band.

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Promise Ring Options

Promise rings are a great opportunity to purchase a customized ring that will symbolize your love in a deeply personalized way. You can make a ring for your partner even more special by adding an engraving to the metal band or choosing a ring that features your beloved’s birthstone. With Clarity is proud to offer gemstone rings that start at just $350, making the birthstone option not only special but also affordable.

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Many couples choose to match their his and hers promise rings. Some great ways to do this include selecting matching metal settings, matching ring band styles, and matching gemstone selection and shape.

Lab Diamond Promise Ring Pairings

Take a look at some of With Clarity’s popular his and hers promise ring pairings:

Flat wedding band, White Gold Trellis wedding band, White Gold

Flat Band

This subtle, yet stunning band is a simple alternate to another classic style: the classic dome band. The best part of this ring is its flat edge that extends throughout the band.

Trellis Band

The similar flat-edge metalwork of this pair is the factor that truly ties the two together. The band on this promise ring offers a feminine counterpart to the promise ring for him.

Double carved milgrain men's wedding band, White Gold Milgrain diamond wedding band, White Gold

Double Carved Milgrain Band

This metal band's craftsmenship lies in the milgraining that borders the high-polish finish. A tip when pairing rings is to look for its key elements and correspond accordingly.

Milgrain Diamond Band

The main feature of this band and the previous is the milgrain metalwork. Both rings’ bands feature subtle detailing, with the promise ring for her offering the added feature of an accent diamond band. A very beautiful duo!

Classic knife edge wedding band, white gold Knife edge solitaire diamond engagement ring, White Gold

Classic Knife Edge Band

This option is great for couples who want a truly matching style. The men’s version of this knife-edge band is thicker and wider.

Knife Edge Solitaire Diamond Ring

The women’s version of a knife edge ring can have a center stone. This ring style is also available to set as a moissanite stone, a lab diamond, or a natural diamond. If you are interested in a non-center stone alternative pairing, check out the Knife Edge Band.

Concave Satin Top Band, white gold Twirling Solitaire Diamond Band, White Gold

Concave Satin Top Band

This pair allows you and your partner to correspond in modern/contemporary styles. The men’s ring features a modern, chic satin finish that adds to its contemporary feel.

Twirling Solitaire Band

For her, we’ve paired a one-of-a-kind twirling band that wraps around the finger on a beautiful, edgy curve. We made sure to create a complimentary modern engagement ring (our Twirling Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring) that will stack perfectly on top of the twirl.

Satin round diamond men's wedding band, white gold Classic Six Prong Solitaire Amethyst Ring, white gold

Satin Round Diamond Band

This duo is a great option for those who prefer to keep it simple and classic. This diamond band is anything but ordinary. The accent diamonds here definitely add visual interest to a classic masculine-style band.

Classic Six Prong Solitaire Amethyst Ring

With a versatile style like the Satin Round Diamond band, you can pair it with any ring you desire. We recommend sticking with a round shape gemstone to correspond. The six prong setting on this ring works to emphasize the beauty of the center stone. In this example, the gorgeous amethyst.

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