Modern Style Wedding and Matching Jewelry

Modern Style Wedding and Matching Jewelry

Many women begin planning their dream wedding long before they ever meet their groom. Many modern brides are enamored with the idea of a modern-style wedding but may not be fully aware of how to pull this less traditional look off. If you’re unsure of what a modern-style wedding looks like, or what type so jewelry will help you shine as you say your vows amid the sleek and sophisticated motif of a modern-style wedding, you have wandered onto the right site.

Modern weddings have a fresh fashion-focused look. Gone are the days of Steel Magnolias wedding images with multi-colored accents and layers of design elements. Whether you are planning a minimalist modern wedding or something more clearly Avant-Garde, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind

Tips for Modern-Style Weddings:

? Go for a refined, sophisticated, and sleek look. Gone are the days of country weddings with their plethora of bows and multi-colored wedding bouquets. A modern-style wedding speaks of restrained elegance and sophistication.

? Stick to a monochromatic color palette. Sticking to a simple color palette allows for an elegance that engages your friends in a friendly yet sophisticated way.

? Opt for minimal or even industrial design elements. Understatement is a consistent element in modern wedding design.

? Add fresh greenery or monochromatic florals for understated elegance. Just as with the other elements in your modern-wedding design, sticking to shades of green in a selection of succulents or shades of a single color allows for elegant nuance without seeming overpowering.

? Make the most of architectural elements in your wedding venue. Since modern-style weddings are all about understated elegance, enhancing the architectural elements in your unique venue is totally on-brand.

? Match your wedding look with the style of your wedding. You wouldn’t wear a multilayered flouncy wedding dress dripping bows to your modern-style wedding, so be mindful of the jewelry you pair with your modern ensemble on your wedding day.

? Consider venues that appeal to your modern sense of style. You may find a rooftop wedding offers a unique opportunity to celebrate your modern landscape along with your sophisticated conjoining of souls. Other modern wedding venues include converted warehouse space and your local brewery or distillery.

Jewelry Options for Your Modern-Style Wedding

? Top Picks for Wedding Bands

Whether you are looking for a uniquely modern metal wedding band, like the Chic East-West Wedding Band, or an unending circle of diamonds, like you will find in the Infinity Winding Diamond Wedding Band, you will find a wide range of modern styles consistent with your contemporary sensibilities to accentuate your modern-style wedding look.

? Top Picks for Necklace

If you are looking for a modern pendant to add to your contemporary wedding gown, you may want to consider the simple elegance of the Interlocking Diamond Circle Pendant with its contemporary design and added hints of diamond sparkle. Another popular choice is the Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Pendant. This dazzling pendant will set off any simple neckline while adding sparkle and sophistication.

? Top Picks for Bracelets

Bracelets have long been used to add a bit of sparkle to a bride's look. If you are looking for a perfect bracelet accent for your modern-style wedding, you can never go wrong with the class and elegance seen in the Bezel-Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Another simple yet elegant option is the Infinity Style Gold Bangle Bracelet. This simple golden bracelet adds a symbolic statement to any bride's contemporary wedding look.

? Top Picks for Earrings

Every bride will want to add a bit of sparkle to her wedding day look. Two ways to add sparkle with a modern twist are the Two Stone Drop Earrings and the Oval Cut Diamond Studs. Whether you are looking for the stunning simplicity of a single diamond accent or a bit more sparkle, these two options will raise the level of any bride’s wedding day look.

Tips to remember as you shop for your modern-style wedding jewelry.

? Just as any time you find yourself shopping for jewelry, keep your budget in mind. No one wants to enter into a new marriage deeply in debt. So shop with your budgetary limits in mind.

? If you choose to avoid diamond-embellished jewelry, whether for ethical or personal reasons, be mindful that you choose plain metal jewelry or jewelry designed with more affordable diamond alternatives like lab-created diamonds or cubic zirconia to maintain that modern sensibility.

? If you decide to mix metals, remember to keep the tones of your metals similar to avoid clashing. Some popular choices for mixing metals are combining rose gold and yellow gold jewelry or mixing platinum with white gold.

? As with every jewelry purchase, you will want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable brand that offers easy returns to help you avoid expensive disappointments.

? If you are going with a diamond look, make sure your purchase your natural mined or lab-created diamonds from sellers that offer diamonds certified by renowned institutions like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or The International Gemological Institute (IGI) .


? What is the best modern style jewelry for a bride?

The best jewelry choices for a bride looking to rock a modern style are contemporary jewelry designs. You can combine any number of modern jewelry design combinations that accentuate your style without looking cluttered. This can include a striking engagement ring, a sophisticated wedding band, a sleek pendant, a timeless diamond tennis bracelet, an elegant pair of earrings, and of course a splash of sparkling blue.

? What is the trending wedding ring style for a modern theme wedding?

Modern-themed weddings call for modern-themed jewelry. Whether you are looking for a sleek metal band or a sophisticated band with a sprinkling of diamonds, modern jewelry is always elegant and sophisticated.

? Which metal will be best for a modern-style wedding?

Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum remain the most popular metals for modern-style wedding bands. However, rose gold is reemerging as a modern favorite with a move to more contemporary designs. Regardless of which metal you are drawn to, you will find a wide selection of modern designs to choose from.

? What gemstones suit a modern wedding theme?

Although diamonds remain the most popular gemstone for modern-themed weddings, modern brides have more diversified taste than was often the case. Some modern brides are choosing colored gemstones for their engagement rings. You will also see a hint of color in gemstone choices brides make for their wedding day jewelry. However, as with the other elements of your modern-style wedding, you will want to stick to a monochromatic color choice with your jewelry.