Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Daughter

Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts

A wedding is undoubtedly a momentous milestone for everyone involved. When a loved one gets married, it's an occasion for celebration. A marriage becomes even more joyous and important when someone you know very well walks down the aisle. Someone like your daughter.

It’s likely that she’ll desire lovely accessories to highlight certain features of her wedding dress. Some bride’s also try to check off the traditional “something borrowed or something blue” wedding day list. Whatever her jewelry goals for the big day, a charming gift from you can be the most sentimental piece in her wardrobe.

If your (not so) little girl is about to get married, you might be on the lookout for wedding jewelry. But likely not just something she can wear on her wedding day, but a piece that she can cherish forever. We've handpicked lab diamond jewelry recommendations that you can't go wrong with; breathtaking pieces with all the attractive characteristics of a natural diamond, minus the price and sustainability concerns.


Our Favorite Lab Diamond Wedding Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Daughter


Four Prong Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Four Prong Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet tends to be a staple in every woman's jewelry collection. This gorgeous tennis bracelet is crafted with a single row of lab-created diamonds, each held in its own four-prong basket. This tennis bracelet is sophisticated and elegant but can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event. Delicate and slender, it's excellent for layering with other bracelets that reflect her unique style! This will certainly be a piece she regularly wears after her wedding day.

Lab Diamond Pear Halo Pendant

Lab Diamond Pear Halo Pendant

If your daughter appreciates a lovely necklace, she'll likely adore this halo pendant. Its elegant length suits both dressy and casual attire, adding sparkle to any outfit. While a solitaire pear lab-created diamond is gorgeous, the glittering halo that continues onto the bail makes this pendant so much more unique and breathtaking. As does the lattice work on the intricate setting. Perfect for the bride who loves a bit of vintage flair but still wants a timeless piece. At eighteen inches in length, she could also easily layer this necklace with other favorite pieces.

Inside Out Lab Diamond Round Hoops

Inside Out Lab Diamond Round Hoops

If your daughter is unique and bold, these inside-out lab diamond hoops are a must. At first glance, they look like a radiant pair of round earrings, with their accent diamonds set in a neat row around the hoop. However, upon closer inspection, you'll notice that even more diamonds are set inside the delicately curved earring, making them sparkle from every angle. It's the hidden accent trend brought to earrings, and we love it! We're positive she will, too; so much she'll never want to take them off.

Affirm Lab Diamond Ring

Affirm Lab Diamond Ring

We know she's likely getting a ring on her wedding day… "the" ring. However, a girl can never have too many diamonds. Graceful and sophisticated, we love how this ring shines thanks to its accent diamonds on the band and lovely three-stone design. Three stone rings symbolize love in the past, present, and future – very fitting for a gift to your child. Instead of a trio of round solitaires, this charming piece features a princess-cut center stone (for your forever princess) and emerald accent diamonds on either side for an old-school look.

Princess Lab Grown Diamond Halo Earrings

Princess Lab Grown Diamond Halo Earrings

You can never go wrong with studs, and these princess halo earrings are proof of that! Classic princess lab diamonds provide a full and opulent look. Surrounded by round-cut diamonds, these earrings look extra lavish. However, they're not too lavish for everyday wear. We love a piece that can do double-duty, and these are certainly it. Whether she's stepping down the aisle or stepping out for a night with her friends, she can always wear these studs and remember just how much she's a princess in her parents' eyes.

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Why Lab-Grown is Perfect for Gifting!

Any of these jewelry choices would make an excellent wedding gift for your daughter. One particular reason stands out — they are crafted with lab-created diamonds.

Diamonds created in a lab are nearly identical to earth-mined diamonds. They have the same structure, giving them impossibly similar appearance, hardness, and beauty. On top of their striking likeness to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are excellent for gifting because they're ethical and affordable. They won't harm your conscience or your budget. A gift you can truly feel good about giving to your daughter on the occasion of her wedding!



What kind of jewelry should a bride wear on her wedding day?

A bride should wear pieces that reflect her style. Sentimental pieces, like a gift from her parents, can help make her dress her own!

Are lab diamonds worth it?

Lab diamonds are worth it because how could they not be? Grown diamonds are real diamonds with the same beauty and durability as earth-mined diamonds, just at a lower price and with more regard to ethics and sustainability.

Is lab diamond jewelry real?

Lab diamonds are real diamonds. They’re grown using the same compounds and processes as naturally created diamonds but at a faster pace, making them much less scarce.

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